Best Bread for Chicken Salad: 5 Appetizing Breads

Chicken Salad

Have you ever made a delicious, savory, and appetizing chicken salad only to be stumped as to which bread to serve it?

Not just you, we too have problems with choosing the proper bread to go along with our savory chicken salad. To make things easier for you, we’re here to assist you in selecting the ideal bread to complement your delectable chicken salad.

Potato bread, rye, sourdough, country white bread, etc. They all make great options when it comes to choosing the best bread.

These varieties have a distinctive flavor that compliments the richness of the chicken salad and adds to the overall flavor of the sandwich.

A variety of bread is available to complement the rich distinct flavor of chicken salad, but finding and selecting which one best meets your preferences is a tough challenge.

However, we are eager to help you with that. Below, I will answer some of the most often asked questions about the best bread and other accompaniments for chicken salads.

What is the Best Bread to Eat With Chicken Salad?

When it comes to bread that goes well with your chicken salad, white bread, sourdough, and rye are usually the best options.

The reason for the choices is that these bread are both sturdy and flavorful enough to hold the chicken salad and other condiments.

Now let’s look at more detailed reasoning on the best bread that goes along with chicken salad and the detailed why:

1. Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has a sour and tangy flavor, just as the name says.

This bread variety is also very popular as a sandwich bread because of how well its natural flavor blends with salads and dressings to create a more depth of flavor.

2. Rye Bread

Rye Bread

Rye bread, made with rye flour and caraway seeds, has a deep, strong flavor and texture that complements the savouriness of the salad; hence it is also a good choice of bread to go along with the chicken salad.

3. Potato Bread

Potato pancakes

Potato bread is a one-of-a-kind bread composed mainly of potato flour rather than wheat flour.

This bread has a sweet and mild potato flavor and is high in iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, making it healthier than other bread varieties.

Pairing potato bread with your tasty chicken salad will make a delicious and wholesome meal.

4. Pumpernickel

Pumpernickel bread

Pumpernickel is a type of rye bread that has a deeper flavor.

It is a healthy alternative to white bread for sandwiches since it is a densely packed bread kind with rich fibers and a wealth of nutrients.

Pumpernickel also has a slight mild sweetness to it, which accompanies well with chicken salad.

5. Classic White Bread

Italian bread

Everything goes well with white bread. It is an indisputable fact. It’s sturdy and has a distinctive taste that complements the items served on it.

Though white bread lacks flavor and nutrients compared to other bread varieties, it is a simple choice that combines well with chicken salad.

Spread the salad along with your preferred dressing over the bread and enjoy your delightful snack or breakfast or your heartwarming lunch!

What is a Good Accompaniment to Chicken Salad?

When served alone, chicken salads might be bland, which is why it’s always preferable to pair it with some delectable sides like green salad, coleslaw, chips, pickles, and more.

Chicken salad should be served with the next delightful, simple, and nutritious accompaniments for a well-balanced and heartwarming meal:

Green Salads

Add your favorite greens into a bowl with your favorite condiments for a healthy addition to your savory salad.


Sandwiches served with chips for some reason, add this crunchy twist to the meal. Your regular store-bought potato chips will go along with the salad.


Pickles make a great side dish to add some spicy, sour, and tangy taste to enhance the tastiness of the salad.

Cucumber Soup

If you are not interested in adding any more calories to your meal, you can include a light and chill cucumber soup that serenely pairs with chicken salad.

Iced Tea

Instead of any high-calorie soda, a chilled, flavorful iced tea will match your mood well with the chicken salad.

Not only the above-mentioned accompaniments, but you can also add your favorite snacks you find tasty with the chicken salad. All it matters is that you find the meal delicious.

Best Buns for Chicken Salad

Speaking of buns, aside from plain burger buns, varieties like sesame seed, ciabatta, kaiser roll, and brioche are the best choices for chicken salads, so let’s discuss each in detail.

Classic Sesame Seed Bun

The sesame seed bun may seem like a plain bun with seeds on top of it. However, they provide a certain crunch and subtle flavor that accompanies well with every bit of the chicken salad.


Ciabatta is soft on the inside and crispy on the exterior. Therefore, biting it gives you a crunchy sensation while also keeping the salad stuff from pouring out.


Brioche is a rich textured and quality bun that provides a soft feel with every bite of the salad.

Kaiser Roll

Kaiser roll is a sturdy bread that can hold a rich amount of salad filling without the bun falling off. Though it provides a relatively mild flavor, the bread gives an excellent scrumptious crunch.

English Muffin

English muffins are well known for their scrumptious crispiness. And when paired with a savory salad, the crunchiness and savouriness will get along well and give you a satisfying bite.

What Can I Eat With Chicken Salad Instead of Bread?

If you are not a fan of bread, you can eat your savory and healthy chicken salad with much healthier options like lettuce wraps, tortillas, egg wraps, rice paper, and nori.

Chicken salad with bread sounds delicious, however, health-conscious folks prefer much greener options that are lower in calories and more nutritious.

If you prefer greens, you can wrap your chicken salad with lettuce.

Rice paper and nori are given more flavor and have already been used by Asians as a substitute for bread. Egg wraps are usually thin egg omelet wrappers around a delicious salad which offer more taste and protein to the meal,

Tortillas and grated or sliced cheese pair better than bread with chicken salad. They also have fewer calories, so they are a perfect alternative to bread.

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