10 Best Arrowroot Starch Substitutes

Arrowroot Starch

Thickening agents are always useful in our cooking. And since they do not just give thickness to many recipes, they also add additional taste and flavor. Moreover, there are a lot of options that you can pick from.

Arrowroot powder is one of those agents that is actually useful in the kitchen. It can serve as an agent to thicken pies, gravy, custards, and many more meals. It is made out of a type of root which is related to ginger.

However, since this agent is so unique, can you replace it with something else if you don’t have Arrowroot starch at hand? Can I substitute Arrowroot starch?

Yes, Arrowroot starch has replacements so your dish will be saved. Further, we have listed some of the best substitutes which will help your recipe.

Substitute for Arrowroot Starch

The powder is actually made from ground arrowroot and what is more important to note is that it does not have any taste or smell. Meaning, it won’t cause any effect on the texture, taste, and color of your dish.

It is important to remember is that it is gluten-free. So, it can be used by anyone. However, obstacles always happen and there is always the chance that you don’t have any on hand. In this case, you’ll need the perfect replacement to save your recipe.

Arrowroot starch is a unique ingredient. And since it does not have any taste and smell, it may be harder to find a replacement that won’t cause any effects on the other ingredients and overpower them.

For those reasons, we have decided to help you out to choose the best replacement there is. Just scroll down to determine which one will be the best suited for your recipe.

1. Cornstarch

Corn starch

One of the first things that can replace arrowroot starch is cornstarch. Perfect for most of the recipes and will be perfect for people who have allergies.

Cornstarch will also give a shiny texture to your cooking. You can adjust the quantity or when you start adding a ratio of 1:1. Cornstarch is a good replacement for stir fry sauces or you can even use it in desserts like a fruit crisp. 

2. Tapioca starch


Our second choice will be tapioca starch which is another common ingredient. They both have common things and they can serve as a substitute for each other. Use equal amounts when you make the swap in your recipe.

Tapioca starch will be good for pies, jams, and most of the recipes that need arrowroot starch. It is also important to note that this is another gluten-free starch. Therefore, you can freely use it to save your recipe.

3. All-purpose flour

All-purpose flour is very common as a thinker and binding agent, so it’s a good replacement for arrowroot starch. Add it to some baking goods or as a thickener in your sauces.

Keep in mind that the sauce won’t be as glossy as if you’ve used arrowroot. Therefore, the texture will turn more cloudy. You can use 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour for 1 tablespoon of arrowroot starch.

4. Sweet rice flour

rice flour

Suitable for many meals, sweet rice flour is another substitute for arrowroot starch. It has a higher content of starch when compared to arrowroot starch. It’s nice for desserts, especially frozen ones.

When you add sweet rice flour to your cooking it may become more cloudy, especially in some sauces. Also, replace when baking, and you’ll get perfect results. Adjust half of the amount for sweet rice flour for arrowroot starch. 

5. Potato starch

Potato Starch

Very suitable especially for baking will be the potato starch. There are many similarities between arrowroot and potato starch. Both of them are tasteless, so no need to worry there won’t be any effects on your cooking.

However, arrowroot contains a less nutritional value. You can add potato starch to make muffins, potato flakes, bread, and many more baking goods. 

6. Cream of tartar

cream of tartar

You may think that it’s not really suitable to use, however, cream of Tartar will be good to replace arrowroot starch in your cooking. You can apply it to puddings or some custard. And you actually will be surprised by the final product, so do not hesitate to add. 

7. Xanthan gum

xanthan gum

An ingredient that is similar to eggs and yet a suitable replacement for arrowroot starch is the xanthan gum. Add it to many of the recipes that needed arrowroot.

Use xanthan gum in sauces, puddings, soups, and other cooked custards. Xanthan Gum will provide very similar results and is very good to be added in cooked applications. 

8. Glucomannan powder

A keto-friendly substitute that can be used in most recipes that call for arrowroot starch is the Glucomannan powder. It is tasteless and has a lot of fiber. Thus, it is good to thicken many recipes.

You need to add cold water before mixing the powder. The taste and texture are very similar to arrowroot. And another benefit is that Glucomannan Powder has high nutritious benefits and will be good for cooking. 

9. Arrowroot flour


A good replacement for arrowroot starch will be arrowroot flour. They are made similarly and can serve as a substitute for each other.

It is not typically used for baking, especially bread, but it can be good as a thickener in stews or in pies. You can use ⅓ of the amount that was required to use arrowroot starch for flour. 

10. Psyllium husk

Psyllium husks

The last substitute on our list is psyllium husk. It is a popular thickening agent and people who are on a keto diet are familiar with this ingredient.

It is a plant-based product with low calories and no carbs at all. Use it in most of the recipes that call for arrowroot and adjust the quantity based on the recipes. 

Arrowroot Starch vs Cornstarch

Arrowroot starch and cornstarch are commonly used thickeners. However, keep in mind they are not the same, but both can be good replacements for each other.

When compared, one of the differences is in taste. Cornstarch has a slight taste and makes the food cloudy, whereas, Arrowroot starch is tasteless and leaves the food glossy. 

Arrowroot starch is simpler and made by more traditional methods, unlike cornstarch. Also, it is gluten-free, so many people prefer arrowroot starch. However, whichever you add to your food as a thickener you won’t regret it.

Related Questions

Can I use flour instead of arrowroot starch?

Yes, flour can be a good substitute for arrowroot starch since it acts in a very similar way. However, we should note that your sauce won’t be as shiny as when you add arrowroot, but the flour will do the job. Substitute 2 tablespoons of flour for a teaspoon of arrowroot starch.

What is the difference between arrowroot and cornstarch?

When you compare arrowroot and cornstarch you’ll find out that both serve as a thickener. The main difference lies in the taste.

Arrowroot is tasteless and odorless and leaves sauces glossy and clear. Cornstarch, on the other hand, has a slight taste and adds cloudiness to the food. 

Can you use xanthan gum instead of arrowroot?

Yes, xanthan gum is a good replacement for arrowroot starch in many recipes. You’ll get similar results in your recipes. Therefore, you can use them as a substitute for one another.

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  1. thanks for the help. I am getting into plant based eating and it is expensive. I have corn starch so I will use it.

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