10 Best Cornichons Substitutes

Cornichons Pickles

Crunchy and crispy vegetables that are used in different ways in cooking are cornichons. Their name is French, which translated means little horns.

Served with meats and fish, the cornichons are traditionally used in many recipes. The taste is very unique meaning their tart, the sweet taste is combined in many classic recipes like cured sausages, terrines, and similar.

Even though they are similar to cucumbers, they are not the same thing.

Cornichons are small and crunchy and have a bumpy texture. And if you make them at home. you have to place the cornichons in salt overnight and vinegar.

Also, add some herbs as they will absorb the smell and taste and they’ll become even better. So, because of their taste and uniqueness is there a way that you can replace them? Can I replace cornichons? Yes!

Great substitutes for cornichons include dill gherkins, capers, zucchini, pickled vegetables, pickle relish, cucumber, white vinegar, chutney, celery, and green olives.

Read below to find out more and choose your best option.

Substitutes For Cornichons

Now that we know more about cornichons and their unique taste, it’s time to find their suitable replacement if you have none at home.

It may come as a challenge because they are small, green veggies may be a bit tricky to replace. Below is a list of the best replacements which will help you save up for your next dinner.

1. Dill gherkins

Dill pickles

The closest that you can get to replace cornichons is to use dill gherkins.

They have similar texture and flavor but be aware they are not exactly the same. They are actually a larger version of cucumber and have a crunchier texture.

You can make the replacement in almost every recipe you have. 

2. Capers


Capers are small flower buds that grow in the Mediterranean and make a suitable replacement for cornichons.

They take part in savory dishes and you can add them to most of the recipes that call for cornichons. The taste is sour and salty which is very similar to the taste of cornichons. And they will add uniqueness to your dish.

Since they are packed in brine, they will also boast a savory taste. 

3. Zucchini


Another useful vegetable that is good for replacing cornichons is to use zucchini.

They both come from the same family. Further, the taste of zucchini may differ but it will be a suitable replacement.

You can slice the zucchini and add in most of the recipes the require cornichons.  

4. Pickled vegetables


Sour with a pickle taste and a suitable replacement for cornichons are pickled vegetables.

There are different ways that you can replace them. And you can use cabbage or radish to make the pickle taste.

You can either make them at home or buy them from the store and use them in most recipes as a replacement.

5. Pickle relish

Sweet Pickle Relish

Cornichons find their replacement in the pickle relish.

These sliced, diced pickles flavored with vinegar, sugar, salt, and spices can be a suitable replacement in many recipes. The relish is typically prepared as salsa. However, it’s good for many recipes.

It has a sweet but not so sweet taste with tanginess. 

6. Cucumber


Even though cornichons look like cucumbers, they are quite different in size and taste, but that does not mean that they can’t be used as replacements.

To achieve a similar taste, you can do a home version which is to use cucumbers and soak them in a bowl with salt and vinegar. The crunchiness is almost the same and the taste will be accomplished. You can use it in almost every recipe that requires cornichons. 

7. White vinegar

White Vinegar

If you need to get close to the taste of cornichons then you can add white vinegar to your dish.

The sharp zest taste that is lacking in your recipe can be easily replaced by white vinegar. Even though it has a different texture and it’s a quite different ingredient, the extra liquid in your recipe would be perfect.

8. Chutney

Mango Chutney

If you need something similar with a tang taste close to cornichons then use chutney. With sour taste and something that will go along well with most ingredients in your recipes, you can create something very nice.

Chutney will add richness to your meals. It makes a great substitute for most recipes that require cornichons. 

9. Celery


Celery is another way to replace cornichons. It is a part of the Apiaceae family that is cultivated as vegetables.

Celery is used in many different ways in cooking and it is a root vegetable with an earthy taste. When you cook celery it brings out a sweet taste and works well for many recipes.

You can add in most recipes that require cornichons and soups, stews, and many more.

10. Green olives


Cornichons find their replacement in the green olives.

Actually, they are harvested before they are fully ripe. They have a really unique taste and flavor because they are soaked in lye before they are brined in oil.

The taste may vary depending on the type. They may be bitter, salty, or tangy. And you can use them in your cooking instead of cornichons. 

Related Questions

Are gherkins and cornichons the same?

Gherkins, also known as baby pickles, are not the same as cornichons. They are tart French pickles which are made from pickles in vinegar.

What’s the difference between pickles and cornichons?

Cornichons are sweet with a briny flavor. The taste varies depending on the herbs and spices that are used. On the other hand, pickles are sour.

Are cornichons just baby pickles?

Cornichons are tiny pickles with a tart taste and crunchy texture. They make a perfect appetizer. Cornichons also pair well with many other dishes.  

Are cornichons and capers the same thing?

No, but you can use them interchangeably.

Capers have a salty aromatic taste which is traditional in many different Mediterranean dishes. Cornichons are French and used in many dishes.

Are cornichons just small cucumbers?

Cornichons are small versions of cucumbers that have a pickle taste.

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