8 Best Cheese Curds Substitutes

Cheese Curd

Using cheese curds can make any recipe super delicious. While in some recipes cheese curds are a must, in others they might be optional.

Either way, you might want to find alternatives if you are missing these tasty ingredients. We put together a guide with eight ingredients you can use instead of cheese curds. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Mozzarella is one of the best cheese curds replacements but you can use other types of cheese. Let’s dive into the list of alternatives

Cheese Curd Substitutes

You can use any of the next substitutes for cheese curds and we promise you that you will not regret it.

1. Mozzarella

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is one of the best substitutes for cheese curds because they have a similar texture.

Even if this kind of cheese has a stronger taste than cheese curds, the flavor it will add to your food will be simply delicious.

Make sure to shred the mozzarella before adding it to any type of dish instead of cheese curds. By doing so, its texture will resemble cheese curds and give your dish a richer taste. 

2. Cheddar cheese

English cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese could also replace cheese curds successfully in many recipes. Shred the cheese as you would do. You can use mozzarella as well to get a better match for your recipe. Also, try to choose a mild and older cheddar cheese to avoid the strong flavor. 

3. Feta cheese

Feta cheese is a lot saltier than cheese curds but you can still use it as a replacement. Don’t add any extra salt to your food if you decide to use feta cheese.

Also, don’t bake it as it doesn’t have a texture for that type of cooking. However, you can successfully add it in salads and sandwiches as well as on top of different dishes.

4. Vegan cashew cheese 

As the vegan industry develops, you can find plenty of types of vegan cheese as well. The ones made of cashew are the closest in texture to the traditional milk cheese and it has a good flavor as well. You can use cashew cheese to replace any cheese curds in most recipes and still love the result. 

5. Cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is easy to find in most stores and you can compromise for using it instead of cheese curds. It is more watery and sometimes more salty than cheese curds but you can still use it in different recipes. Adjust the other ingredients accordingly if you choose cottage cheese so that your dish will not be too salty or watery. 

6. Colby cheese

Colby cheese is popular among farmers and one of the tastiest types of cheese you can use. Its nutty flavor will add a specific taste to your food. you might like it even more than cheese curds. You can either use Colby cheddar or plain Colby.

7. Yogurt 


If you don’t have cheese curds or any other type of cheese, you can always try yogurt. Choose a type of yogurt that is high in fat and has a thick consistency. You don’t want a yogurt that is too runny. Opt for something high fat. Adding yogurt instead of cheese curds will change your meal significantly but it will still give it the cheese taste you love. 

8. High fat sour cream 

The same rule that applies to yogurt, applies to sour cream. If you use a fat sour cream, it will be thick and better than any type of cheese.

You can find sour cream with various herbs and flavors so choose the one that will work best with your dish. 

9. Ricotta cheese 


Ricotta cheese will surprise you when it comes to how good it can substitute cheese curds in almost any type of recipe. You can use ricotta mostly in dessert recipes as it has a sweet taste but ultimately will go in any type of dish. Use it exactly in the same way you would use cheese curds and enjoy the amazing flavor it adds to your food. 


What can I use instead of curd cheese in a cheesecake?

Cheesecakes are some of the best recipes to try and it is not hard to make either. However, as you guessed already, cheese is the main ingredient in this cake.

If you want to use a different type of cheese curds in cheesecake, you can always go for ricotta cheese. It is a bit pricier but its sweet taste is perfect for your cake.

Use the ricotta cheese in the same way your recipe tells you to use cheese curds. Consider the sweeter taste of ricotta and adjust the added sugar accordingly. 

Is paneer the same as cheese curds?

Paneer is not the same as cheese curds but it is also a type of cheese. Paneer is an Indian type of cottage cheese that is very tasty and easy to use in many recipes.

Since it is essentially cottage cheese, you can use it instead of cheese curds. It is made of buffalo or cow milk and it will not melt easily. It is harder to find paneer in other places than India unless you look for it at local Indian markets. 

What cheese can I use for poutine?

Poutine is a Canadian dish that gained popularity worldwide. Essentially, it’s french fries covered in gravy sauce and cheese curds.

However, can you still have good poutine without cheese curds? Of course, you can. Use any of the cheese curds replacements in this guide and you will save your recipe.

You can use cheddar or mozzarella cheese if you want to obtain the best taste for your poutine but feta cheese might be a great option as well.


Not having cheese curds is not necessarily a tragedy. You can use any type of substitute that is based on cheese and you will obtain a delicious recipe.

Keep in mind that the taste will be slightly different if you choose a cheese curd substitute. Over time you will be able to identify which alternative you prefer best to this cheese.

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