8 Best Beef Shank Substitutes

Meat is often consumed by people all over the world. There are many types of meat that come from different animals from which there are many special delicate dishes. One of them that is often used is beef.

There are many parts that are used to make nice, mouthwatering dishes. Beef shank is the leg section of the cow or steers and since it comes from this part of the animal, it can be quite muscular.

Because of that, the beef shank is typically used to make stews, beef bourguignon, beef stock, or other types of dishes that need slow cooking. It is very flavorful and is commonly used in the kitchen.

In case you want to use something else, either less muscular or you can’t find any beef shank at the butcher’s shop, you wonder what you can use.

The best substitutes for beef shank are beef arm, oxtail, tendon, chuck roast, silverside, short ribs, silverside, skirt, and veal shank.

All you have to do is to go through the list and check which one will fit best in with your recipe.

Beef Shank Substitutes

1. Beef arm

One way to replace the beef shank is to use a beef arm. This cut from the shoulder area will be a perfect replacement. These muscles are used frequently for roasting, even though the meat can be quite tough.

Meaning, it is perfect for slow cooking. A key advantage of this cut is that it has a good amount of fat which is very flavorful and soft once it is slow-cooked. 

2. Oxtail


Another suitable cut is the oxtail which the name says so from the tail of the cattle. Tasty, fatty, and it can be quite expensive, the oxtail is considered to be a nice replacement for beef shank in cooking. It does not look good uncooked but it tastes amazing once it is cooked properly.

Oxtail has a deep, rich flavor that can be achieved if it is slow-cooked. It has a nice texture and makes a great replacement for beef shank in slow cooking recipes.  

3. Tendon

A beef flavoured cut that can help you in your recipe instead of the beef shank is the tendon. It is a type of meat that has a gelatinous texture and it is similar to pork belly. In order to make it perfect, it requires slow cooking, seasoning.

You’ll know that it is cooked properly once it is tender enough. Before use, you should rinse the beef tendons under cold water and put them in a soy sauce for better results. It is suggested to simmer and cook for at least 4 hours.  

4. Chuck roast

Chuck Roast

A very similar cut to the arm roast is the chuck roast which also comes from the shoulder area. The Chuck roast can be good for replacing beef shank in your cooking.

Keep in mind that the chuck roast can also come from the neck which is very different because that meat can be very tough and muscled. The beefy flavors that will come from the chuck roast will be perfect to be achieved with slow cooking. 

5. Short Ribs

Beef Plate Short Ribs

Beef shank can find its replacement in short ribs. A great alternative that will provide a nice and beef flavor and a cut that is slow-cooked. Add the bonus to provide more richness into the flavors and make the perfect stew or soup.

Short ribs come from the chuck and rib area and they are practically a combination of both cuts. They are perfect for slow cooking or any other type of dish that requires beef shank.

6. Silverside

Silverside or corned beef will be a good cut for filling in for beef shank. This is another cut of beef that is above the leg. The name is due to the fact that it has a silver appearance on the side of the cut. This is another muscular type of meat and it can appear to be very tough.

This cut is also perfect for slow cooking which means it can always replace beef shank in your cooking. An upside is that the silverside does not have much fat, so it’ll be perfect to make a nice delicious meal.

7. Skirt

Beef Skirt

Beef shank can be substituted in most recipes by the skirt steak. Actually, this cut is one of the most adaptable choices. This is due to the fact that it can either choose for slow cooking or fast cooking. The skirt cut comes from the section below the ribs and is very fatty.

This is not a muscle but a type of meat that needs to be properly cut. Everything depends on how it is cut. If it’s not sliced against the grain in thin strips, it can become tough. And when cooking, make sure to do it properly. Otherwise, the meat can be dry and not good for eating.

8. Veal Shank 

Veal shank is another replacement for the beef shank. It is a type of meat that comes from the hind shank, which is the leg bone beneath the knee. This type of meat is usually a cross-cut that unveils the part of the shin bone.

It is typically around 1 or 2 pounds and is thick. There is a popular dish in which veal shank is the key ingredient and that is the Italian dish, Osso Bucco. Also, veal shank can be used in slow-cooking dishes like stock, broth, and any other dish.

Related Questions

What cut of meat is a beef shank?

The beef shank is the part of the leg of a steer or cow. Consider the fact where this cut comes from because the meat can be quite strong and muscular, so when used for cooking the best way to prepare it is by slow cooking.

Are beef shanks the same as short ribs?

No. Beef shank comes from the leg whereas ribs can come from brisket, plate, chuck, or ribs. Short ribs are close to shanks but they are not the same meat.

What is beef shank steak?

Beef shanks steak is the leg of the cow which is just above the knee. This is cut off horizontal and this is the reason why the steak looks like a circle.

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