11 Best Asian Pear Substitutes

Asian Pear

Asian pears come in a wide variety as they can be cultivated in many strains. However, they are all juicy and sweet and they have the firm texture of any other type of pears.

Asian pears are delicious plain. However, you can add them to fruit salads, pies, and even eat them fried or with a topping of choice. There are many desserts you can prepare with Asian apples as the main ingredient.

Asian pears are a tasty ingredient in beef marinates as well and they will add a great sweet taste to such a dish. And if you don’t have them at hand, we found substitutes that are just as tasty!

If you can’t find Asian pears you can always utilize Bosc pears, Anjou pears, Forelle pears, Bartlett pears as well as fuji apples and even pineapples and kiwis.

You will find even more substitutes in this guide and they can all replace your Asian pears in any recipe!

Best Asian Pear Substitutes 

You can use the following substitutes for Asian pears in cold and cooked recipes. If you feel like getting creative in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to combine some of these great substitutes to get an even tastier result!

1. Bosc pears

Bosc pears

Bosc pears might be the best substitutes for Asian pears as they are very similar in both texture and taste. They are popular in Europe but you can find them worldwide during their season.

You can use Bosc pears along with cheese but also in fruit salads or in marinates and they will taste delicious.

Bosc pears have a sweet, fruity flavor and you will notice a discrete floral aroma to them as well. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself loving these fruits once you try them out.

2. Anjou pears

Anjou pears

Anjou is another European strain of pears similar to Asian pears. You will be able to find them easily in grocery stores and local markets.

These pears are firm and a bit crunchier in texture than Asian pears but they still make a great substitute for Asian pears.

Anjou is sweet and has a very fruity flavor which is comparable to Asian pears even if it is not quite the same. They are less juicy as well which could work even better for some desserts.

The best part? Anjou pears come at a fairly cheap price compared to Asian pears so you can get them even if you are on a budget.

3. Forelle pears

Forelle pears

If you are looking for a substitute for Asian pears, you definitely want to give Forelle pears a fair trial and you might be impressed.

These pears have a bell shape and they are smaller than other types of pears which makes them perfect for salads and side dishes.

They are just as sweet as Asian pears and their texture is even crunchier. Thus, you can use them successfully in a variety of dishes.

However, if you are searching for a substitute for marinates, these small pears might not be your best choice as they are too crunchy for such dishes.

4. Bartlett pears

Bartlett pears are also known as William pears and they can substitute Asian pears just as good as the rest of the alternatives in this guide.

These pears come in medium and large sizes so you can choose the one you want and they have an almost perfect pear shape.

They are juicy and not as crunchy as other pears which makes them perfect for marinates as well as different side dishes. 

5. Fuji apple

Fuji apple

You might be surprised to find out that Fuji apples can substitute Asian pears just as well.

They are easy to find worldwide. And in some grocery stores, you will find them cheaper than Asian pears or other types of pears.

Fuji apples make a perfect substitute if you are allergic to pears. And they can go great in any type of dish that calls for Asian pears.

These apples are sweeter than other types of apples and they have a firm texture with a mild amount of juice that will compliment any dish from fruit salads to marinates.

6. Taylor’s gold pear

Taylor’s gold pears also come in medium and large sizes. And they are almost as sweet as Asian pears. You will not find them as easy in some parts of the world. However, larger grocery stores tend to have these pears almost all year round.

These pears have a mild honey taste and a creamy texture which makes them perfect for jams, jellies, or sauces.

You will love to eat them raw as well since they are so sweet and tasty and they can be children’s favorites.

7. Pink lady apples

Pink lady apples

Another type of apple that you can use instead of Asian pears is pink lady apples.

These apples are crispy and sweet. And you can add them to jams, salads, or marinates as they go great with beef and barbecue meat in general.

Besides the fact that their peel has a beautiful pink color, you will discover a rich flavor and a fair amount of juice as soon as you cut these apples and give them a try.

8. Kiwi


An interesting substitute for Asian pears is kiwi. This fruit should definitely get more credit for the incredible flavor it delivers.

If you add kiwi to marinates, it will make your beef or any other type of meat more tender and it will also enrich the flavor of your dish. But you don’t want to leave kiwi and meat to marinate for as long as you would if you used Asian pears.

Other than marinates, you can use kiwis in salads and sauces especially if you are looking to add an exotic flavor to your food.

9. Pineapple

Pineapple Juice

Another way to add an exotic touch to your food is by replacing Asian pears with pineapple.

Pineapples go great with all types of meat and even fish so you can use them in almost all dishes you can think about. They make for delicious toppings and you can include them in even more desserts and creams.

But keep in mind that pineapples are very juicy. Therefore, you might want to skip adding other liquids or reduce their quantity so you don’t end up with a dish that is too watery.

You can also use pineapples in baked dishes and impress all your guests with a delicious meal.

10. Oranges

Orange Juice

Oranges might not be your first option when you are trying to substitute Asian pears but if you give them a try you might actually love the results.

Oranges don’t have the same texture as pears. They are softer and juicier. However, they add a very tasty flavor to your food.

You can use the best in sauces and marinates. But they will complement salads as well. And you can find oranges all year round in most countries.

11. Flavored juice

A more compromising but successful substitute for Asian pears is a juice with a similar flavor.

You can add pear syrup or even a soda with a pear flavor and obtain a similar taste in your food. However, the juice will not give you the texture of the actual Asian pears.

Thus, it might not be your first choice for dishes where this texture matters. Even so, you can still prepare a delicious recipe with flavored juice instead of Asian pears.

What Can I Use Instead Of Asian Pear In Kimchi?

Kimchi is one of the most popular Korean dishes. And if you don’t have Asian pears you can use any other type of pears.

You might even be able to use Fuji apples instead of Asian pears in this popular dish if you enjoy their flavor.

However, stay away from exotic substitutes such as pineapple or kiwi and even oranges because they will not turn out as good with your rice.

Are Apple Pears The Same As Asian Pears?

There are different types of pears in the world and Asian pears are certainly different than other types of pears.

They have a distinct sweetness and crunchier texture. Furthermore, their shape is rounder than you would expect in a pear.

However, you can substitute Asian pears with many other types of pears and you will still end up with a great dish.

Final Thoughts

As unique and tasty as Asian pears can be, you will be able to obtain delicious dishes with any of the substitutes in this guide.

However, if you find Asian pears, you will fall in love with their tasty and sweet flavor. And you will want to keep purchasing them as they can make for a delicious snack.

Naturally, Asian pears are easier to find in Asian countries. But it is worth a try if you want to look for them at the international section of your grocery store.

Just keep in mind that they will cost more than they actually cost in Asia.

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