10 Best Coconut Oil Substitutes

Coconut Oil

Coconut is harvested from palm trees, which nowadays are sold almost anywhere in the world. Actually, coconut is used in many forms and is considered to be very healthy.

Coconut oil is one of the uses that people tend to use as an advantage that comes with the many benefits coconut provides. Actually, the oil comes from the flesh of the mature coconuts and it goes through a few methods.

There are two types of oils including refined and unrefined coconut oil. This type of oil made from coconut is commonly used in cooking.

Nowadays it is usually used in vegan baking and cooking for substituting butter. It is kept at room temperature so it can have a more liquidy texture.

Since coconut oil is commonly used. However, for some reason, you are looking for a way to replace it in your cooking, is there some way?

The Best substitutes for coconut oil are butter, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, neem oil, hazelnut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and hemp seed oil.

All of these oils and butter will make a great replacement in your cooking. They’re all are healthy and nutritious so whichever suits you best based on your recipe, you won’t regret it. 

Substitutes for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a list of 10 replacements that are suitable in most of the recipes that you can use coconut oil in. Scroll down and take your pick.

Also, always keep in mind the taste of the product since they all differ and are adaptable based on your recipe, cooking, and the ingredients that are used. If it may seem to you that coconut oil is hard to replace, think again. 

1. Butter

Unsalted Butter

One of the first options that come to mind is butter. Actually, butter is one of the best ways to substitute coconut oil in many recipes. This is especially true for baking. Since butter is solid at room temperature it is very similar to coconut oil.

If you use butter in your cooking you will add a lot of richness and better texture to your savory dishes. This way they will have more moisture and will be delicious. Use equal amounts or adapt based on your taste. 

2. Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil

Another replacement that will serve you well is the extra virgin oil. Actually, this type of oil is one of the simplest and most common substitutes.

It contains antioxidants, minerals and is often used in many products. If you are replacing coconut oil with extra virgin oil you can use equal amounts as the recipe requires.

It is typically used for many recipes. But it is not recommended for baking, since olive oil has a stronger flavor. You can add it to soups, dressings, salads, and many other savory dishes. 

3. Sunflower oil

Sunflower Oil

A type of oil derived from the sunflower seeds and that can serve as a great replacement for coconut oil is sunflower oil. A very healthy and nutritious oil that provides a lot of vitamins and has antioxidants.

It can protect your health. And it will add a nice touch to your cooking. It is suggested for you to use in most recipes and those that require frying since it has a high smoking point. Use it to bake muffins, bread, and many other savory dishes. 

4. Grapeseed oil

A very mild but excellent replacement for coconut oil is grapeseed oil. It’s commonly used and also rich in antioxidants. It can be a great replacement in most recipes.

This is another oil that has a higher smoking point and can be used in salads, dressings, sauces, even roasting. Use it for baking as well and you can replace equal amounts in your cooking. 

5. Almond oil

Almond Extract

This is an alternative that can be a bit more expensive than the other options. Almond oil is another healthy option which we would highly recommend.

It has a nutty flavor and will complement savory dishes. Make sure to adapt it based on your taste since it has a stronger taste and it may have an effect on the other flavors.

It also has a high smoking point which means that it will be fit for frying as well. You can easily make muffins, cakes, and many other baking goods.

6. Neem oil

Neem oil

An Indian powerful oil that is a great replacement for coconut oil is neem oil. However, since it has a bitter taste it is typically used as a way to replace most skincare products.

But it is not excluded from cooking. It is nutritious and a good way to replace coconut oil. Add based on your own taste. 

7. Hazelnut oil


A very nutritious source of vitamins and minerals as well as a great replacement for coconut oil is hazelnut oil. With its intense and tasty flavor, you will get great results.

Hazelnut oil will add the perfect tones to your baking sweet goods. What is more important is that this type of oil has a high smoking point.

Meaning, it’s excellent for frying, roasting, grilling, and other types of coking that include coconut oil. You can also add it to sauces and other recipes. 

8. Avocado oil

Avocado oil

A milder type of oil that can also serve as a great way to replace coconut oil is avocado oil. It may be milder in taste when compared to coconut oil. However, it has a high smoking point which makes it suitable for many recipes.

You may not have thought of this oil, but avocado oil is good for your recipes. It is very healthy with many vitamins and minerals. Suited for baking or cooking a medium-high heat. Use similar amounts to replace in your cooking for coconut oil. 

9. Shea butter

Shea butter

A very popular especially in skincare is the shea butter. It’s another way to replace coconut oil and a great way to improve your health is by using it for cooking.

Make sure that you use unrefined shea butter and use it in most recipes that call for coconut oil. Replace similar amounts or adapt based on your taste. 

10. Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil

The last oil on our list that can replace coconut oil is hemp seed oil. It’s very healthy and has a lot of essential fatty acids which provide more energy.

The hemp seed oil has a very strong and earthy taste which actually makes it perfect for sandals, dressings, and sauces. You can also use it for dips, marinades, or other types of recipes that ask for coconut oil.

Related Questions

Can I use olive oil instead of coconut oil?

Of course, you can. Olive oil is also based on plant-like coconut oil. You can easily replace them in recipes in a ratio of 1:1. It may not be recommendable to use olive oil in baking goods. But in soups, salads, and other recipes, it will be perfect. 

Can you substitute vegetable oil for coconut oil?

Yes, vegetable oil can be a good replacement for coconut oil. You can use equal amounts when replacing in your recipe. Use in most recipes. 

Can you substitute butter for coconut oil in baking?

Butter is one of the options to replace coconut oil. You can use the same amount as is required in the recipe. Butter has a solid texture, so you can either leave it at room temperature or melt it based on your recipe.

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to make my own vegan coffee creamer but the recipe calls for coconut oil — I really hate coconut in any form. That said, can you recommend the best oil to substitute in a creamer?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I know this comment is very old, but many of the store bought brands use sunflower oil so I’d use that. Just be careful because not all sunflower oil is vegan (kinda like refined cane sugar). Hope this helps!

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