10 Best Chipotle Powder Substitutes

Chipotle powder 

Seasoning is part of our daily cooking routine, so no dish is complete without it. Since there are many spices to choose from, you have to decide on the smoky part on how much heat you need in your meal.

Chili powder seasoning is for people that enjoy the smokey taste and good aroma. When it comes to that mix, Chipotle powder is one of those spices that can really spice up your meal.

Made of smoked jalapenos which are then grounded and turned into powder, Chipotle is very common for many recipes. However, it may take a while if you plan to make some at home since the jalapenos need at least 12 hours for smoking. But do not fret! You can always buy them from the store.

You can add it to your barbecue, rustic stews and other meals, chipotle will become essential in your cooking. However, if you have none at hand or you are looking for another type of low or higher spicy level, is there a way to replace it? Can I substitute Chipotle powder?

Read on to learn more about each substitute, how to make Chipotle powder at home, and much more.

Best Chipotle Powder Substitutes

It may be a bit challenging to find a suitable substitute because of the unique taste and aroma that Chipotle has, but it’s not impossible.

Go through the list of the best 10 replacements and find out which will fit in your cooking. Also, keep in mind the smokiness of every powder and add a reasonable amount.

1. Ancho chili powder

Ancho chili powder

On our list of recommended substitutes, you’ll find Ancho chili powder. Both types of powder are similar since they are made of smoked chilies and have similar tastes and smokiness.

They both include dried ground peppers that are turned into powder. Ancho has oregano and cumin as well, so keep in mind not to overseason your dish. The smokey deep taste and milder hotness will also add a nice aroma and uniqueness to your dish.

Add a tablespoon and a half for every tablespoon that is required from the chipotle and increase the amount if you like more spiciness, but be careful. 

2. Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika

If you want something spicy to heat up your meal, then smoked paprika is what you need to replace chipotle powder.

There are many similarities between the two. So, the earthy taste and smoky tones will be there with the smoked paprika. Since both are made of chilies, that’s what is making them very similar and a good replacement for each other.

Just use a ratio of 1:1 to get similar results and increase the amount only if needed. 

3. Chili powder

Chili Powder

Chili powder is your next best option when it comes to replacing Chipotle powder. Just add to your dish as you will add nice smokiness and perfect taste.

Even though there are not many similarities between Chipotle powder and chili powder, that does not mean that they cannot be a substitute for each other.

This is due to the lack of smokiness and it has extra ingredients like onion powder and cumin which will add the perfect aroma to your dish.

Add ½ of the amount that was required and increase if you need more chili taste. 

4. Sweet paprika


If you want to avoid the smokey taste of Chipotle then your best option is to use sweet paprika. It is made of bright sweet red peppers, so you will add a mild taste to your meal. This way your dish will have a fruity taste, hints of bitterness, and a great aroma. 

5. Crushed red pepper

Red Pepper Flakes

Crushed red peppers make a great substitute for Chipotle powder. They will not be the same as you won’t have the smokey taste. However, the spices and the mixture will make up for the void of chipotle.

You always have the option to add some smokey spices in order to get to the hotness that you need. Use in most of your recipes. 

6. Cayenne powder

Cayenne Pepper

If you are up for a very spicy meal, even spicier than using chipotle, then the cayenne powder is what you are looking for.

This type of powder can be even 10 times spicier than Chipotle, so be careful when adding since you don’t want to make your meal extra spicy. Start with less, taste, and increase the amount if needed. 

7. Aleppo Pepper

Typically used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, Aleppo pepper is another substitute for Chipotle powder.

It has a milder taste but is hot at the same time when compared to Chipotle. When added to your cooking, it will give you a nice tangy and hot taste which will make your dish very hard to resist. Use this substitute for many recipes. 

8. Pasilla Powder

To replace the smoky flavors of Chipotle, you can add Pasilla powder. It has similar hotness and traces of fruity flavors and earthiness which can add a very unique taste to your dish. It may be a bit harder to locate this powder, but it’s typical for Mexican cuisine.

Use a ratio of 1:1 when replacing and increase if you feel like it. 

9. Gochugaru Powder


A famous powder in Korean food and a good replacement for Chipotle powder is Gochugaru. It is a smokey and chilly powder with similar heat which makes it a good replacement for Chipotle.

Both of them will add a smokey and spicy trace to your dish so you won’t be disappointed with the results.

10. Piri Piri powder

Piri Piri powder is a mixture of hot spices and oregano and can replace chipotle in many recipes. This is a good replacement especially if you need to season meat and make it perfect. 

Homemade Chipotle Powder Recipe

If you are looking for a way to make chipotle at home then stop here. Besides all of the previous replacements you always have the opportunity to make it at home.

Chipotle powder ingredients:

  • Dried and smoked jalapeno peppers


  • The peppers should be crushed and turned into powder. To make this powder, you need at least 3 hours to get smoked jalapenos.
  • Pick the ripe ones but not those that are bruised. Remove the seeds if you want less spicy chipotle.
  • Once the jalapenos are smoked, grind them into a powder and you are good to use the powder for your cooking.
  • It may take a while in order to create the powder. But if you have the time, just go for it. If not you always have the option to choose from the best substitutes mentioned. 

Substitute For Chipotle Powder In Adobo

You are in the middle of making adobo and lacking chipotle powder? Do not worry! You can use smoked paprika or cayenne powder mix instead. You will get similar smokiness and taste. 

Can I Substitute Cayenne Pepper For Chipotle Powder?

In need of a replacement for the chipotle powder, you can just add cayenne pepper. With many health benefits, this is a great seasoning for many recipes. It is also suitable to be part of your healthy diet. Add it to soups, meat, fish, stews, and many more recipes.

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