Butter Substitute For Mac And Cheese: 11 Ingredients To Save Your Recipe!

Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is a meal that you cannot say no to. Simple, easy, and very tasty meal to make, mac and cheese can fill in as a lunch idea every time you don’t know what to eat.

Many people enjoy mac and cheese and they consider it as a favorite food that they can eat every other day. Nowadays you have the option to make this meal out of a box if you are in a rush with just a few other ingredients or the better option, cook the macaroni, add the cheese and you’ll end up with a nice dish made on your own.

Further, when it comes to cooking the macaroni you need butter in order to have a nice texture. But if you are out of it and need a replacement, you probably wonder what are the options that can be considered? Can I substitute butter for mac and cheese?

A good butter substitute for mac and cheese can be margarine, oil, olive oil, plant-based butter, tahini, peanut butter, ghee, or some of the following ingredients.

Let’s learn more about each substitute below!

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Best Substitutes For Butter In Mac And Cheese

Butter adds nice moisture and texture to your mac and cheese.

Actually, if you need a replacement, meaning you have no butter or you just want to omit it, there are ingredients that can help you achieve your goal and make a nice soft, melted bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Further, below we have created a list where you can find the best 11 options that will help you add taste, texture, and richness to your macaroni and cheese.

No stickiness, no hard time melting the cheese, very simple and easy. Just follow the guidelines of each ingredient so you can get to the final results.

1. Margarine


The first option that comes to mind when you are in need of butter replacement is to add margarine to your mac and cheese.

It is a plant-based option made of water and oil and perfect to make this dish. If you also need to cut on fats, then this is the option you need.

You’ll get a similar texture when added to the dish, so that’s why it’s the best option. 

2. Oil

Canola oil

Regular oil like vegetables or canola can be added to mac in cheese when you have no butter. Make sure to add proper amounts and not too much since you don’t want to ruin the cheese sauce. Add enough to make the texture creamy and ready to consume. 

3. Olive oil

Olive oil

Mac and cheese will be thick and nice with olive oil as a replacement for butter. Add just a teaspoon when making the substitute. This way you will get a thick consistency and the mac and cheese will be more healthy.

Since olive oil is considered a healthy option that has many benefits for you, you can consider cooking many recipes with it. Use it for this recipe and olive oil can help you create a nice, rich, and flavorful bowl of mac and cheese. 

4. Plant-based butter

Butter Extract

A good option to replace butter in mac and cheese is to add plant-based butter.

Made from coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil, a gluten-free option that can be good for many people but also a good replacement for mac and cheese. It has a similar purpose as regular butter and you can add nearly the same amount when cooking mac and cheese. 

5. Tahini 


Tahini is also considered as an option for replacing butter for mac and cheese.

It’s a paste from sesame seeds that is common in the Middle East. It has garlic and lemon juice which is good but it may add a bit to the taste of mac and cheese. It has a nutty taste similar to butter. Use it to make a nice dish of mac and cheese. 

6. Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

If you feel like adding more taste and aroma to your mac and cheese, then peanut butter is the option you need.

It is a good option for making mac and cheese since it has a fat content that will help in the process and make them creamy and rich. It is a nutrient food that has high levels of healthy variants. Add equal amounts or increase based on your taste. 

7. Ghee

A butter substitute that can be taken into consideration is Ghee. This is a good option since it has a nice rich taste with a nutty flavor that will make your mac and cheese even better.

Ghee simmers at low heat and then you can add the mac and cheese. This is also an option for people who do not tolerate lactose since it’s a dairy-free option. It is an ingredient that has a long shelf life and can be refrigerated. Use equal amounts when replacing. 

8. Plain yogurt


A nice way to help the cheese melt and a good replacement for butter is to use plain yogurt. This way you can also avoid the milk and add a nice texture and taste to your mac and cheese. This is a yogurt that has a tangy and light flavor.

Actually, this is a type of ingredient that can be added in many recipes like baking goods and can easily replace butter in mac and cheese, as well as you can avoid adding milk since the yogurt has it all.

By adding plain yogurt you will end up with a perfect creamy texture, melted cheese, and irresistible meal. The taste won’t change, since the yogurt is not flavored.

9. Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise is another option to replace butter. Not just to avoid the stickiness in the pan, but mayonnaise will add a nice touch and smell. The mild taste with traces of tartness and salty balanced taste will make you macaroni and cheese rich. It will mix up with the cheese and give you a flavourful dish.

Made from egg yolks and vegetable oil, mayonnaise can be combined with many different ingredients. Moreover, you can start by adding a 1-2 tablespoons and increase if you think that is necessary. The cheese will mix up well with the mayonnaise and dissolve. 

10. Heavy cream

Heavy Cream

Heavy cream has a creamy flavor with a nice touch that will adjust well with the cheese and mix well with the macaroni. This way you will create a nice sauce with a rich taste.

Heavy cream has the necessary fat that is enough to replace butter in this recipe. Simple and easy, the cheese will melt into the cream mix, and all together with the macaroni, you’ll get a nice and rich dish. 

11. Cream cheese

Cream cheese

For extra flavor and last on our list is the cream cheese. This way you will not just add richness and replace the butter, but the creamy texture will make the mac and cheese tastier.

This is a soft and smooth cheese that is made of a mixture of milk and cream. It is similar to cottage cheese and has a higher content of fat. The cream cheese is not that salty, so it is good for your mac and cheese and will melt nicely and blend. The mild, sweet, and tangy taste can easily replace butter in this recipe. 

Related Questions

How to make kraft mac and cheese without butter?

If you don’t want to use any butter for kraft mac and cheese then add finely shredded cheese or cream cheese, greek yogurt, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and other similar ingredients. You just have to use proper amounts in order to achieve the kraft option of macaroni and cheese at home.

Do you need butter for mac and cheese?

Butter is not a very important ingredient when making mac and cheese, which means that it can be omitted due to the process of making. It adds more flavor to the mixture, but you can always use some other substitutes for it as well.

What does butter do to mac and cheese?

The simple answer to add butter when you are making macaroni and cheese is to make it creamier and make the texture thicker. Butter also adds flavor to the dish and a nice touch of richness. The good thing is that in case you want to omit the butter, there are multiple ways to replace it.

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