10 Best Crème De Cacao Substitutes

Liqueurs are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are cooking, making cocktails, or just a simple dessert, the smell and taste will add extra richness, so you have plenty of liqueurs to choose from and plenty of recipes to combine them.

The chocolate-flavored ones are one of my favorites. A liqueur that we could recommend is the Creme de cacao. This is a chocolate-flavored liqueur that is made from cacao beans.

You have two options to pick from the white and dark brown. They are practically the same and have an essence of vanilla that makes it even tastier. You can add it to coffee, martini, cocktails, and also in desserts to make it even better.

The white one is preferred in desserts but if your cabinet is out of Creme de Cacao you probably wonder what is your second best option. Is there a way to replace it?

You can always add Chocolate liqueur, Firelit coffee liqueur, Mozart Chocolate Spirit, Kahlua, Baileys Chocolat Luxe, and Homemade Creme de Cocoa.

And for those of you who prefer a non-alcoholic option, we recommend chocolate extract, Chocolate Powder, Chocolate Flavoring, and Chocolate syrup.

Find out as well what you can use instead of white Cocora cream and the darker version of it. 

Substitutes For Creme De Cacao 

In order to replace Creme De Cacao, you have the following replacements you can choose from. These options are similar to this type of liqueur. So, you won’t notice much of a difference. Read below some alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

1. Chocolate liqueur

Chocolate liqueur

First on our list is the chocolate liqueur which is perfect for repairing Creme de Cacao. Add it to most of the recipes, whether desserts or cocktails, you won’t make a mistake.

You can try this liqueur with almond, hazelnut, or coffee. It can be sweeter than Creme de Cocoa but it can work. The difference is in the consistency, so note how much you add. 

2. Firelit coffee liqueur

Firelit coffee liqueur is one way of substituting Creme De Cacao. A coffee-flavored, with hints of sweetness, which can work in many recipes.

It is made from roasted coffee which is brewed with a stronger flavor and alcohol content. Use it to create White Russian or those kinds of cocktails and desserts that you think need more coffee taste. 

3. Mozart chocolate spirit

Another perfect replacement for Creme de Cacao is the Mozart Chocolate Spirit.

It is an Austrian liqueur with an intense chocolate flavor that is great for many cocktails. It is not very sweet with a clear liquid, so it can be added in most recipes that require Creme de Cocoa.  

4. Kahlua

A Mexican liqueur that can replace Creme de Cacao is Kahlua. A type of liqueur which is famous for Espresso Martini and Black Russian has the perfect coffee taste.

Sweet liqueur with subtle tones of vanilla will be perfect for recipes that call for Creme de Cacao. Kahlua is also perfect for many desserts so if you want coffee tones, then this is the liqueur you need. 

5. Baileys Chocolat Luxe

A very flavourful and rich liqueur that can replace Creme de cacao anytime is Baileys. It is an Irish whiskey with dairy cream and Belgian chocolate, so is a perfect choice to enrich cocktails or desserts with. The results will be incredible with a nice aroma, not just taste. 

6. Homemade Creme De Cacao

Well, the closest you can get to the Creme de Cacao is to make one at home.

All you need is just 1 cup of cocoa nibs, 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract, 1 and a half cups of vodka, vanilla bean, water, and sugar. 

Next, add the cocoa beans, vanilla extract, and beans to a jar and shake them. Leave them for at least two weeks to direct sunlight. Make sure to shake it every two days.

Afterward, the liquid needs to be strained. Add water and sugar in a saucepan on medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Your next move is to remove the saucepan, allow it to cool down, add the vodka and leave it for at least 3 days before drinking. 

Non-Alcoholic Substitutes For Creme De Cacao

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic option for Creme de Cacao you can choose from the next products. 

7. Chocolate extract

A useful non-alcoholic substitute for Creme de Cacao is the Chocolate extract. It is made from beans and the deep dark brown elixir is the one you use.

The chocolate aroma and taste are very similar and perfect for cocktails. 

8. Chocolate powder

Chocolate powder

Your next best thing is the chocolate powder to replace Creme de Cacao.

You can mix powdered chocolate with water and you will get a consistency that is similar to a liqueur. Use in almost every recipe you need to replace. 

9. Chocolate flavoring

Another non-alcoholic substitute for Creme de Cacao is chocolate flavoring. It is made from the chemicals that are found in different cocoa beans.

The taste depends on the type of cocoa and the conditions and goes through the process of fermentation and roasting.

It is easy to find and easier to substitute. The consistency is very similar and the combination of sweetness and bitterness will adjust with the other ingredients.

10. Chocolate syrup

Chocolate syrup is a staple in most kitchens worldwide. This replacement is easy to find and very easy to add to your recipes. You’ll add a lovely chocolate taste to your drink and you’ll find that the syrup is never a bad idea!

Use 3 tablespoons of syrup to replace the Creme de Cacao. 

White Creme De Cacao Substitute

The White Creme de Cacao is commonly used in cooking not just in cocktails. It is a sweet chocolate liqueur and is added to add more richness to creamy cocktails.

The difference with the regular Creme de Cacao is only in the color, the taste is almost the same. The difference lies in the distillation of the cocoa beans.

You can either use Mozart Chocolate Spirit or Kahula. However, if you are searching for a non-alcoholic option then chocolate syrup is the option.   

Dark Creme De Cacao Substitute

The darker Creme de Cacao is a liqueur that is made from African cocoa and vanilla that comes from Madagascar.

This unique liqueur can be replaced with the regular dark Creme de Cacao, White Creme de Cacao, or any other of the liqueurs that are mentioned before. Even the non-alcoholic ones.

Related Questions

What is similar to crème de cacao?

If you have no Creme de Cacao you can always add something similar such as Mozart Chocolate Spirit, Kahlua, Chocolate extract, or chocolate liqueur.

Is Kahlua crème de cacao?

Kahlua is not Creme de Cacao. However, you can use it as a replacement. Kahlua is more coffee-flavored and you can add it to many cocktails. 

Is chocolate liqueur and crème de cacao the same?

Chocolate liqueur is not the same as creme de cacao. Although they both consist of cocoa, they still have a distinct flavor. 

Is crème de cacao the same as Godiva?

Godiva is another option to replace Creme de Cacao. They are similar but not the same. Godiva is also chocolate and has dark, milk, and white chocolate flavors along with caramel and mocha. Use it to replace it in many cocktails.

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