8 Best Hominy Substitutes


Hominy is dried and matured corn kernel. It’s a very popular ingredient mostly used in Mexican cuisine. It’s also the main ingredient in Mexican Pozole.

Actually, hominy is made from the kernels of the corn that go through a process so they can be turned into edible products. They go through the process of nixtamalization, which you can also do at home but it requires a lot of time.

As we mentioned, it’s a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Hominy has an earthy, sweet taste. Corn, on the other hand, has a more complex taste.

The process of cooking hominy is the same as if you cook dried beans. But if you don’t have any hominy at hand, what can you use instead?

The best substitutes for hominy are Canned Hominy, Samp, Dried Beans, Chickpeas, Polenta meal, Corn, Buckwheat grits, and Grits.

These products will provide you similar results as if you have used hominy. Read below about each product and use a ratio of 1:1 in most cases and adapt accordingly. 

Substitutes for Hominy

You might think that replacing hominy will be a challenging task because of its unique flavor, but we have actually found the substitutes that will help you.

Make sure to use the proper amount when substituting, since you are trying to make your dish as close as you can as if you have used hominy. Check the list below and choose which suits you best.  

1. Canned Hominy

The first option that can serve as a substitute for hominy are the canned hominy. These are actually rehydrated hominy and placed in a can. You can find them at the grocery store.

They are grains that are similar to corn and practically the same as the fresh ones and replace equal amounts. They also have a mild flavor but need to be dried before using.

Use the same ways as you would’ve used canned sweet corn. You can substitute it in all recipes like chicken soups or add it with meat.

2. Samp

A corn permutation that is known as Samp is another way to replace hominy in your meals.

They are also dried. However, the kernels are cracked into pieces, unlike the hominy which has whole kernels. Samp is actually a dish that includes dried corn kernels.

This is actually a southern African dish that is very delicious and can be used as a way to replace hominy.

3. Dried Beans 

Red beans

If you are out of hominy, dried beans can replace them in your recipe. You should cook the beans first by putting them in a large pot in water and bringing them to simmer.

You can mash them if you’d like to simply use them as it is. The cooked beans actually have a better texture and are more suitable as a replacement for hominy.

You can add onion or garlic in the process of making it to add more aroma. Use a cup of dried beans for a cup of hominy in soups or stews. 

4. Chickpeas

Another way to replace hominy is by using chickpeas. You can find them as gazebo beans and utilize them instead of hominy in most recipes.

They can imitate the taste of hominy with its nutty and grainy taste. However, they don’t have the same puffy and chewy texture as hominy. Thus, they might not bring out the same thickness to your meal. Use chickpeas for chili, casserole, or even soup.

5. Polenta meal


Polenta is very similar to hominy and can be used as a substitute in cooking. Use polenta as a breakfast or side dish.

It has a firm, creamy texture with a taste that is similar to light corn. In Italian cooking is usually used as a replacement for pasta sometimes. It is a suitable replacement in most recipes and you can always combine it with dumplings, tortillas, or if you are making a stew.

6. Corn


Another very suitable and practically one of the best alternatives to hominy is corn. Basically, hominy comes from corn, which makes it a great replacement in all recipes that call for hominy.

You can use either fresh or frozen corn to make the most savory dishes. Corn might bring you a different texture and flavor. Even though they are part of the same family, they can be quite different in the process of cooking. Use a 1:1 ratio and adapt accordingly. 

7. Buckwheat grits


By using buckwheat grits instead of hominy in your recipe you can reach a very similar flavor and texture. You can use this swap to make a side dish in which you’ll get the filling texture that you need as well a very similar grain taste.

You can use buckwheat grits for making soups, stews, and even chilies. They are typically good if you are making savory food. Use a ratio of 1:1 when replacing. 

8. Grits

Smooth, mild, and thick grids are the other replacement that we can offer. They are easy to prepare and you can use them in most of the recipes that call for hominy.

All you have to do is just boil them and mix them with the other ingredients to make your dish.  Grits are commonly used as a breakfast. However, you can use them as a side dish with meat.

To make the taste even better, you can add salt and butter when you are preparing grits for your meal. It is recommended to use grits as a replacement for a side dish. 

Related Questions

Is Hominy the same as chickpeas?

They are similar but not the same. Hominy is corn that is made in a different way and is made from garbanzo, oil, garlic, and lemon juice mixed all together to make a nice paste. 

What is the difference between corn and hominy?

The key difference is that hominy is processed in a special way. Therefore, unlike corn, hominy has a puffed and meaty texture.

Can you substitute grits for hominy?

You can substitute grits for hominy in most recipes. Use it to replace if you are baking, especially if you are making spoonbread. 

Are hominy and white corn the same thing?

Well, hominy is made from corn which can be white or yellow. Hominy is practically an essential ingredient in grits and corn tortillas. 

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