5 Best Substitutes for Peas

Nothing is better than freshly bought vegetables. From soups, side dishes, and freshly used in salads, vegetables are very healthy products that bring many flavors to our meals.

Another vegetable that we enjoy eating is peas. From pea soups, pea risottos, and many other recipes, peas are very commonly used among people. They are small green vegetables that can be bought fresh from the market or canned in the supermarket.

They are usually harvested in April and November on the west coast. They offer a sweet, plump taste and smell like spring. Once they are past their prime they can be blended and cooked. But what if there are no at the market and can’t find any, is there an alternative?

Can I substitute peas? Yes, you can! You can always use Frozen peas, Black-eyed peas, Lima beans, Fresh cranberry beans, and Edamame. Also, find out more on what to use in paella and with fried rice as replacements.

Substitutes for Peas

We have found the best products that will help you make the best replacement in your recipes.

Every ingredient has its substitutes. Even though it may be hard to replace in every recipe but there is no harm in trying and getting a very delicious meal. Actually, if you are out of fresh peas we have completed a list of alternatives that you can use. Check them out and see what fits you best:

1. Frozen peas

frozen peas

If there are no fresh peas there is always the option that you can buy them in a frozen package at your supermarket. When preparing frozen peas you should know not to overcook them.

It is very important because they are steamed before packed and frozen, so they just need little time to be boiled and prepared. It shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two.

They also have a sweet flavor and the only difference is in the process of making and the freshness. You can substitute in almost every meal that requires peas.

2. Black-eyed peas

Another similar substitute that will fit in your recipe is the back eyed peas. Like most beans, they have a beanie taste and very earthy. Also, they are not sweet like the green peas, actually, they are very savory and have traces of a nutty flavor.

You can make delicious stews, salads and they are also served with rice. These are very delicious and will bring out a nice touch and taste out of your meal. You can also substitute in every meal that requires peas.

3. Lima beans

Lima beans

A very interesting and nice combination of flavors that will make your dishes more unique is the lima beans. They have a nutty and sweet taste that has beanie tasting. You need to know that when cooking you need to keep an eye on them because they don’t need to be over-cooked.

You’ll know that they are cooked once they turn bitter and sulfurous. They come in different variations and the best-known one is the pale green or the cream-colored one. The larger ones are called butter beans.

You can use lima beans to make salads or pasta because they’ll add protein to your meals. Combine it with corn or other vegetables to make a nice dish and substitute it in recipes that require beans.

4. Fresh cranberry beans

cranberry beans

These cranberry beans are a very good substitute for beans. As you know fresh is always better so the fresh cranberry beans have very sweet and have a very delicate taste. These are very popular beans in Italy, Portugal, and Greek cuisine.

Cranberry beans have a creamy texture and mild, nutty flavor. Also, these beans are very beautiful and light-colored with cranberry speckles. They will add a nice touch to your recipes and your meals will be extra tasty.

5. Edamame


Another vegetable on our list is the edamame beans. They are soybeans that are actually harvested before they are fully mature. Unlike the sugar snap peas, the edamame pods are not for eating. You can eat edamame just as you squeeze the beans out of the shell.

Also, they are very popular in Asian cuisine. They are a rich source of protein and have dietary fiber. They also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. You can substitute in many recipes that require peas.

Substitute for peas in paella

Paella is a Spanish traditional dish that actually originates from Valencia. It is a very popular meal that uses a mix of meats, seafood, and many other vegetables which makes it very colorful and lively.

It is simply very alluring just as you see it and the combinations that are used to prepare it to make it even more unique and delicious. But one of the ingredients that are used is peas. What can you use to replace them?

You can always substitute frozen for fresh and vice versa. Lima beans, canned broad beans, diced green peppers, green onions, and other types of beans can be a great substitute for peas in this recipe. They will add color and taste to the dish and won’t change anything. You’ll simply enjoy the meal even more.

Substitute for peas in fried rice

A good combination when making rice is to add more vegetables so you can make it even tastier. Practically you can add anything that you want. The most common veggie that is combined with fried rice is peas. But what if you don’t like peas or you are out, is there something else?

Of course, you add other beans to your fried rice and still get a nice meal. You can add edamame, lima beans, or types of beans of your own choice.  Also, you can avoid adding peas and beans at all so just eat it plain with other vegetables.

Related Questions:

Are English peas the same as green peas?

Actually no. Garden peas, sweet peas, or English peas are different from green peas. The difference between them is in the texture. Sweet peas are sweet and you may eat them raw and cooked, where the green peas get starchy and mealy and you need to cook them before consuming.

How do you substitute frozen peas for fresh?

Fresh and frozen peas can always be substituted with one another. Use 2 cups of fresh peas to substitute frozen peas in a recipe. Because the frozen ones need lees cooking, the fresh ones would need a bit more time as well to be cooked well.

How do I store peas, and how long will they last?

You can place the peas in a bag in the fridge. They can stay there for a few weeks. Actually, peas lose their sweetness soon, so if you pick fresh ones, make sure to use them right away or store them in the freezer. When kept in the freezer they can last up to a year and be defrosted and eaten later on.

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