Can You Grill Frozen Chicken? (5 Helpful Tips)

grilling chicken

Frozen food is very commonly sold in markets and people tend to buy it because you can always use it for later. One of those frozen foods which can find its way into our kitchen is frozen chicken.

If it’s hard to buy fresh chicken meat, then frozen chicken is always the other alternative. It is easy to find and can serve to make a great dinner.

There are many ways that chicken can be cooked. Typically, if it is frozen you need to thaw it first but if you have no time for that, is it safe to grill it straight in the oven?

Can I grill frozen chicken? Yes, it is safe for you to grill frozen chicken. Below, you will find tips on how to do it properly. If you place it directly from the freezer you need to cook for 50% more than is required.

You will also find tips on defrosting like putting it in the fridge, creating a water bath, or using the microwave. You will also learn how to grill with or without the meat being defrosted beforehand. Lastly, there’s a recipe that will be useful especially if you are making frozen chicken breasts. 

5 Tips for Grilling Frozen Chicken

grill chicken

Since grilling can be challenging when it comes to frozen meat, we have decided to place some tips that will help you speed up the process.

We established that it is completely safe to cook the frozen meat directly on the grill, but there is a trick here. You don’t want to cause any bacteria to grow since you may increase the chance of that if you don’t follow the steps properly. 

First of all, it is always recommended to defrost the meat at least a little before cooking it. That’s why we have a few recommendations below.

However, if you don’t have the time, we have additional tips that will help you have nice soft-cooked chicken meat at the end.

Follow the steps and create a nice mouth-watering dish.

1. Defrosting

Chicken Breast

If you forgot to take out the frozen chicken on time to cook it, you probably wonder if you can cook it immediately. Short and simple the answer is yes, it is safe to grill the frozen chicken, but it will require more time so it can be cooked properly.

For a safer cooked dish, we would recommend some way to defrost the meat at least a bit so you won’t end up with an undercooked meal. It won’t take too much of your time and you can do it in the meantime while you are preparing other stuff.

2. Place it in the fridge

The first thing that comes to mind is to place the frozen chicken in the fridge. Just keep it a while. It may be dangerous if you leave it for more than 24 h because it can develop bacteria. This is one of the best ways before cooking to cook nice tender meat. 

3. Make a water bath

A very typical and practical way is to make a water bath and place the frozen chicken. Just fill out the sink or a large bowl with water and leave it for an hour.

This way you’ll have a defrosted meat that will result in a nicely cooked chicken. Remember not to use warm water, use cold water only. This way you’ll only boost the chances of growing bacteria. 

4. Microwave

A microwave is always an option when it comes to defrosting. It takes less time. However, it is important to note that you need to be careful only to thaw the meat and cook it.

Afterward, you need to cook it right away because if you leave it at room temperature the chances of creating bacteria will increase. Use the microwave in defrosting mode for a minute or two. Rotate it and add it for an additional minute.

5. Grilling

Chicken Wings

Before placing the frozen chicken in the grill immediately, it is recommendable to use one of the methods offered before. However, if you decide to place the meat while it is still frozen you should boost the cooking time by at least 50%. It will take an extra 20 minutes of cooking.

This is because you need to give time to the meat to defrost in the first half-hour. Also, the meat pieces need to be over indirect heat so they can thaw properly while being cooked. 

Make sure not to try this in a slow cooker. The slow cooker cooks slowly and there is a chance that the meat will be in the range to develop bacteria. However, if it’s properly thawed, the meat can be cooked in a slow cooker. 

The meat needs to be properly cooked, not to get rubbery. It needs to be tender and always make sure that the middle is cooked properly.

Grilled Frozen Chicken Recipe

Fry Chicken

If you decide to place the sliced frozen chicken meat directly we decided to also provide you with a recipe. First, remove the meat from the container and place it in a pan. Add oil, salt, and pepper on top of them and add additional seasoning based on what you like.

Keep the chicken at least half an hour before you place it to be grilled. Start the heating at least 15 minutes before grilling over medium heat. Increase the heat when you add the chicken.

It is suggested to have a thermometer nearby because you don’t want to eat overcooked or undercooked meat. The meat needs to be tender, not rubbery with a brown color. You can combine it with some dressing or dipping depending on your initial recipe.

Related Questions

Is it bad to grill frozen chicken?

No, it’s not bad to grill frozen chicken. It’s safe and you can make a good dish out of it. Make sure that it is properly cooked before serving. 

How do you grill frozen chicken on the grill?

All you have to do is place the frozen chicken in a pan and add oil, salt, and pepper as desired for extra flavor.

Leave the chicken for an extra half-hour to just sit with the added ingredients. Afterward, place the chicken on medium heat and cook it until it gets the proper colors and texture.

How long should you grill frozen chicken breasts?

If you place the frozen chicken breasts straight from the freezer, you’ll have to cook longer than it typically takes for them to be cooked. It should take on average 45 mins.

Why is it bad to cook frozen chicken?

It is considered as a downside to cooking the frozen chicken straight from the freezer. There is a chance that the center may be still frozen and uncooked. It is not recommended to prepare it in a slow cooker.

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