10 Best Burgundy Wine Substitutes

Burgundy Wine

It’s a no-brainer that wine is commonly used in cooking. By adding wine you increase the taste and aroma of your dish. This way you make it irresistible for anyone not to try it.

The extra smoothness and taste of your dish will be so unique that you’d want to experiment with your cooking. The good thing is that both red and white wine is used in cooking and that way you enhance the flavors of your dish and make it even better.

Furthermore, Burgundy wine is one of those wines which is common in cooking. Whether you are cooking meat, broths, or sauces, Burgundy is the perfect ingredient.

Actually, this is a famous wine which is made and grown in France. The place is called Burgundy, so now the name of the wine makes more sense.

Both red and white wine Burgundy is common for drinking and the kitchen. However, if the recipe calls for it and you don’t have any in your cabinet, is there a way that this type of wine can be replaced? Can I substitute Burgundy wine? Yes!

Substitutes for Burgundy wine include red wine, broth, white wine vinegar combined with grape juice, Merlot, rice wine vinegar mixed with chicken stock, or some of the following substitutes.

Read more on each replacement and choose what will be ideal for your dish. 

Best Substitutes For Burgundy Wine

People tend to use wine in their cooking, especially when they are cooking meat.

However, it is important to use good quality wine to achieve the right texture, smell, and taste in the meal. It makes a difference if the wine is cheap. You’ll notice it immediately.

Great tip: Don’t use wine which you’d hesitate to drink. Burgundy is a high-quality wine that goes well alongside your dish or inside your dish while it is cooked. This type of wine is used with lamb, beef, duck, stews, and other types of meat. 

Moreover, now that we know that Burgundy has a very distinctive taste, smell and aroma it may be challenging and difficult to be replaced. However, don’t worry! Below is a list of replacements for Burgundy wine that will help you save your dish.

1. Red wine

Red wine

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to replace Burgundy wine is to use red wine. The taste and smell will be very similar, especially if you add Cabernet.

The thing is that you won’t notice much of a difference and your dish will be saved at the end. The dish will be unique as it is and the taste will be so hard to resist.

If you tend to add wine to your cooking it will be a good habit for many other cooking recipes.

2. Broth

Bone broth

Since broth is used in many recipes, it can be a suitable replacement for burgundy wine in your meat recipes.

The broth is created by cooking the bones and offcuts of the meat in water. You can use a similar amount when replacing wine and keep in mind that the taste may not be quite the same.

Borth does not have the acid taste like wine. Therefore, you can add vinegar or even lemon juice to provide similar results. 

3. White wine vinegar combined with grape juice

White Wine Vinegar

A similar combo to Burgundy wine will be white wine vinegar with grape juice.

You’ll notice the similarity in the taste, as the grape juice will combine with the sour taste of the vinegar and be very close to the taste of wine. You can use equal amounts or adjust as the recipe requires. 

4. Merlot

Fine wine and very popular is Merlot which can serve as a perfect replacement for Burgundy.

You can use it in every recipe to swap them and the taste of Merlot won’t overpower the other ingredients. The taste also may vary depending on the fruit that is used, however, it is suitable in almost every recipe. Use equal amounts. 

5. Rice wine vinegar combined with chicken stock


Another combination that will do good instead of Burgundy is the mixture of rice white vinegar with chicken stock.

If you are making some type of creamy sauce and you lack Burgundy, then this is the mix you need. The taste will be extra and your dish will have a nice aroma.

You should keep an eye on how much vinegar you add since you don’t want to overwhelm the taste of the other ingredients in your dish.

The taste is sharp and sour, so the chicken broth will soften it. 

6. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice concentrate

Cranberry juice on its own can be a good replacement for Burgundy.

If you don’t have any wine in your cabinet, then this type of juice is the ideal replacement. Even though it’s a non-alcoholic substitute, you can still add a bit of vinegar to add acidity to the taste but it’s not necessary.

Make sure that you use an unsweetened version since the sweet cranberry juice will be too sweet for the dish.

Add less than required, since you don’t want the taste to be different. You can always add more if you think it’s necessary. 

7. Calfiornia Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Another famous wine that is perfect to replace Burgundy is Pinot Noir. You should use a version that comes the closest to the taste of Burgundy since there are types of Pinot Noir that are not even close.

Pick a good-quality bottle of wine and add a perfect texture and aroma to your dish. Even though at times the taste may differ, you would enjoy every bite of your food. 

8. Riesling

Burgundy wine finds its replacement in Riesling. A white wine that is very refreshing with a nice aroma and taste. You can easily find it in markets and without hesitating add it to your dish.

A type of wine that has a high acidity level and can be paired with ingredients and recipes. Don’t forget the amount that you add to be proper to the recipe. Add less, then increase if you feel that it’s necessary.

The strong fruity notes of the Risling will be ideal for your cooking. 

10. Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

A slow-cooked beef stew, which also can find a place on this list to replace Burgundy, is the Beef Bourguignon.

Made with red wine and other types of veggies can be good for many combinations. Tasty with richness it is perfect for your next dinner. 

11. Pomegranate juice

pomegranate juice

Lastly, on our list, you’ll find pomegranate juice which is good to substitute Burgundy. It has a mixture of sweet, sour, fruity, and other aromas mixed in one.

This way your dish will be enriched with a taste and smell that is unique. Every bite will fill your mouth that will be so irresistible, that you’d want to try it again and again. 

Related Questions

What is a good Burgundy wine for cooking?

You can replace Burgundy with Pinot Noir in many different dishes. Or use other types of quality wine that have a similar taste to Burgundy.  

Is Burgundy wine the same as red wine?

Burgundy wine is produced in France and it is typically red wine. Although some red wines are also produced there. They are similar but not the same. 

What does Burgundy wine taste like?

The flavors of Burgundy have traces of raspberry, blackberry, cherry, and some other spices. Very aromatic and tasty especially when used in cooking.  

Is Cabernet Sauvignon the same as Burgundy?

Cabernet Sauvignon is also a type of red wine like Burgundy. The difference is that Cabernet is grown all over the world and Burgundy is only grown in France.

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