Avocado Salsa vs Guacamole: What’s The Difference?


The main differences between avocado salsa and guacamole are the ingredients that are used for their preparation, and the way they are prepared and served.

Avocado salsa is usually made with avocado, onion, tomatillos, cilantro, salt, and chili peppers which are used optionally.

Guacamole, on the other hand, is made with avocado, onion, cilantro, salt, lime juice, and jalapenos. But some other ingredients like tomatoes, basil, garlic, or sour cream can be also added.

Guacamole can be prepared as a spread, dip, or salad. It is originated in Mexico, but guacamole is used all over the world. To prepare guacamole first chop the fresh ingredients and mash them all together with a masher or fork to get a smooth and thick texture.

The best way to make avocado salsa is in a blender. Just put all the ingredients into the blender and blend them until you get the texture you like. If you want a thinner avocado salsa, you can add water while you are blending the ingredients, and adjust its texture.

You can serve avocado salsa and guacamole in different ways. For instance, you can eat guacamole and avocado salsa with tortilla chips as a dip or vegetables like celery sticks, baby carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower.

Guacamole can be also used on a toast, sandwich, as a garnish for soups and deviled eggs, or served with smoked salmon and French fries.

You can also use avocado salsa as a topping for tacos, taquitos, fajitas, and meat dishes. Let’s learn more about the differences between these two below!

Avocado Salsa vs Guacamole: Comparison Chart

Differences Avocado salsa Guacamole
Ingredients Tomatillos Lime juice
Way of preparation In a blender With a potato masher, or fork
Texture Smooth and thinner Chunky and thicker

Is Avocado Salsa The Same As Guacamole?

Avocado salsa is not the same as guacamole. They consist of similar ingredients, but they are different.

Avocado salsa has a thinner, smooth texture and contains tomatillos that have a bright, acidic flavor as a balance for the avocados’ rich and buttery flavor. Guacamole, on the other hand, has lime juice as an acidic ingredient which also prevents the avocado from turning brown.

They are both very good to eat as a dip with crispy chips or some fresh vegetables.

You can also use guacamole as a filling for wraps and burritos whereas avocado salsa can be a flavorful topping for burgers, tacos, and nachos, or a salad dressing.

Avocado salsa also differed from guacamole in the way it is prepared. Avocado salsa is prepared with a blender, while guacamole is usually prepared with a potato masher or a fork.

Therefore, avocado salsa has a smoother and thinner texture and guacamole has a chunky, and thicker texture. However, they both have a wonderful flavor no matter the preparation or serving method.

It is only a matter of taste!

Is Tostitos Avocado Salsa Guacamole?

Tostitos avocado salsa is not guacamole but avocado salsa made with real avocados, crushed green tomatoes, water, sunflower oil, or canola oil, onions, red bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers. It has a creamy and thick texture and sweet-spicy flavor.

Tostito’s tortilla chips are a great match with Tostitos avocado salsa. However, you can also use it with your favorite type of chips and vegetables, on tacos, burritos, and nachos.

Tostitos avocado salsa is a dip with a perfect flavor and texture. And if you add some lime juice you can make it taste like guacamole. That way you will make Tostitos avocado salsa similar to guacamole and enjoy its great flavor.

Is Tostitos Avocado Salsa Good For You?

Tostitos avocado salsa contains some unhealthy food additives and ingredients like canola oil, sunflower oil, and modified starch.

The refined oils can cause body inflammations because they are processed and chemically treated. They are extracted using chemicals and high heat which destroys the nutrients from the oil.

The food additives like modified starch and artificial colors that Tostitos avocado salsa contains are also bad for your health.

Therefore, you should always use fresh food without additives, and bad ingredients that can cause some health problems.

Buy a fresh avocado and make avocado salsa at home with just a few ingredients. That way you will know what is in your food.

Why Is Avocado Dip Called Guacamole?

Avocado dip is called guacamole because the word guacamole means avocado sauce.

The main ingredient in avocado dip is also avocado. However, they both have some other ingredients added that make them different.

There are many different types of avocado dip, and you can make yours with your favorite ingredients. Some unusual ingredients you can add to avocado dip are mango, pineapple, or shrimp.

Mango will give a sweet and fresh flavor to the avocado dip. While pineapple will make the avocado dip sweet and slightly sour.

And for a perfect party appetizer, you can add sautéed, chopped shrimp in the avocado dip. The avocado dip goes amazingly with chips, crackers, or fresh vegetables, but it also goes well as a salad dressing or sandwich spread.


Avocado salsa and guacamole are two same in some way but also different side dishes.

They both contain one healthy ingredient-avocado which gives them a distinctive and beautiful flavor. Avocado has a very creamy texture and rich, buttery flavor. And you can use it in different dishes like sauces, salads, smoothies, dips, and soups.

The only bad thing is that avocado changes its color after it is cut due to oxidation when it is exposed to air. From green, its flesh turns to brown and that doesn’t look nice.

Therefore, when you cut the avocado add some lime or lemon juice to keep its color nice and green and ready to use in your favorite dish.

We hope that we helped you to learn something more about the differences between avocado salsa and guacamole. What is your recipe for guacamole and avocado salsa?

Share it with us in the comment section down below!

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