Garlic Salt Vs Garlic Powder: Which Is Better?

Garlic salt

Garlic is one of the best ingredients to use in many savory recipes. You can use fresh garlic, ground garlic, garlic salt, or even garlic powder.

However, here is a common dilemma when it comes to choosing between garlic salt and garlic powder that we are going to clarify in this guide. Which one should you use and are they meant to be used interchangeably?

Garlic salt and garlic powder could be used interchangeably but it is highly important to understand that they are not the same.

So let’s see what are the similarities and what are the differences between these two ingredients so you can make the best out of them in your recipes!

Garlic Salt Vs Garlic Powder: Comparison Chart

Aspects  Garlic salt  Garlic powder 
Ingredients  1 part Garlic powder, 3 parts salt  Garlic 
Texture  More tough texture depending on the type of salt mixed with the garlic powder  Fine texture 
Taste  Salty garlic  Garlic 
Recipes  Mostly meat-based dishes such as burgers, steak, stews, bread, sauces, salads Vegetable dishes, salads, bread, sauces 

Can I Use Garlic Salt In Place Of Garlic Powder?

There are certain dishes that allow you to use garlic salt instead of garlic powder. And the main aspect you need to consider is the amount of salt in the garlic salt, that is not found in the garlic powder.

So, if you add garlic salt, you will have to eliminate any other salt you might want to add to your dish according to its original recipe.

Garlic salt doesn’t have such a defined garlic taste either, as garlic powder has. This will change the way your final dish tastes but it will still have a garlic flavor, even if a much milder one.

At the same time, if you want to replace garlic salt with some garlic powder, you will have to add extra regular salt to your recipe.

Garlic powder will have only a strong garlic taste but no salt flavor. However, this situation is easy to fix by simply adding any type of salt you have in your kitchen in order to make up for the lack of salty taste of the garlic powder.

Which Is Better Garlic Salt Or Garlic Powder?

Both garlic salt and garlic powder can be important ingredients in different dishes. They both add an intense flavor to your food.

However, keep in mind that garlic salt might not be the best alternative for those who are trying to watch their salt intake.

Salt is about 3 parts of garlic salt. So, you want to be aware of this fact before you splurge this ingredient in your food.

Garlic powder, on the other hand, comes salt-free. But this also means that your foods will taste slightly different as well.

If you are making a sauce that you want to taste like garlic but not have a hard texture, you can successfully use garlic powder. This powder will dissolve in most watery and solid foods. And all you will have left is the strong, garlic taste.

How Much Garlic Powder Equals A Teaspoon Of Garlic Salt?

The general rule says that garlic salt contains 3 parts of salt and 1 part of garlic. Following this rule leads us to affirm that one teaspoon of garlic salt will have a quarter of garlic powder in it and three-quarters of salt.

So, you will be following a 4 to 1 substitution ratio with these ingredients. However, keep in mind that your personal preferences are always important when you are cooking.

If you want to add more or less of one of these ingredients, by all means, do that as what matters is to end up with a dish that you will love!

Is Garlic Salt Same As Garlic Powder?

Garlic Powder

Garlic salt and garlic powder are far from being the same product. These ingredients only have one common point, and that is the garlic they contain. Even when it comes to the way the garlic is used for such ingredients, you will find differences.

The garlic powder is made of only garlic that is grounded into a fine texture. On the other hand, garlic salt can be made of garlic powder mixed with salt or ground garlic combined with salt, depending on the brand you find.

There is quite a variety of garlic salt on the market, coming from different brands and following different recipes. From the type of salt used to the texture of the garlic, the final product might taste slightly different.

These are all essential aspects that you need to take into account when you pick between garlic salt and garlic powder but also when you decide to add such seasonings to your food.

How To Make Garlic Salt From Garlic Powder?

If you have salt and garlic powder, the good news is that you can prepare your own garlic salt. All you have to do is mix one part of garlic powder with three parts of salt and make sure you obtain a homogeneous product that you can use in your dishes.

You can use any type of salt. However, keep in mind that the texture and even the color of your final product will depend on this choice.

We recommend using a type of salt that is close in texture to the garlic powder so the mixture will remain fine and easy to dissolve in your food. But ultimately, you can get creative when you mix these two ingredients.

As a twist from this basic original recipe, we recommend you add a pinch of your favorite herbs in this mix as well. You can also add rosemary, oregano, or any other herb you might like in order to obtain an even tastier seasoning.

Garlic Salt Vs Garlic Powder On Bread

Garlic bread

Garlic bread is one of the tastiest types of bread. Bruschettas are usually enriched with a pinch of garlic powder or garlic salt to obtain a stronger flavor before the toppings are added.

Naturally, if you use garlic salt on your bread, it will have a milder garlic taste and a stronger salt taste. Equally, if you use garlic powder you can always sprinkle a little bit of salt on your slices of bread as well and you have more control over the salty taste of it.

If you are concerned about the salt intake, you might want to choose to add garlic powder to your bread. However, if that is not your concern, definitely opt for garlic salt as you will love the rich flavor it offers to your bread.

It is also going to help you make the best choice if you take into account the other toppings you add to your bread or the other types of food you are planning to enjoy with it.

If you are going to combine your bread with a salty type of ham, utilizing garlic powder will save you from ending up with a taste that is too salty.

Final Thoughts

Both garlic salt and garlic powder can take the taste of your dish to a different level. What you choose from these two ingredients is almost entirely up to your preferences.

They are not the same, but you can always use them interchangeably, even if you might have to adjust the ratio and the extra seasonings you add to your food.

We suggest making your garlic salt every time you want to use such a product because it is easy to make and you can control the quantities in your mix much better.

Make sure to try out both the garlic powder and garlic salt before you decide which one might go better in your food. If you are preparing a meat-based food, you definitely want to try garlic salt as it enhances the flavor of the meat even more.

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