Can You Freeze Yogurt? Find Out Here!

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a cultured milk product with gut-health benefits, a significant protein ratio, and a healthy taste. You may be wondering if you can freeze yogurt without sacrificing its freshness if you’re wanting to prolong its storage life. Or just craving a wholesome summertime delight.

You can definitely freeze yogurt without compromising on its quality and taste. Rather, it’s a good method to save money. And produce thick, foamy drinks in no time by freezing yogurt and even Greek yogurt.

In today’s article, I will teach you how to freeze yogurt and so much more, so let’s dive right into it!

How To Freeze Yogurt? 

You can freeze yogurt in different manners. Below, I will explain 3 of the most common methods for freezing yogurt, so take a look.

Method 1: In A Freezer Container

The first method is to pour yogurt into tiny freezer-safe cups, which enables you to split it out depending on how you want to consume it. It simply implies that you may allow some space for the yogurt to grow.

This process is especially useful for yogurt with slices of fruit, as stirring the yogurt and fruit next to each other prior to actually freezing, will assist the yogurt and fruit freeze uniformly, ensuring that the fruit is dispersed equally when the yogurt is defrosted.

Method 2: In Ice Trays

Spooning yogurt into ice trays to freeze is another method. Freeze the yogurt for a few hours, after which move the pieces to a freezer bag for long-term preservation.

This approach is perfect for preparing smoothies. You can throw the frozen yogurt pieces in the mixer with the rest of the items and mix up a thick, foamy delight in no time.

Method 3: In Scoops

Another option is to freeze yogurt in scoops. However, this technique goes well with dense Greek yogurt and only works if you buy bigger containers.

In this method, prepare an oven pan with a waxed sheet. Next, divide and set the yogurt on the sheet with an ice cream spoon. When transferring the scoops to a freezer container for long time preservation, freeze them for a few hours or at night.

You may also use a certain size ice cream scoop to understand precisely how much yogurt is added to every piece. This will save time if you want to use the yogurt in cooking. Resist freezing yogurt for more than 8 weeks in any of these freezer procedures.

Pro tip: Properly mark and date yogurt before freezing to maintain track. When freezing any item, this is a useful tip to follow since it makes it simple to maintain a note of how much you have and when you’ll use it.

What Happens If You Put Yogurt In The Freezer?


Yogurt may be kept in the fridge for 8-12 days in an airtight jar at 4°C. If you put it in the freezer, though, you may increase its storage life to 4-6 weeks.

However, when freezing yogurt, there are a few things to keep in mind, notably the bacteria concentration and consistency.

When yogurt is frozen and then melted, it retains only a part of its luscious, soft consistency. In addition to the physical changes, frozen yogurt has a more sour flavor.

Although you might take it straight from the container, try freezing a tiny portion first to see whether you enjoy it. You may favor certain types of tastes of frozen yogurt over others.

Yogurt may be stored for up to 8 weeks, regardless if it is full-fat or nonfat, filtered, non-flavored, or mixed with berries.

It’s absolutely acceptable to consume beyond that, however, when it concerns flavor and consistency, eight weeks is the absolute maximum. Yogurt, like other foods, degrades in texture as it sits in the freezer.


Can You Freeze Yogurt In Its Original Container?

You can surely freeze yogurt in its original container. To freeze yogurt, just place it in the same container and place it in the freezer. While this method may be used with wider pots, it is best for single-serving jars. You can defrost just the quantity that you require.

Note that because yogurt swells in the freezer, the box’s cover might crack. Thus, place the particular cup in a freezer cover prior to freezing if you’re worried about freezer burn or want to prevent any spoiling and keep the freezer odors at bay.

Does Greek Yogurt Freeze Well?

Greek yogurt can be frozen, although the consistency will differ after defrosting. It will turn thick and lose a bit of its creaminess. It would also likely gain some thickness as an outcome of the separation.

The flavor of yogurt doesn’t vary much when it’s stored and defrosted, other than a slight increase in acidity owing to the freezing operation. Nevertheless, you may need to shake or stir it before eating it to combine the contents in the yogurt. And restore its natural flavor.

Full-fat Greek yogurt is denser and softer than normal yogurt, so it performs best. Then, along with additional cream or fruit, you may add a tart, honey, or other alternate sugars to make the ultimate frozen yogurt delight.

Can You Freeze Yogurt And Eat It Like Ice Cream?

Freezing yogurt does not transform it into the thick and luscious treat we all recognize and adore, but some individuals do eat it directly from the freezer.

You may either dig in with your spatula, freeze single portions with popsicle sticks, or prepare beforehand and make yogurt pops.

Using yogurt to produce frozen yogurt is, however, a different manner of freezing yogurt that is also pretty easy. Some of the recipes don’t even require an ice cream machine.

For yogurt to freeze well as an ice cream substitute, it must be adjusted by introducing fat and carbs in a certain manner.

Furthermore, you’ll have to limit the amount of moisture in the yogurt by either choosing high-fat yogurt or filtering it to remove any excess liquid.

This is done to get the frozen yogurt to the correct smoothness and thickness for making a smooth and delicious yogurt-based ice cream.

Can You Freeze Yogurt For Smoothies? 

Yogurt can be frozen in its original condition to produce fruit smoothies, no modifications are required.

When frozen, the smoothness of the yogurt will change. However, it will have no effect on the thickness of the smoothie, which generally retains a grim appearance from the berries.

After the yogurt has frozen firm, remove it off the dish. Then, put it in a freezer container to be used in drinks.

Ice pieces of yogurt work as frost in a smoothie and provide a cold element to the mix, which is enhanced by the addition of frozen fruit.

This also serves to prolong the shelf life of the yogurt that is about to spoil. You can increase the shelf life of yogurt by 4-8 weeks by storing it.

Can You Freeze Yogurt And Sour Cream?

You may freeze sour cream and yogurt in their original boxes. Or split them into separate glass or acrylic encased jars for preservation. In the freezer, they can stay for 4-8 weeks.

Sour cream, like any of the various milk products, has a tendency to break and become gritty. So, it would require to be mixed and may be melted to restore to a finer form.

Yogurt might get gritty and require stirring. If you don’t like the thickness of yogurt by itself, blending it into a smoothie is a fast and simple method to cover any differences.

Mixing frozen and melted sour cream in a preparation that requires pure sour cream might produce an unsatisfactory consistency. And hence it is not suggested.

Pro tip: Plain yogurt might seem slightly bitter after freezing. Therefore, using sweetener or just a small quantity of vanilla prior to freezing can aid to minimize this. 

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