8 Best Substitutes for Ramps


Vegetables are an essential part of our cooking and our lunch may be incomplete without a bowl of salad. There are varieties of vegetables from those that grow wildly. You can also buy or grow them in your garden.

Ramps are one of those veggies that we can use in our cooking. They are wild leeks, which are one of the signals that indicate spring is here. Their flavor is actually a combination of garlic, onion, and pungent taste.

The green leaves on the ramps are also edible, soft, and tender which you can use in your cooking. You can make pesto out of them or add them to your salad.

Ramps are usually used in cooking for grilling, roasting or you can also eat them raw. Add it in salads or sauces. You can use both the bulbs and the leaves together. However, if you have no ramps at your reach is there something that can be used instead?

Can I substitute ramps? Yes, you can. We have gathered the best 8 substitutes which can serve you well. The list consists of leeks, spring onions, shallots, scallions, garlic cloves, chives, celery, and wild onions.

Just go through our list and pick what suits you and your recipe the best.

Substitute for Ramps

Here we have a list of the best veggies which are a good substitute for ramps in your cooking. The substitutes below are very similar to the taste and smell of ramps. Make sure to adapt the ingredients based on the recipe and add the proper amounts so you’ll have a nice dish. 

1. Leeks


The first option that we would recommend is leeks. Since ramps are also called wild leeks, they are considered to be a good replacement.

They have a taste that is similar to onions and with traces of a pungent garlic taste. Leeks are large and also they tend to be stronger as they get older. You can use them in most recipes and you can easily find them at the market. 

2. Spring onions

Spring Onion

Green spring onions are a good way to replace ramps. They are more mature than scallions and their bulbs are white with green tops and you can always eat them raw and fresh.

Spring onions are good for many recipes, salads, pasta, and other vegetables. You can also caramelize them and practically use them in almost every recipe that calls for ramps.

3. Shallots


A delicate substitute that can be used in most recipes is shallots. They have a sweet flavor with hints of sharpness which increases the flavors. They can be eaten raw and added to many recipes. You can use it in most dishes as well as in salads.

They can be chopped, added in soups, sauces, casseroles, and many more dishes. Adjust based on the quantity that is required in the recipe.

4. Scallions


Scallions or also known as green onions. They are harvested while they are still green and fresh. Scallions have a sweet flavor and they add nice color and touch to your salads.

When compared to ramps they look similar but ramps are smaller and more delicate. When you use scallions, it will enhance the other flavors. Apply it with scrambled eggs or other recipes that call for ramps.

5. Garlic cloves

You can always use garlic instead of ramps in your recipes. You can eat it raw, so you’ll taste a strong pungent taste that is easily recognizable. They have a similar taste to ramps. However, they have their differences.

You can add it to many recipes. When cooked, garlic has a creamy, nutty, mild taste which goes well with the other ingredients and provides a nice aroma.

Garlic is very healthy, so it is commonly used and found in the kitchen of many households. It is good for your diet as well. Add it soups, sauces, dressings, and many more.

6. Chives


Another substitute that is easily found is chives. You can use it instead of ramps in many recipes. Chives have a mild flavor and are closely related to onions and garlic.

You can use chives in soups, seafood, fish, omelets, etc. They are a nice way to garnish your dish. The flowers of the chives are also edible so they can be added to salads or cheese plates as a garnish.

7. Celery

Celery leaves

Celery is another replacement that is good for most recipes that call for ramps. Celery has a long fibrous stalk with many leaves. It has a combination of mild and strong taste which resembles the taste of green onions.

Some people don’t like it, so make sure that when you make the swap it’s appropriate for your guests. Use it in salads, soups, smoothies, or any other recipes that require ramps.

8. Wild onion

Just like wild leek, wild onions are another way to substitute them in your cooking. They have a unique taste and smell. It is like cultivated counterparts and the flavors are stronger.

You can eat them in salads, as a garnish, and use them in many ways in your cooking. They can be chopped and added in soups and there is no need to cook the wild onions before use. 

Related Questions

Are ramps and wild onions the same thing?

Ramps and wild onions are both wild vegetables and they are the first green plants that grow in the spring. They are not the same but they have some similarities. 

Are ramps the same as leeks?

No. Ramps are not leeks. They have a stronger taste than leeks and are quite different. Ramps have a mild onion flavor which is more pungent with traces of garlic.

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