Convection Bake vs Convection Roast Тurkey: What’s the Difference?

Roast Тurkey

When we are talking about Thanksgiving the first thought that comes to mind is turkey. Further, not just for that occasion, but turkey is a great meal for other family gatherings. You can make a turkey in many ways.

Convection making has two types including convection bakes or convection roasts. When it comes to baking you need to use the fan in the back of the oven to circulate the heated air. For roasting, you need to use the broiler element for the heated air so it can go in one direction. Whichever you use you’ll end up with a perfectly roasted turkey.

However, you probably wonder what is the main difference between the two methods and what is the better option?

What is the key difference between convection baking and convection roasting? The main thing that distinguishes both types of convection is the hot air circling around and making the turkey.

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In today’s article, you’ll find out more about convection ovens and both types of convection. You will also find out which one works best when making a turkey. 

What is a Convection Oven?

Preheating the oven

Before we go on and analyze the option of the convection oven, we need to explain what makes this type of oven suitable for cooking a turkey.

This way you’ll have more efficient cooking since the dry hot air goes directly on the food and it is faster. The heated air circulates around so it is good for the turkey and other side dishes to cook all at once. 

When making turkey you need to preheat the oven and adjust it to enter properly and to the center. The fans of the oven make the air circle around and cook everything properly. 

These ovens offer many benefits like making the food quicker, the hot air blows directly on the food. It also saves energy. You increase the chances of 25-30% for faster cooking.

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Like any other product, it has its own disadvantages like the fact that it is very loud when you use it. The fans may interfere with the food since the air is blowing around and you won’t have properly baked goods. Anyhow, you’ll adjust it and use it based on what you are making. 

The two options that you can use to make turkey are convection bake and convection roast. Both ways will help you make the perfect turkey and create a nice meal for your family.

Let’s learn more about both options and choose what suits you best.

What is Convection Bake?

Convection oven offers many options and helps you create a nice and delicious meal. The first option that you can use to make turkey is the baking option.

Moreover, convection bake is actually using heat and the fan to provide air circulation during baking the turkey. The heating element heats up the air and then the fan blows the air around. Thus, the convection option works in the oven and helps you bake the meat. 

Convection bake helps the turkey to bake faster and helps with other baking things to rise. You’ll add a nice crisp to your turkey and that is because the hot air is blown outside.

The drawback is that it’s loud when you use it. Additionally, the turkey may not caramelize well. You can use this type of baking also for bread, cakes, and even cookies.

What is a Convection Roast?


Besides baking, convection ovens have the option to roast.

This way you are using the fan again. However, the oven uses the bake and broil settings to control the heat. You are allowing the turkey to brown up on the top and caramelize. It will bake properly and evenly. The meat will have a nice crisp and will be delicious.

A drawback when using the roast is considered the loud noises that it makes. Additionally, if you are baking something the goods won’t rise properly.

This is a good option for roasting turkey. It is a slower process, but the texture of the meat will be cooked properly and you will end up with a nice crunchy turkey.

Differences Between Convection Bake and Convection Roast

The main difference that we can establish is the fan and the heating that circulates around the food. This type of convection oven has a fan. The heat circulates and ventilates accordingly to prevent humidity.

Convect baking is using the heat and the fan to circulate the heat around. While the roast also uses the fan and heat, the top will be browning first during the process.

Both ways are good for the turkey. However, roasting may be a better choice since the meat will be more crispy if you want it that way.

Convection baking will be faster for your turkey. But you may not have the crisps that you are looking for. Pick the option that suits you best on how much time you have on hand.

Note that It’s not recommended if you are baking something since the baking goods won’t rise up properly. 

Related Questions

Is it better to convection bake or convection roast a turkey?

Both types work well, however, if you need the meat to be cooked faster, opt for the convection bake option. If you need a nice crisp then the roasting option will work better.

What setting do you cook a turkey on convection?

First of all, you have to make sure to put the rack on the lowest and have enough room to fit the turkey in. The oven needs to be preheated and placed in the turkey for baking.

Is convection better for baking or roasting?

When using a convection oven it is better to use it for baking since it is faster and circulates the air around at a steady temperature. The food will be cooked faster and the surface will be dried out.

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