10 Best Frisée Substitutes


Salads are a very important part of our daily waiting routine.

There are many types of veggies that can be combined to create a nice fresh salad. But not just that, those veggies are quite often added in many recipes as well.

Frisée, lettuce that gives nice freshness to your food is quite often used in many recipes. It’s part of the chicory family and it is very fragile lettuce. Its bitter notes and tender texture are suitable for many recipes.

The frisée has a light green color and leaves that have a pale yellow color. The good thing about frisée is that you can combine it in salads, sandwich toppings, and some other sweet and salty flavored ingredients.

Since this is a type of lettuce with a unique taste and appearance, you wonder if there is a way to replace it? Can I substitute frisée?

Yes, you can replace frisée with escarole, endive, radicchio, red lettuce, arugula, green leaf lettuce, curly greens, chicory, iceberg, and cabbage.

Read below and find out more about each substitute and which is suitable for your next recipe. 

Best Substitutes For Frisée

The best overview of Frisée is to explain its appearance, meaning the curly pale green leaves of this lettuce make it perfect for many uses in the kitchen.

The texture and bitter taste with the crunchy leaves are even better when they are fresh. So, cut it and use it in many recipes. However, since you may not have it at reach below is a list of the 10 best replacements which will help to achieve similar results.

Let’s get going!

1. Escarole


Very similar to Frisée and part of the same family, Escarole can be used as a replacement. They also have a similar look, meaning they have curly leaves and green colors.

The taste is also similar. The mildly bitter taste and crips may have a similar feel in your mouth. Cut it with a knife and add it to your cooking. 

2. Endive


Frisée can be replaced by the Belgian endive which is suitable in different ways. It’s part of the chicory family and has similarities with the endive.

Endive has a bitter taste with peppery notes that work well in many salads. The difference is the texture and your dish may have a bit different result. 

3. Radicchio

Red cabbage radicchio

Another leafy substitute that can be used instead of Frisée is Radicchio.

Delicate with red leaves and a different appearance than Frisée, it can be used in different ways in cooking. Radicchio is part of the chicory family, which makes them also related. If you add it to your salads the colors will provide a nice touch.

Another important thing is that they have a very similar taste and fresh notes. The crips are also similar which you won’t notice much of a difference. 

4. Red lettuce


Easy to find and very similar to Frisee is Red Lettuce.

A very good replacement especially since the freshness and the taste are very similar. The red leaves are outstanding and quite different when compared to frisée.

The texture and strong taste are quite similar which is a good replacement in your recipes. 

5. Arugula


Another proper substitute for Frisée is to use Arugula.

This veggie has a bitter taste which is very similar to frisée and perfect in many recipes. The upside is that you can easily find it at the grocery store and add it to your cooking.

The flat leaves are similar to oak tree leaves and the taste is more peppery when compared to Frisée. You can add Arugula in your cooking the same way as Frisée. 

6. Green leaf lettuce


Except for the red lettuce, the green leafy one is considered a great option too. You can find it either large or medium, the green lettuce is also affordable and easy to spot.

The narrow small and wide leaves are crips with a sweet to bitter taste and smell. You can add it to most of your recipes that require frisée.  

7. Curly greens

Mustard Greens

Just as the name suggests the curly greens are a very good alternative to frisée.

The curly ends which are similar are good to be used in many recipes. They both belong to the same family and have a bitter taste which outstands the other ingredients in recipes.

You can make a swap in almost every recipe that you need. 

8. Chicory

Next on the list, you’ll find chicory which is yet another substitute.

It is winter lettuce with a bitter taste and thicker leaves than frisée. And because of these reasons, when you make the changes, make sure to add less. Otherwise, the taste may be overpowering and may affect your other ingredients. 

9. Iceberg

Iceberg lettuce 

Typically used in sandwiches with a large to medium size, the Iceberg is another replacement. Similar to cabbage with a firm heat, thick and crisp leaves, and crunchy taste, the Iceberg can be used in many ways.

The taste is mostly mild sweet and juicy with a lot of freshness. Use it in most of the recipes that require Frisée. 

10. Cabbage


Lastly, on our list, you’ll find cabbage as another replacement for frisée.

The sizes can vary along with the shape but the green colors are always fresh. It’s good for different recipes, salads, and everything that asks for frisée. The bitter taste is also present which makes it similar to the taste of frisée.

Add it to your cooking whenever you feel like it to add freshness and a nice taste. 

Related Questions

What kind of lettuce is frisée?

Frisée is a version of endive with curly ends and strongly shaped leaves with green and yellow colors.

Is frisée the same as escarole?

Frisée and escarole are not the same things. However, they are similar and both can serve as a substitute for each other.

What do frisée greens taste like?

Frisée has a bitter and peppery taste which is commonly added in many recipes. You can best add it to recipes that are full of flavors to add additional perfection.

Is frisée the same as chicory?

No, frisée is not the same as chicory but they are used as a substitute for each other. Both are green veggies with curly ends and similar tastes.

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