8 Best Au Jus Substitutes & Homemade Au Jus Recipe

Au Jus

Au jus is a famous French liquid that is commonly used in cooking. A mix which is added to meat dishes or as a dipping sauce alongside many meals.

Aa a gravy mix, au jus is made from beef broth or wine with no need for thickeners. The fat that is extra is skimmed and only the meat juices are used for preparation.

You can add au jus with some herbs, spices and serve it either on its own as a dipping sauce. Or you can add it to your meat dishes while they cook. It is said to be like a flavourful agent and is perfect for beef, chicken, or lamb.

Further, au jus does not only add flavor, but it will provide nice moisture to the meat while it’s cooking, so it can be even tastier. Onions, ginger, garlic, seasoning, and other veggies can be added to make it even better. However, if you have no au jus, is there a way to replace it?

Can I substitute au jus? Of course! Substitutes for au jus include beef stock powder sauce, bouillon cubes, beef broth, brown gravy, demi-glace, or some of the following products.

You always have the option to make it at home as well, so read the easy recipe below and make a nice homemade au jus, alongside tips that will help you make it even tastier

Best Au Jus Substitutes

Au jus is a nice mix that is served with many types of meat and as a dipping sauce on its own. Now that we know what is made of and the taste, we can discuss the possible substitutes in case you have no au jus on hand.

Below is a list of substitutes that have similar tastes and textures that will fit well in your recipes. Go through each recommendation and choose what suits your recipe best.

1. Beef stock powder sauce

This is one of the most common and popular replacements that you can find. You can add it to your meat or in every recipe that calls for au jus. All you need is beef stock powder, onion powder, corn scratch, garlic, seasoning, and parsley.

The amount depends on how much you need for your dish. You add the beef stock powder and onion along with the parsley, cornstarch and the seasoning in a bowl to be mixed well with water. Heat them up until you get a fine thin texture to use. 

2. Bouillon cubes

Bouillon Cubes

Secondly, we would recommend using bouillon cubes to substitute au jus in cooking. What is important to know about them is that they need to crumble with the other ingredients to get liquid that can later be used.

Stir them with water until you get a thicker texture. After that, it is good for use in your cooking. Simple, easy, and very useful as a replacement for most recipes that require au jus. 

3. Beef broth

Beef Broth

A specific dish that can serve well as a replacement for au jus I beef broth. Very delicious and can be used in many dishes, beef broth is easy to make. All you need is beef bones, onions and other veggies, garlic, herbs, water, and seasoning.

Add all of the ingredients to a pressure cooker to make a nice beef broth. Add some water and let it cook for about 1 hour. After it is boiled, you can only use the liquid and clear out the other ingredients. The broth will be perfect for serving. 

4. Brown gravy

Rich, thick, and a perfect substitute for au jus is brown gravy.

All you need is beef stock, flour, seasoning, butter heavy cream, Worcestershire sauce and you are good to go. Cook the flour then add the butter, cook it for a while. Your next step is to add the beef stock and stir.

You should have a thick and thin texture by now. Therefore, your next move is to add seasoning and the Worcestershire sauce. Add some heavy cream at the end and cook until it’s done.

5. Demi-glace

Useful for many recipes, demi-glace is similar to au jus, which makes it a good substitute.

The difference is how long it takes for one to be made. Meaning, au jus is usually made from the leftover roast meat with stock, seasoning, wine, and butter for about 40 minutes. Demi-glace, on the other hand, needs up to 8 hours. It is actually like a  reduction of stock and brown sauce.

Moreover, it’s a French sauce and is very useful in many culinary recipes. Rich, thick sauce is added as a base for many dishes or just a sauce on its own. 

6. Onion mix soup

Another option that you can use for replacing au jus is the onion mix soup.

All you need is beef bullion, parsley, celery seed, paprika, opinion flakes, and seasoning. Just mix everything up with water and leave it on the stove for at least 10 minutes.

You’ll end up with a nice liquid mixture that can serve you in many recipes. 

7. Chicken broth

Chicken Broth

You can try to replace au jus with chicken broth. This type of broth is made of the meat and bones of the chicken as they are simmered on the stove for a short time.

The bones are first roasted in the oven and then simmered for hours on the stove. Use in most of your recipes that you can substitute chicken broth for au jus.

8. Vegetable stock

vegetable broth

If you need meatless taste and veggie-based liquid to replace au jus, then the vegetable stock is what you need. The stock is a slightly different type of liquid that is made from simmering different types of vegetables, but it can serve as a good replacement in cooking.

Use onions, celery, leek, carrots, mushrooms, and other veggies, combine with bay leaves, thyme, or parsley stalks. Other herbs and seasoning can also be addded. The taste may differ a bit when compared to au jus, but it is a good replacement for many recipes.

Homemade Au Jus Recipe

Besides our list of substitutes, you can always make au jus at home by following this recipe. It is a recipe that will make your meal even better. Just gather the next ingredients to create a sauce to impress and save your dish!

Au Jus

Homemade Au Jus Recipe


  • 2 cups of beef broth
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 4 tablespoons of butter 
  • ¼ red wine
  • 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Use a saucepan on medium heat and add butter, with flour. Mix until you get a paste texture.
  2. Add red wine into the mixture and stir until you get a purple color.
  3. Continue to cook on medium heat until the alcohol smell is gone.
  4. Add the beef broth and whisk until the ingredients mix together.
  5. Finally, add the Worcestershire sauce and cook for an extra 5 minutes until the texture is slightly thickened.
  6. Season it up and it’s ready to serve. 


  • No need to choose an expensive red wine for the recipe, just use what you have.
  • Important to know while the au jus is cooking is to whisk it all the time, so you can get a nice smooth texture. 
  • You can store au jus in the fridge for 3-4 days. Or simply freeze it for at least 6 months.

Related Questions

Can I use beef gravy instead of au jus?

You can add beef gravy instead of au jus. It is a good substitute for au jus in different recipes.  

Can I substitute au jus mix for beef broth?

You can mix beef broth instead of au jus. Beef broth is a liquid with beef, extra seasoning, and is simmered. 

Are brown gravy and au jus the same?

Brown gravy and au jus are not the same. But they are similar and make good drippings from the roast. The difference is in the thickness of the sauce. Gravy is thickened with roux, while au jus is a light sauce. 

Can you substitute au jus for brown gravy?

You can use 1 ounce of brown gravy mix as a replacement for au jus mix. The flavors may differ, but the substitute is good for your recipes.

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