10 Best Corn Flakes Substitutes

Corn Flakes

Corn flakes are not only a great cereal in the morning but have been used in many other recipes to coat or bind certain ingredients.

They have become a pantry staple for many because of their versatility. You can flavor and use them in many ways. But what if you don’t have corn flakes available?

Luckily, there are many substitutes for corn flakes and many are incredibly easy to find.

Keep reading on for more tips on substituting corn flakes.

Corn Flakes Substitutes

The following corn flakes substitutes can help you replace this ingredient in most recipes. Learn how to use each substitute and save your future recipes.

1. Breadcrumbs


Corn flakes are usually used to coat or bind other ingredients, so breadcrumbs are a great replacement for corn flakes.

For example, if you need corn flakes to top baked goods and meats for that crispy exterior, you can use breadcrumbs instead to give it that same crunch on top. You can also add breadcrumbs in with other ingredients to help bind it, so if you’re out of corn flakes, try breadcrumbs instead.

2. Panko breadcrumbs

Panko breadcrumbs are Japanese breadcrumbs. And they are much crispier than standard breadcrumbs and work exceptionally well for deep frying foods such as chicken.

Corn flakes are popular for this as well, because they are incredibly crispy and are good for deep frying. If you’re looking to deep fry, try using panko breadcrumbs to get a crispier outer coating and season your panko accordingly.

3. Biscuits


Digestive biscuits, when crushed, can also be a great substitute for corn flakes but should be used in sweeter dishes, as they wouldn’t work in more savory dishes.

You can also use any other kind of biscuit depending on the recipe and what flavor you’re going for, but digestives replicate the texture of corn flakes really well.

Biscuits are a particularly good substitute when using them for a base or topping.

4. Crisps


Potato crisps are salty and crunchy, and when crushed, are a brilliant alternative to corn flakes in savory recipes. They can be used as a crunchy topping for macaroni cheese. Or as a coating before deep frying foods such as fried chicken.

You can also buy crisps in many flavors, so depending on the dish you’re making, you can buy different flavors to complement your dish. Potato crisps will not be suitable for sweeter recipes, but you can use other alternatives for sweet recipes such as biscuits. 

Corn, cassava, and plantain crisps are also a good alternative as they hold their shape well when crushed.

5. Instant mashed potato flakes

Instant mashed potatoes have a flaky texture and a salty flavor, making them a good substitute for corn flakes. You can use them as a coating for something or deep-fry them.

For example, deep-fried chicken with mashed potato flakes will taste great, so they would be a great substitute for corn flakes. They wouldn’t work as well for a topping and should not be used as a replacement in sweet recipes and baked goods.

6. Crackers


Crackers are a great substitute for corn flakes as they have a similar texture. When crushed, they have the same consistency as corn flakes and be used for both savory and sweet recipes.

Start off with plain crackers and add seasonings accordingly. You can apply sugar, honey, or cinnamon for sweet recipes and salt, pepper, and garlic for savory recipes.

Crackers are as versatile as corn flakes. And they are great to keep in your pantry, as they can be used for so many recipes in so many ways.

7. Croutons


If you have pre-made croutons, try crushing them in a plastic bag or in a blender.

This should give you a similar consistency to corn flakes, as corn flakes often need to be crushed if used in savory recipes such as deep-fried chicken.

Croutons, when crushed, can be similar to breadcrumbs and can have slightly more flavor.

You can also prepare croutons by cubing slices of bread and baking them until crispy, and then crushing them. Croutons are especially good for savory recipes, as they tend to be more savory and can add great flavor to savory dishes in place of corn flakes.

8. Oats

oats bran

Oats or granola can be a good substitute for corn flakes if the corn flakes are used whole, for example as a topping. They are also better to be used in sweeter recipes.

Toasted oats have a great crunch, and granola has a crunch and sweetness that’s ideal for baked goods and toppings. Opt for gluten-free oats if you have any dietary requirements to adhere to.

9. Wheat Thins

Wheat thins are a popular breakfast food in Scandinavia and can have many toppings on them. When broken up, they also have a similar consistency to cornflakes and are quite crunchy when cooked.

They can be used for both sweet and savory recipes, but make sure to crush them up into small pieces as bigger pieces can be quite sharp. It is also important to add a lot of seasoning so that the wheat thins complement the dish.

If you’re really in a pinch, wheat thins are a good substitute for corn flakes.

10. Bran Flakes

Bran Flakes

Finally, bran flakes are a good substitute for corn flakes in both sweet and savory recipes.

They resemble corn flakes almost identically, except they are made of bran, so therefore contain more fiber. They have the same texture and are the same size as corn flakes.

You can also use other types of cereal as a substitute, especially the sweet ones for sweet dishes such as Rice Krispies or cocoa pebbles. Depending on your recipe, you may be able to find a cereal that suits the flavor profile even better.

Substitute for Corn Flakes in Cookies

Bran flakes would be the best substitute for corn flakes and have a slightly nutty flavor.

As mentioned above, other cereals could also be a good substitute for corn flakes when making cookies, as well as oats or granola, as they deliver sweetness and crunch to the cookies. 

Depending on the flavor, other cereals might be better substitutes to compliment the type of cookie you’re making.

Substitute for Corn Flakes for Fried Chicken

As mentioned above, you can replace corn flakes with other ingredients in fried chicken. The best substitutes are bread crumbs or panko breadcrumbs, as they have the same texture as crushed cornflakes and help deliver that crunch when making fried chicken. 

Potato crisps, cassava crisps, and instant mashed potato flakes make good substitutes for fried chicken. They will deliver a crunchy exterior and also help add to the flavor as well without needing too much seasoning.

Can I Use Frosted Flakes Instead of Corn Flakes?

You can use frosted flakes instead of corn flakes but only in sweeter recipes and baked goods, as frosted flakes are covered in sugar and could ruin the taste of more savory recipes. 

Frosted flakes can replace corn flakes in sweet recipes like cookies, bases, or toppings. You can use the same quantities for them as corn flakes. It might yield you a sweeter outcome, so you can use a little less sugar if desired.

How Do You Make Corn Flakes from Cornmeal?

Making corn flakes from cornmeal is easy. So, if you cannot find corn flakes, you can try making them at home. You only need fine cornmeal and water. And sugar if desired.

In a pan, distribute the cornmeal evenly. Pour water over it to make sure the cornmeal absorbs the water. Cook the mixture in a moderate oven until crispy and slightly golden, and once gone, take a spatula and scrape from the bottom of the pan until flakes start to form.

Flip over and continue cooking until they are fully dried out. Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

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