10 Best Fenugreek Substitutes


Fenugreek, also known as Greek hay, is a plant that originates from Asia and the Mediterranean.  Actually, fenugreek can be found in two ways, one is as seeds and the other way is as in leaves. Both types are used in many dishes as cooking ingredients.

Additionally, fenugreek can be eaten raw which provides a bitter taste. When you cook it, the sweet traces come more noticeable as well as there are some nutty traces that are brought up and that actually reminds of the taste of maple syrup.

Moreover, it may be possible that fenugreek is out of reach and you have found something that includes it in the process of making. Is there a way to replace it?

Absolutely! The best substitutes for Fenugreek include Yellow Mustard seeds, Mustard, Masala powder, Curry powder, Fennel seeds, Chinese celery, Maple syrup, Celery leaves, Alfalfa, and Spinach.

Check out each product and make sure to pick up the right replacement, use a suitable amount, and make the perfect meal. 

Substitutes for Fenugreek

1. Yellow mustard seeds

Mustard Seed

The first product that will be a very good substitute for fenugreek is the yellow mustard seeds. Actually, what makes them the best replacement is that they are very similar to the fenugreek.

They have the same taste which is mild, bitter, and traces of earthiness. Use it when you are making soups of savory dishes.

A useful tip when making the swap is to know that it is better to heat the seeds a bit so you’ll get closer to the taste you are looking for. The mustard seeds are also used as a replacement for fenugreek leaves. Use equal amounts in your recipe. 

2. Mustard


Just as the yellow mustard seeds, the actual mustard can be used to substitute fenugreek in many recipes. It has a bitter taste which makes it similar to fenugreek and will blend with the other ingredients in your recipe. Use equal amounts when replacing and you can also use it instead of fenugreek leaves.

3. Masala powder

Masala powder is another product that can be used for fenugreek in recipes. Moreover, the masala curry powder will provide a sweetness and trace id cinnamon to your meal.

It is not hard to find and you can use it in many dishes. When substituting keep in mind that the masala powder may be a bit stronger than fenugreek so keep in mind how much you are using to substitute. 

4. Curry powder

Curry powder

A very common ingredient that is used especially in Indian cuisine is curry powder.

This is a spice that can be easily found in many markets and used in many recipes. It has a very unique flavor that is a combination of savory and sweet spices. It is a type of product that when used in cooking it can blend with the other ingredients and provide a very distinctive taste to it.

Keep in mind that curry powder may not be fit for all recipes. It is recommended to cook the curry powder first in oil to soften the taste and then use it. 

5. Fennel seeds

Another ingredient that can be a good help to replace fenugreek is the fennel seeds.

Well, fennel seeds have a characteristic taste, so they might not be good for every meal that calls for fenugreek. You can use it if you are making meat or some other similar dishes.

Actually, these seeds have a stronger, sweeter taste and may leave more traces, that’s why they might not be good for every recipe. When substituting use a smaller dose so you’ll have the perfect dish. 

6. Chinese celery


Chinese celery or simply just celery is another way of replacing fenugreek.

Actually, Chinese celery has a bitter and nutty taste more than fenugreek and you can mix it up with many ingredients while cooking.

To add a bit more sweetness you can always add sugar so you’ll get to the flavors you are looking for. Use either equal amounts or less so you won’t make your recipe bitter.

7. Maple syrup

Maple Syrup

A very popular product that can be used as a backup for fenugreek is maple syrup. They taste similar. Maple syrup will leave traces of bitterness that are not very noticeable.

They also have a similar aroma and maple syrup will fit in your recipe perfectly. Keep in mind that maple syrup is a sweetener so it may not be good for all of the recipes.

However, you can adapt it to your own taste. Use equal amounts when replacing. You can also use maple syrup for the fenugreek leaves as well. 

8. Celery leaves

Celery leaves

These Celery leaves are the best for replacing fenugreek leaves. They’ll provide the same bitter taste and you won’t even notice the difference between them.

You can use it in many recipes as a replacement and also, more importantly, you can find these celery leaves fresh in many markets. You can use it to make sauces, pesto, salads, and many other meals.  

9. Alfalfa

Another product that is also a great replacement for fenugreek leaves is the Alfalfa. With its mild, nutty, and sweet flavor, alfalfa can be used in many recipes as a replacement.

The downside of this product is that it may not be easily found. You can use it in salads or other meals as a replacement for fenugreek. You can make sandwiches, salads or many other types of meals.

10. Spinach


A very common ingredient that can be easily found is spinach. You can easily replace fenugreek leaves in many recipes. It is very healthy and will provide many health benefits.

Actually, they may differ in taste, but spinach will make a great replacement and you can add additional sweeteners so you can get the flavors you are looking for. 


What is the flavor of fenugreek?

Fenugreek has a sweet, nutty flavor that is very similar to maple syrup. Also, it can have traces of bitterness if you eat it raw. You can always mix it with many spices which will help you make your recipe be even tastier. 

Is fennel the same as fenugreek?

There is a major difference between fennel and fenugreek and that is that fenugreek seed is a legume and it belongs to a different family than fennel. They have a similar taste and can serve as a substitute for each other. 

How do you make fenugreek?

You’ll have to roast them over medium heat until you reduce the bitter taste and combine them with other types of spices. You can always add lemon juice so you can balance all the flavors and get a perfect combination. 

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