How Long to Bake Pork Chops at 375

pork chops

If you like pork chops, you know that baking them properly is the key to a great taste, texture, and appearance. If you don’t bake them enough, they will be raw in the middle. However, if you bake them too much they will get dry and even burned.

Ideally, your pork chops should be done in 18-25 minutes at a temperature of 375 degrees F or 190 degrees Celsius.

Keep reading to know how to make the best pork chops!

How Long Do You Bake Thick Pork Chops at 375?

If your pork chops are thin, you can expect them to be cooked for about 18 minutes at a temperature of 375 degrees F.

However, for thicker pork chops, it can take up to 25 minutes at the same temperature. It is important to preheat the oven before you start cooking your pork chops.

It is also important to check the internal temperature of pork chops with a meat thermometer to be sure they are cooked all the way through.

The ideal internal temperature should be 145 degrees F or 62 degrees Celsius.

For pork chops with a thickness of 1/2 inch, you should check the internal temperature after 12 minutes of baking at a temperature of 375 degrees F. The same standards in terms of time and temperature apply to boneless pork chops as well.

Pork Chops

How Long Do Bone-in Pork Chops Take in the Oven at 375?

When you are cooking bone pork chops, you have to consider that bones will take longer to cook. So, your meat might be done in 18-25 minutes at 375 degrees F. But the bone can take 25 minutes or more to get cooked.

You don’t have to wait for the bone to get cooked since what really matters is the meat attached to it. Thus, if you use a meat thermometer and you notice that the pork meat is done after 18-20 minutes, you don’t need to wait up to 25 minutes for the bone to get cooked.

If you cook your pork chops until the bone is cooked as well, get ready for a final dish that will be slightly darker in color due to staying more in the oven.

Your meat will not be burned though because you waited a few more minutes, but it will have a different texture and aspect.

Do You Bake Pork Chops at 350 or 375?

You can bake your pork chops at 350 degrees F (175 degrees Celsius) and 375 degrees F (190 degrees Celsius). However, you will have to consider the differences between these two temperatures.

If you preheat your oven to 350 degrees F, you can expect the pork chops to be done in about 20 minutes and the bone in 25-30 minutes. For an oven that is preheated at 375 degrees F, the meat will get done between 18 to 20 minutes and the bone up to 25 minutes.

Keep in mind that the thickness of your pork chops will influence the cooking time as well.

How Long Does it Take to Bake 1-inch Pork Chops?

cooking pork chops

One-inch pork chops are considered thick ones. So, you should expect it to take about 22-25 minutes to get cooked at a temperature of 375 degrees F.

The bone-in pork chops of this thickness will get cooked in 25 minutes as well. So, if you want both the meat and bone to get ready at fairly the same time, 1-inch is a great thickness for it.

Pork Chop Baking Temperature and Time

Baking temperature  Time 
350 degrees F  20-30 minutes 
375 degrees F 18-25 minutes 
400 degrees F 12-15 minutes
425 degrees F 6-12 minutes 

How Long to Bake Pork chops at 350?

If you decide to cook your pork chops at a temperature of 350 degrees F, they will cook slower than at 375 degrees F.

According to their thickness, you can expect them to get done in 20-30 minutes. This time frame is enough for the meat and bone to get cooked nice and tender but without getting dry.

How Long to Bake 2-inch Pork Chops at 375?

If you like thick pork chops, you should get ready for a longer cooking time, even at 375 degrees F. You can expect these pork chops to be done in 25-30 minutes. It takes longer if you want the bone to get cooked as well.

However, we don’t recommend cooking the pork chops for more than 30 minutes because it will affect their texture and they can even get dry or burned

For pork chops of such thickness, you will definitely need to use a meat thermometer to be sure they get cooked all the way through.

How Long to Bake Pork Chops at 400?

When you use 400 degrees F (204 degrees Celsius), your pork chops will get done faster. The average time for such a temperature is between 12 and 15 minutes.

Pork chops of half an inch to one inch in thickness will get done, along with the done attached to them in 12 minutes. However, pork chops thicker than that will get done in 15 minutes.

How Long to Bake Boneless Pork Chops?

In theory, boneless pork chops will get done faster than pork chops that have the bone attached to them. But the time will vary according to the temperature you preheat the oven at.

For boneless pork chops of one-inch thickness, we recommend 18 minutes in the oven at a temperature of 375 degrees F.

How Long to Bake Bone-in Pork Chops at 425?

The highest temperature we suggest to use when you are cooking pork chops is 425 degrees F. Or 218 degrees Celsius.

Pork chops without a bone, on the other hand, could get done as fast as 6-19 minutes at the same temperature. While those with bones will need up to 12 minutes.

It is important to check on them frequently and make sure they don’t get burned.

Best Pork Chops Recipe

To make the best pork chops you need less than half an hour and only a few ingredients to end up with a delicious dinner.


  • Pork chops
  • Amix of seasonings that appeals to you
  • Olive oil


Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and prepare the pork chops at this time.

Step 2:

Put the pork chops in an oven tray or oven-safe dish after you covered the tray with baking paper. You can use pork chops with or without bone as you please. 

Step 3:

Cover the pork chops with olive oil on both sides and a seasoning mix.

A great seasoning mix is made of onion powder, brown sugar, paprika, salt, pepper, and thyme, all in equal parts. If you add the seasonings after you oiled the pork chops, they will stick nicely to the meat.

We don’t suggest covering your pork chops with foil or anything while you are cooking them. If you don’t overcook them, they will not get dry.

Step 4:

Bake your pork chops for 18-20 minutes by checking to see when they get cooked through. You shouldn’t have to turn your pork chops over.

If you decide to do that, only turn them over after they reached the internal temperature of 145 degrees F. You want them to be cooked all the way through before you alter their temperature.

Step 5:

Take your pork chops out of the oven. Give them at least five minutes to cool down before you serve them. If you want to add any topping sauce to your pork chops, this is also the time to do that.

Bonus: If you have enough space in the tray, you can add some of your favorite veggies to get baked along with your pork chops. This will give you a perfect meal in the same amount of time!

Pork chops go great with baked potatoes, carrots, and peppers. However, you can also try them with a side of mashed potatoes or fresh veggies as well.

Final Thoughts 

Pork chops can be not just delicious but also a healthy meal for you and your family.

They go great with all types of veggies, but you can also enjoy them plain or with your favorite bread. And if you cook them the right way, you will have some tender and juicy pork chops that everyone will love!

Once you try pork chops by following the advice of this guide, you will not want them any other way. Not to mention how charmed your guests will be to enjoy such a tasty dish!

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