How Much Are Cake Pops?

Cake Pops

With a growing range of flavor options, eye-catching colors and decorations, it seems like cake pops are now less of a fad and more of a permanent fixture on the sweet treat scene. But how much should you really spend on these little balls of joy?

Depending on where you buy them (and a number of other factors), cake pops can cost anywhere from $1 to $4. As with many other types of goods, it can work out cheaper to buy them in bulk.

This is ideal for a child’s party or a large event. But many of us just want to satisfy that sweet craving and would like to know that we’re getting good value for money.

Why do cake pops vary so much in price, you might ask. Well, there are many factors to consider when making your cake pop purchase. Read on to get the lowdown on cake pop pricing influences.

What’s with the $3 price range?

These days, cake pops have as many varieties as cakes themselves! This means you can spend less but your cake pop is likely to come in a standard flavor (like vanilla or chocolate) and it may not stand out from the crowd in terms of its decorative extras.

More complex flavors: red velvet, sea salt and caramel, raspberry-chocolate truffle and so on, cost more to make due to the extra, sometimes expensive, ingredients.

Cake pops are also becoming more unique in design, with a range of shapes that can be trickier to make and push up the price tag. Not only this, but if you buy your cake pop from a large manufacturer, the cake pops are likely to be made using industrial machines.

This makes their production more cost-effective. Whereas if you buy from an independent bakery, you will find that you pay more for the privilege of having your cake pop made by hand. There is the option of making cake pops yourself, though this may not be ideal for everyone.

How much are cake pops at Starbucks?

This major retailer now offers cake pops in addition to their range of snacks and beverages. Prices range from $1.79 up to $3.50 for a single cake pop.

Buying multiple cake pops at once is more cost-effective and can save you around $0.20 per cake pop, meaning you’ll pay $1.59 for each one.

The Starbucks price tag depends on a variety of aspects. Some of their cake pops come in seriously fancy shapes – unicorn head, anyone? This makes their cake pops Instagram-worthy and much more attractive to consumers.

homemade Cake Pops

How long do cake pops last?

If you’re looking to save some money by buying cake pops in bulk but you don’t have the stomach to eat them all in one go, fear not! You can wrap your cake pop in saran wrap and keep it in your fridge for up to a week. Not bad, right?

Cake pops are also totally freezable so you can store them in your freezer for up to one month and they won’t spoil. Make sure you thaw them thoroughly before you get stuck in, though. You don’t want to chip a tooth!

Should you make your own cake pops?

Another way of saving money on this delightful treat is to make your own. But, is it really worth the hassle? Actually, if you’re well-versed in basic baking, then cake pop recipes are surprisingly easy to follow.

It’s simply a case of mixing together an already-baked cake with some leftover frosting, rolling the mixture into balls and voila! You’re done! However, it is known to be more difficult to make cake pops than it sounds. And, for fewer lumps and a more professional finish, it’s best to use a mold. You can then dip the balls into melted chocolate, peanut butter or any other topping of your choice.

How much does it cost to make cake pops?

Using the method above, it costs as little or as much as the ingredients you use. As with most things, you get out what you put in. So, you might want to invest in quality ingredients and equipment.

Silicon molds are available from Walmart for as little as $15 for a 20-piece mold. For more serious bakers, you can skip a whole step of the process by using an electronic cake pop maker.

These little machines allow you to put the cake mixture directly into the mold. Then, sit back and allow your goodies to bake at an optimal temperature.

Using a machine will yield better results. They are available from Walmart and start at $35 for a 12-piece cake pop maker, going up to $79.99 for a 35-piece maker.

Are cake pops a healthy choice?

It may come as a shock, but cake pops can actually be a smart choice for someone with a sweet tooth.

Their naturally small portion-size means you’re less likely to go overboard (unless you really do polish off a one-dozen box in one sitting). And, if you choose to make your own or you buy from an independent bakery, they’re less likely to have preservatives and other unnatural ingredients in them – even better! They’re also a useful option for munching on-the-go because they require no napkin or cutlery.

Are cake pops good value?

With all this in mind, I’m sure you’re wondering whether cake pops are worth their (sometimes hefty) price tag. Well, in terms of cost per gram, you’re probably better off economically if you buy a whole cake.

But cake pops are trendy, fun and full of variety. You pay for the novelty, ingredients and the bakers’ skills in making them. Splurging on a treat every now and again is enjoyable.

Plus, if you’re throwing a party, your guests are bound to be delighted with them. And you can offer them a range of flavors rather than everyone having to eat from the same cake. So, I think that’s worth spending a little extra, don’t you?

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