How Much Do Chocolate Covered Strawberries Cost?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Whether you’re thinking of gifting them or would just like a small box for some self-indulgence, chocolate-covered strawberries aren’t the cheapest of treats. However, that doesn’t stop anyone from buying them.

Nonetheless, it’s important to break down the costs and explain why prices might be so high depending on where you live, where you’re buying them, and what quality ingredients they use.

This article is an open love letter to anyone who’s ever been in love or happens to be a fan of chocolate-covered strawberries. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Different Types and Prices

There are 4 main types of chocolate-covered strawberries: fresh, frozen, free-dried, and custom or gourmet. As you might expect, the type impacts the price.

The most expensive, by far, are the custom or gourmet ones because you are paying for craftsmanship, freshness, and high quality ingredients. Be prepared to break the piggy bank a little if you’re thinking about gourmet ones.

Then, there are regular fresh ones that you can find in local supermarkets. They’re delicious, but nothing out of this world, which is also reflected in the price in comparison to custom or gourmet strawberries.

After, there are the frozen and freeze-dried. The price will depend on the brand, amount, and quality, but— for the most part— these tend to be cheaper because they are not considered perishable goods.

Since they’re frozen and freeze-dried, they can be stored for months without spoiling and will most likely be sold at one point, so there’s no real risk involved for the retailer. Below you will find a small table with prices, weight, and some stores that carry different kinds of chocolate-covered strawberries.

Store Type Price Weight
Albertsons Fresh $7.99 8 oz
Target Freeze-Dried $3.99 4.5 oz
Walmart Frozen $3.98 5 oz
Trader Joe’s Frozen $2.79 5.3 oz
Shari’s Berries Custom/Gourmet $34.99 10 oz
Costco Fresh $12.99 20 oz

Where Can I Get Them?

If you’re looking for fresh ones, you can find them in the refrigerated dessert section at most grocery stores like Costco and Albertsons. Don’t forget to look in specialty dessert shops in your area too, as they almost always carry chocolate-covered strawberries.

On the other hand, you’ll be better off finding the freeze-dried and frozen kinds at Target and Trader Joe’s. However, not all stores carry the same products nationwide, so it’s important to check with your local franchise before leaving them for the last minute at your next event. Sometimes you even need to place special orders, so keep this in mind.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How Much Do Strawberries Cost?

Although it’s not the only factor, the price of fresh strawberries certainly impacts the price of the final product. Fresh strawberries are a highly perishable good, only lasting 3-4 days in the fridge before beginning to soften.

While it’s not the end of the world, it’s definitely suboptimal for businesses that sell them because of their extremely short shelf life. Thus, you end up paying a premium without even beginning to talk about importing costs, shipping, or labor.

California produces 90% of the country’s strawberries. If you live far from here or other strawberry producing states like Florida and Oregon, then you will inevitably end up paying more for fresh strawberries because of all the logistics and transport involved in getting them to you.

Whether or not they’re in season will also impact the price. If it’s harder to source them, there’s more demand and the prices go up. As a result, the world of fresh strawberries is a complicated, albeit sweet one.

For frozen or freeze-dried kinds, the price doesn’t fluctuate as much because companies tend to buy large batches when strawberries are in season and cheap and then they do their magic.

Since it will take months for any of their products to go bad, they aren’t really affected by price hikes throughout much of the year. Nonetheless, the average nationwide price for fresh strawberries is $2.50 per pound.

Based on this, you can more or less calculate a base price for the main ingredient in chocolate-covered strawberries. The type of chocolate used, any toppings, and even where you bought them will also make the price go up or down, so be mindful of this too.

How Much Does a Dozen of chocolate-covered Strawberries Weigh?

This depends on several different factors like the size of the strawberries, the amount of chocolate used to dip them in, and how many toppings they have (if any).

For example, a dozen large chocolate-covered strawberries with pecans, almonds, and sprinkles won’t weigh the same as a simple dozen. However, a basic dozen will usually weigh between 20-22 oz if all they’ve got is a delicate chocolate coating and drizzle.

How Long Do chocolate-covered Strawberries Last?

Since they were probably made a day or two in advance, fresh chocolate-covered strawberries should only be kept for an additional two to three days. After that, they begin to soften, the chocolate begins to sweat, and they start to decompose.

Depending on where you live as well as your refrigerator temperature, you might be able to give them an extra day of life, but you’ll start to notice how their taste and texture changes. For the best quality, eat them the day they’re made or the day they’re gifted to you.

How Do You Package Strawberries for Dipping?

If you’re making your own, hats off to you. It’s not difficult, but it requires a lot of patience and attention to detail because any tiny bit of moisture can result in seized chocolate that is no longer silky and smooth. Always dip strawberries at room temperature, never cold ones.

Then, place them on parchment paper and let them cool completely or pop them into the fridge to speed up the process. Once this is done, you can individually package these by placing them inside a cupcake liner and arranging them inside a nice box.

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