6 Best Broccoli Substitutes (Tasty Alternatives)


There might be many reasons why you want to substitute broccoli. It might be because you didn’t find broccoli in the stores, or your family doesn’t like it at all.

What can you do when you are making a recipe with broccoli in it as an ingredient? Can you just leave it out, or can you substitute it with something else? The good news is that you can substitute this vegetable with many other veggies like cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, etc.

These are some other ideas about what you can substitute broccoli with and other helpful information.

Broccoli Substitute Ideas

Knowing what to substitute broccoli with is essential. Especially if you want to make sure that you and your family are eating healthy. Broccoli is one of the essential vegetables that we should consume.

However, getting children to eat it, or finding it everywhere can be hard. These are some of the ideas on what other vegetables you can substitute broccoli with.

1. Cauliflower


As we said before, the number one vegetable to substitute broccoli with is cauliflower. This is the same vegetable, but only white instead of green. Most people are using cauliflower as a broccoli substitute because of the similar look at taste. But, it isn’t always the best choice.  It has the same texture and will give the same taste to recipes as with broccoli. The dish might just be not as colorful.

Some of the benefits of using cauliflower instead of broccoli are that it is easier to find in stores, cheaper, and taste better for some people. There are also more antioxidants in the cauliflower that you won’t find in the broccoli. Great to use in any dishes where you would have used broccoli. There are also different varieties of cauliflower available in supermarkets.

2. Cabbage


Cabbage can also be used as a substitute for broccoli. The taste is similar to broccoli and most dishes that are prepared with broccoli can be made with cabbage as well. There are just a couple of things that you need to make sure about before you use cabbage instead of broccoli.

Remember that cabbage decrease in amount when it is cooked. So, you should increase the amount you are using when substituting it from broccoli. The great thing about cabbage is that you can use red and green cabbage. Making your meal more colorful. There are just as many vitamins and minerals as with broccoli, and children are more acceptable to eat the cabbage that they don’t see than the broccoli.

3. Kale


Because Kale can be cooked in many different ways, it can be a great substitute for broccoli. It doesn’t matter what type of broccoli dish you were making; you can use kale instead.

It has the same color as broccoli, the same taste, and will not make a recipe look and taste differently. In some country’s kale is just as hard to find as what broccoli might be. But, if you really don’t want to use broccoli, then kale is your best bet in having the same colorful plate of food that will taste great. And, that your children will prefer.

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4. Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Because of the size, taste, and shape, Brussel sprouts are a great substitute for broccoli. It can be used in the same recipes as what broccoli is being used. And, it doesn’t matter if you are using it raw or steamed. This is the one thing that is making Brussel Sprouts so great. It is versatile in the way you are cooking it, just like broccoli.

It can replace broccoli in salads, soups, and even in pasta dishes. Not compromising the taste and look of the meal. The nutrients are basically the same. You will still give your family a healthy meal, but one that they will enjoy.

5. Swiss chard

Swiss chard

A vegetable that looks completely different from broccoli but that is a great substitute is swiss chard. Also, a leafy green vegetable, but with some red stems that will give color to any dish. The taste is very similar to broccoli. Normally, people that don’t like broccoli, will also not enjoy swiss chard. It has the same bitter taste.

This is why it is such a great substitute for broccoli. Especially if you are in a country where swiss chard is easier to find than broccoli. Making the dish taste the same, but without struggling to find broccoli, or paying a lot of money to use broccoli in one dish. You can even get your children to eat the meal.

6. Baby spinach leaves

Baby spinach leaves

Those that enjoy baby spinach leaves, will know that it tastes differently from normal spinach. And, that it has a similar taste to broccoli. The great thing about baby spinach leaves is that there isn’t any prep time needed. You just need to rinse the spinach leaves before using it.

The bitter taste of the spinach is similar to broccoli. So, adding baby spinach leaves instead of broccoli will not influence the overall taste of the meal. You will just need to adjust the amount of spinach because it might shrink when cooked. The baby spinach can also be used raw in salads, where you normally would add raw broccoli.

Broccoli explained

Even if we all know what broccoli is, some people might not know what this vegetable is, or what it looks like. This is because in some countries this isn’t a popular veggie or something that is easy to be found.

Broccoli is a green vegetable that looks like little trees and they are in the brassica family of vegetables. There are different varieties to the broccoli-like the Chinese broccoli, baby broccoli, broccolini, and Romanesco broccoli.

What vegetable is comparable to broccoli?

Which vegetable is coming close to the broccoli? The one vegetable that you can substitute broccoli with that will not affect the taste and texture of the dish?

Most people are comparing broccoli to cauliflower. This is basically the same shape as vegetables. The only difference is that cauliflower is white while the broccoli is green. Some people are comparing broccoli to Brussel sprouts when they think about comparing taste.

Kale can also be compared to broccoli. Maybe not the shape of the vegetable, but the color and the taste are very similar. And, if you substitute broccoli with kale, it will not have a huge effect on the overall taste of the meal.

What can I use instead of Chinese broccoli?

If you need to substitute Chinese broccoli for something else, there are a couple of things that you need to know first. Firstly, Chinese broccoli looks completely different from normal broccoli. Meaning that you can’t just use normal broccoli instead. The taste is also quite different. The Chinese broccoli tastes bitter, and can’t be used with any dish.

When you need to use Chinese broccoli, and you couldn’t find any then there is one other option that you can consider. To substitute it with broccolini. Broccolini is basically a crossbreed between the Chinese broccoli and the normal broccoli that we all know.

The taste is more similar to the Chinese broccoli, but the shape is similar to broccoli. A great substitute to ensure that you don’t lose the right taste.

Things to consider when you are substituting broccoli

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when you are substituting broccoli with another vegetable. This is to make sure that your meal is still successful and tasty.

First of all, you need to look at the way that the broccoli normally is cooked. Not all the substitutes can be cooked the same way. This can cause the whole recipe to end up a disaster.

The amount that you need to substitute broccoli with is also important. There are some of the vegetables that are shrinking once it is cooked. Meaning that it will become a lot less after it’s cooked than with broccoli. You need to add more than the required recipe amount to get the right taste. Some examples are the cabbage, kale, and baby spinach leaves.

The meal that you are making is also something to consider. With one meal, you can substitute broccoli with cauliflower. However, with another dish, it might taste and look better if you substitute it with kale. You can’t substitute broccoli with the same vegetable all the time. It will have an influence on the taste and the look of the dish.

Can you substitute broccoli with another vegetable? Especially if you don’t want to change the taste of the meal? This is one of the vegetables that can be substituted by many different vegetables. You just need to make sure that you know which veggies are best for the dish.

Especially if you need to substitute raw broccoli. Not all vegetables can be enjoyed raw. With this guide, you will learn more about the different broccoli substitutes that you can use. Substitutes like cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts, baby spinach leaves, and cabbage.

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