8 Best Butternut Squash Substitutes

Butternut Squash

When it comes to fruits and vegetables they all have their season in which they grow and are at its best. As winter approaches, there are many varieties of winter vegetables that can be used in cooking or that we can eat raw.

Winter squash is one of the ingredients that give us many varieties that we can choose from. The winter ones are different from the summer squash but both types are very delicious. Butternut squash is one of the best winter varieties. However, what if you don’t have butternut squash, is there something else that can be replaced?

Yes, you can substitute Butternut with Acorn squash, Sugar pumpkin, Buttercup squash, Hubbard squash, Sweet potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, and Delicata squash.

Check out below and find what matches your recipe.

Substitutes for Butternut Squash

After all, no ingredient is irreplaceable so the same goes for butternut squash. No worries if you can’t find it or you are out, we have the best alternatives that you can use. All you have to do is check the list below and find your best match.

1. Acorn squash

Acorn squash

One of the first substitutes for butternut squash is acorn squash. They can be used instead of each other in many recipes. The acorns squash has a milder taste and has more fiber in its texture than the butternut squash.

It has a very nutty and sweet flavor which makes it very delicious and adaptable in many recipes. The acorn squash has mild flesh and is less sweet than the butternut, but the acorn squash’s skin is edible and harder to peel off.

2. Sugar pumpkin

Sugar pumpkin

Another product on the list is the sugar pumpkin which is also known as a pie pumpkin. It is smaller, sweeter as well as contains less fiber than the butternut squash. It is also a member of the winter squash family. It contains a lot of vitamins which makes it a good fit in your diet. The pumpkin is very sweet so that’s why if you are making a pie this would be a better option.

3. Buttercup squash

Buttercup is a dark green winter squash which is a good substitute for butternut squash. They have a sweet and creamy taste with orange-like flesh. They need plenty of sun and heat to produce small fruits. It contains a lot of carotenoids and Vitamin C, which makes it also a healthy product to consume. It can be used as an alternative for butternut squash almost in every recipe.

4. Hubbard squash

Hubbard squash

A very rich and sweet pumpkin-flavored squash is Hubbard. It is a combination of sweet potatoes and pumpkin which is a great ingredient in soups. Hubbard squash is a good replacement for Butternut squash and also has a very high concentration of sugar. It contains a lot of vitamins A and C and dietary fiber. It is a good ingredient as well in baking, especially if you are baking pie.

5. Sweet potato

Sweet Potato

A very nutritious and good source of vitamins and minerals is the sweet potato. This ingredient is a very good substitute for butternut squash, even more, healthier as carbs, calories, and sugar.

When you cook sweet potatoes, they tend to get mils and scratchy and have a very sweet flavor. They need to be boiled first before baking and as for the flesh, it will become softer and stringy. Another tip when cooking sweet potatoes is that when they are fried or roasted on high heat, they become crisped and caramelized.

6. Pumpkin

Pureed Pumpkin

Another winter squash member is the pumpkin. Very similar to the other squash members as well as a good replacement for butternut squash. It is very sweet with a wealthy flavor. Usually, they are baked and eaten on their own, but also pumpkins are a good ingredient in many sweet recipes like pies. It is a good way to substitute butternut squash in most recipes, and your recipes will have a very nice taste and flavor.

7. Carrots


Even though carrots are not part of the squash family, they can be used as a good replacement in the recipes that call for butternut squash. This is true for pies and cakes because carrots are found as a common ingredient.

It is very healthy and nutritious so it will fit perfectly with your diet. Actually, what is more, interesting about carrots is that there are many factors that affect the flavors and contribute to the final product. Use it as a substitute to make delicious meals.

8. Delicata squash

Delicata squash

Our last alternative for butternut squash is delicata squash. Another member of the winter squash family, which is smaller than most winter squash. It has a very sweet and potato-like taste because of its brown sugar flavor. It contains a lot of vitamin C and it is low in calories. Delicata squash is a healthy and good substitute for most recipes that call for butternut squash.

Related questions:

Is butternut squash similar to sweet potatoes?

You may say that they are similar, but the butternut squash has more calories and it is lower in carbs as well as sugar levels. Squash has very rich levels of calcium, magnesium, and other vitamins.

Is Butternut Squash a good substitute for pumpkin?

You can always substitute butternut squash or any other squash for pumpkin. You don’t have to worry, these alternatives will make your recipe delicious as well.

Do you have to peel a butternut squash before roasting?

Because the skin of the butternut squash is really tough, you can microwave it before cooking for 2-3 minutes so it will get softer and easier to remove. But if you are roasting it, you can leave the skin on as it will get even more delicious afterward, because the skin is an edible part of the squash as well.

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