9 Best Coconut Sugar Substitutes

Coconut Sugar

We always use sweeteners in our food or beverages. Meaning, sugar is a product that we always have in our kitchen. Furthermore, coconut sugar is one of the many varieties that exist. It is considered to be a very healthy option as compared to regular sugar.

It is a natural sweetener made of coconut palm sap. Once it’s cut and collected, it undergoes a heating process until all of the water is evaporated. Afterward, it is turned into granules.

Coconut sugar is often used in baking, some sauces, or as a sweetener in beverages. However, if you are out of coconut sugar or you want to use something else, is there a replacement for this product?

Check the details for each product, how to combine each, and also learn how the preferred ratio. Also, make sure to read our simple recipe to turn coconut sugar into powdered coconut sugar. 

Substitutes for Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is an ingredient that is commonly used as a sweetener in many Asian recipes. As we said, it is considered to be healthier than regular sugar.

However, if it’s hard for you to find it or you want some other option, the following list can help you can choose the best alternative that suits your next meal.

1. Light brown sugar


The first option is light brown sugar which can be used instead of coconut sugar. It is actually made of refined white sugar with molasses which gives the brown color of the sugar as well as the caramel taste.

There is dark brown sugar as well but it has more molasses than the light one. The light-colored brown sugar is considered to be more suitable since it has a similar taste, texture, and color to coconut sugar. You can use a ratio of 1:1 when replacing them in cooking. 

2. Sucanat

cane sugar vs brown sugar

Our next choice is sucanat sugar that can serve as a good replacement for coconut sugar. It is considered to be a type of raw sugar because it is not processed like regular sugar.

Actually, sucanat has a tougher texture and what makes it different from coconut sugar is that it will dissolve harder. You can use it as a sweetener in most recipes that ask for coconut sugar and use a 1:1 ratio. 

3. Maple sugar

Maple Sugar

Another replacement for coconut sugar that can be considered is maple sugar. It is made from the sap of the maple tree and the only difference between the sugar and the syrup is that the syrup is reduced.

Maple sugar has similarities with coconut sugar that’s why they can be used as a substitute for each other. The taste is similar. Maple sugar has traces of butter and caramel with a scent of vanilla. You can use a ratio of 1:1 in all recipes. 

4. Maple syrup

Maple Syrup

A common and widely known sweetener that can be used as a substitute for coconut is maple syrup. The difference between the two is in the texture, meaning maple syrup is in a liquid form.

Also, maple syrup has traces of caramel and vanilla which also provides a nice aroma. You can use it in most recipes that require coconut sugar and substitute ¼ of maple syrup for every cup of sugar. 

5. Date sugar

Date sugar

Another suitable replacement for coconut sugar is date sugar. It is actually made from dates that have been dehydrated and ground and they are not sugar crystals.

Although it’s not like the other types of sugar, you can use it as a replacement for coconut sugar. It is considered to be very healthy with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Date sugar is best suited for baking goods. Also, if you are using it in beverages keep in mind that it does not easily dissolve. Use the same proportions as the recipe requires. 

6. Stevia


Stevia is also a product that can be used to replace coconut sugar in your recipes. What makes stevia different is that it’s derived from the leaves of a plant.

It has no calories which make it very healthy. However, since it’s natural sugar it’s sweeter than regular sugar. When you are replacing coconut sugar in your recipes, use a ratio of 1:1 for stevia. 

7. Piloncillo

Piloncillo, a type of sugar that is considered as one of the main ingredients in Mexican cuisine and can be used as a replacement for coconut sugar as well. It is actually made from unrefined whole cane sugar that is typically found in Mexico.

Piloncillo has a caramel taste with earthy traces. It is described to be similar to brown sugar. You can break it into smaller chunks to add to your recipes or drinks. Use Piloncillo in any recipe that asks for coconut sugar and adapts to your taste. 

8. Raw honey


Another way to replace coconut sugar is with raw honey. You can use it as a replacement in many recipes, but keep in mind that honey comes in a liquid form.

The raw type of honey has a bit of a complex flavor as opposed to the pasteurized honey. It is sweet and can add a nice touch to your dish.

Use ¼ of the amount that needs to be used to replace coconut sugar. That way you’ll keep the recipe as it is supposed to be without making any visible differences. 

9. Agave nectar

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is very unique and can be used as a replacement for coconut sugar. Actually, it is sweeter and is considered to be similar to honey. It is natural and healthy. Use it as a sweetener instead of coconut sugar in drinks or in your recipes. 

How to Make Powdered Coconut Sugar

White sugar

A simple and easy recipe for you to make powdered coconut sugar at home.

Since it’s that easy, this means that you can do it whenever. All you have to do is take a cup of coconut sugar and add 1 tablespoon of easter arrowroot powder or scratch.

Place them in a blender altogether and for about less than a minute you’ll have a nice powdered sugar. Use most of your recipes. 

Related Questions

Can you substitute brown sugar for coconut sugar?

Yes, you can easily replace coconut sugar with brown sugar in your cooking. You’ll just have to use a ratio of 1:1 for replacing. They taste similar and the difference is that brown sugar does not hold moisture so that may be a bit of a problem during your cooking. It might make your baking goods a bit drier than they should be. 

How is coconut sugar different from regular sugar?

The difference between coconut sugar and regular sugar is the nutritious levels. Coconut sugar has lower glucose than regular sugar. It is considered to be healthier and contains vitamins.

Can I use maple syrup instead of coconut sugar?

Maple syrup is another alternative for coconut sugar in cooking. You’ll have to replace a ratio of 1:1. 

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