Can You Brine A Frozen Turkey? (Solved)

Brine a Turkey

Brined turkey can be one of the tastiest meats you will enjoy. While it might not be a culinary process for beginners, brining is not the most complicated thing you can do in the kitchen.

Brine is salted water to marinate your turkey to enhance its taste and tenderness. Your turkey will be juicier and taste better if you brine it. But can you brine a frozen turkey?

You can brine both fresh and frozen turkeys. Remember that you will have to thaw your turkey before you brine it.

However, if you purchased your turkey frozen, you want to check if the bird was seasoned before it was frozen.

If you freeze your turkey, you will not have to worry about this. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about brining a frozen turkey! 


How long should you brine a frozen turkey?

Bringing your turkey is tedious, so you must be patient. The general rule says brine your turkey for 45 to 60 minutes per pound. So, it can take up to one day to brine your turkey, depending on its weight. 

If you don’t have this time in your hands, you can also dry rub your turkey to add extra flavor or combine the dry rub method with the brining.

The dry rub method implies rubbing your turkey with the seasonings and herbs you want for ten minutes or until you feel that the seasonings have entered the skin and meat of the turkey.

The dry rub method is also known as a dry brine and can be just as efficient. 

After giving your turkey a good dry rub, you can let it brine for a few hours, depending on your available time.

The fact that you dry rubbed the meat will compensate for the lack of time for a proper brining.

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What is turkey brine?

Turkey brine is no different than chicken brine or other poultry brine. It consists of mainly water and salt, but you can add other herbs and flavorings, according to your preferences.

Some people add sugar and spices to make the turkey acquire a more intense and complex taste. 

Before adding the turkey to the brine, it is recommended to simmer the liquid. Simmering the brine will help dissolve the sugar and salt and blend the ingredients much better. 

The main rule to make a turkey brine is to add two cups of salt to two gallons of water. Kosher salt tends to be the best option, but you can also use other types of salt and the ingredients you want depending on the outcome you aim to obtain. 

When you put together the turkey brine, consider the type of dish you want to make with your turkey.

If you are planning on making a spicy dish, you want to add some spices to your brine as well.

In general, know the seasonings you will add in your turkey dish and try to add a bit of them in the brine.

Doing so will give your brined turkey a compatible flavor with the rest of the ingredients you will add to your recipe. 

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How to brine a frozen turkey for smoking

If you want to brine a frozen turkey for smoking, you must thaw your turkey first. Thawing your turkey is another time-consuming process.

It will take 24 hours for every 5 pounds of turkey to thaw in the fridge. So, if you have a 20 lbs turkey, you will need to give it up to four days to thaw completely.

Ideally, you will have to let your turkey thaw before you brine it. But you can also start the brining process when the bird is half-thawed. 

After the thawing process, you will have to brine your turkey for a minimum of five hours. Ideally, you want to give it 24 hours to brine correctly.

But if you do a dry rub on it beforehand, a five-hour brine could also be enough. At this time, your turkey will achieve an intense flavor from all the seasonings and spices you add to the brine liquid. 

Once your turkey is brined, brush it with olive oil and add a meat thermometer to the mid-thigh area.

The meat thermometer will help you decide when the turkey reaches the desired temperature, making it safe for consumption.

You will then set the smoker at 225 degrees F and give your turkey eight to 12 hours to get smoked completely.

Check your smoker’s instructions and note that the weight of the turkey will also determine the time it needs for the smoking process to be done. 

Should I brine a frozen Butterball turkey?

Most Butterball turkeys are sold already brined. But even so, some consumers want more flavor in their meat and a more juicy texture.

If this is the case, you can brine your turkey again, with the only difference being that you will not have to give it 24 hours.

You can brine your Butterball turkey for a few hours only to enhance its taste and texture. Or, you can give it a dry rub with your favorite seasonings, and it will be just as efficient. 

Can you brine and thaw at the same time?

To save time, people wonder if they can brine their turkey as it is thawing. While this is a viable option, it is not considered the best option.

If you brine and thaw your turkey simultaneously, the water from the frozen turkey as it gets defrosted will dilute the brine liquid.

But considering that your turkey will stay in this liquid for three to four days in order to thaw completely, you will still end up with a delicious flavor and a very tender texture. 

Frozen meat thaws faster if it is placed in cold water. So, you can replace your regular cold water with your favorite brine liquid. 

How long does it take to thaw a frozen turkey in brine

If you are thawing your frozen turkey in brine rather than cold water, you will still have to give it up to four days to defrost it completely.

You will not have to give it another 24 hours to brine since you completed the brining process during the thawing process. 

Note that it is important to rinse your turkey after the brining process is complete. The bird sat in a significant amount of salty liquid for several hours, and you want to eliminate the excess salt. 

Does the turkey need to be thawed before brining it?

Yes, the turkey should be thawed before brining it, but this is not a set-in-stone rule. Thawing your turkey beforehand will help you place it in the brine liquid without the risk of diluting it with extra water.

So, if you want to end up with the perfect turkey, defrost it first and brine it after it reaches the thawed state. 

Can you brine a frozen turkey at room temperature?

While it might seem like a good idea, brining turkey to room temperature is unsafe. If left at room temperature, your turkey meat can go bad in two to four hours.

Even if your turkey is frozen, some parts will still defrost first, and they will be at risk of going bad. 

The brining process can take anywhere from five hours to 24 hours. So, always place your brining turkey in the fridge until the brining process is complete.

You can even let it sit for more than 24 hours if you are not planning on cooking it immediately.

But make sure your turkey doesn’t stay in the fridge for more than four days in the brining liquid. 

Do you have to brine an entire turkey?

If you want to brine your turkey meat, you can place the entire bird in the brine or by setting only parts of it.

Brining will work just as well if you only cut the breast out of your turkey or other parts you want to flavor. 

Brining smaller parts of turkey as opposed to the entire bird will take a lot less time. So, if you know that you will use only turkey legs or breasts, you can choose to cut these parts off your turkey and only brine them.

This strategy will save you time, and you will end up with a slice of delicious turkey meat. You can also brine different parts of the turkey in different brining liquids if you want to flavor them differently. 

Final thoughts 

Brining your turkey can completely change its flavor and texture. Most likely, once you brine the turkey, you will not want to have it any other way.

It gives it a delicious taste, and you can prepare it in any recipe afterward.

Get creative with the herbs you add to your brine so you can amaze your guests with a genuinely exquisite turkey dish! Your brined turkey might very well become your favorite meat dish and you will become an expert at preparing it in no time. 

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