10 Best Midori Liqueur Substitutes

Midori Liqueur

Sweet, alcoholic beverages that have a combination of tastes and aromas and are typically found in our cabinets are liqueurs. They have many uses in our kitchen not just for cocktails but in desserts and other cooking recipes.

Midori liqueur is one of those tasty ones, with a green melon color created by a Japanese brewing and distilling giant. The sweet taste of honey melon and musk makes this liqueur unique. Because it’s green, when added with other ingredients it creates an unforgettable appearance of the cocktail you are making.

Furthermore, Midori is used in many cocktails and Japanese mixtures. Also, it is added to many desserts. However, since you may not have it or you can’t find it, you probably wonder if there is a way to replace it?

Can  I substitute Midori liqueur? Yes, common substitutes for Midori liqueur include Bols, Potter’s Melon Liqueur, De Kuyper, Amaretto, or some of the following liqueurs.

So, read below and choose the best option. 

Best Substitutes For Midori Liqueur

It may be tricky to replace one liqueur for another, but Midori has the best ones that you can find below. You have options that you can choose from, meaning it’s possible to find a suitable substitute in most situations.

1. Bols

Bols is a cheap bright green beverage to mix up instead of Midori. With a very similar taste and color, Bols is perfect in all of the recipes.

Since Bols is made out of honeydew melon, there might be a slight difference, but it’s not very noticeable. You can make Margaritas, Japanese Slipper, or many others.

2. Potter’s Melon Liqueur

Another melon liqueur with a bold but smooth taste that can replace Midori is Potter’s Melon Liqueur. It is easy to find and even easier to add to your recipes because you’ll need the same amount. Use as a replacement in most of the recipes that need Midori.

3. De Kuyper

Melon liqueurs are not that hard to find as we have De Kuyper as the next replacement.

It is a fruity substitute with a neutral but fresh melon taste that is ideal for many tropical cocktails. By its taste and color, you can find many recipes that require Midori. 

4. Amaretto

An Italian type of liqueur that can be used instead of Midori is Amaretto.

Originally from Saronno, made of almonds, peaches with natural flavors, Amaretto works great in many recipes. The sweet and nutty taste may come in handy for most of the bitter cocktails that need the sweetness.

You can also add in cooking like dishes or baking goods and cakes. 

5. Still Spirits Liqueur 

This liqueur is a green, melon tasty, ideal for desserts, cocktails, and other baking goods. Very similar to Midori, this type of liqueur can be added at any time.

You can also use it as a combo with many other drinks and create something amazing that no one could pass. 

6. Creme de menthe

Searching for a similar liquor to Mindori, then Creme de menthe is the one you are looking for. Same color, taste, and appeal that will work in most recipes, Creme de menthe is the next suitable replacement.

The only thing that makes these two liqueurs different is the minty taste of the creme de menthe. But no need to worry, that will make your recipe even tastier. 

7. Bottega Melone

A neutral melon tasty liqueur that substitutes Midori is Bottega Melone.

With its bright green colors, it will fit right in with the other ingredients and mix up. The nice melon aroma and sweet taste are ideal in many recipes.

You can also add it to fruit salads, some desserts, or whatever you feel like. 

8. Anisette liqueur

Consumed in most Mediterranean countries, Anisette liqueur is the next best thing that you need. Note that it has a very strong taste which needs to be reduced by adding ice cubes or water.

It has sugar and the sweet taste may be overpowering for some recipes. Use it plain or add it as a sweetener, Anisette will adapt easily with the other ingredients in cocktails or desserts.

9. Chartreuse

Another fruity type of beverage that is similar to Midori is Chartreuse.

With a bit more complex taste of mint, vanilla, and herbs, you can add it to most recipes. You have two options to choose from, meaning there are yellow and green Chartreuse. 

10. Homemade Midori liqueur

Last on our list of options is the best one, the homemade version.

Easy to create and similar to the original. This is the closest that you’ll get and you need only a few ingredients to get there.

All you need is cantaloupe, 3 cups, 1 ½ cups of sugar, 1 ½ of water, and 2 cups of vodka. Simple and easy, mix it all together and create something amazing at home.

Then add it to your recipe and enjoy!

Related Questions

What tastes like Midori?

Midori has a very sweet taste with bright green color. It’s traditional in Japan. 

What is the main ingredient of the liqueur Midori?

Fresh melons, Yubari king melon, and mush are the main ingredients found in Midori. They create an amazing taste and smell that is perfect for many cocktails and in cooking.  

Is Midori watermelon liqueur?

Madori is a melon flavored liqueur that is essential in many cocktails all over the world.

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