How Much Turkey Breast Serving Per Person?


When we’re feasting especially during the holidays or on special occasions, we just don’t care about portions, isn’t it? I mean we are celebrating such a great occasion and bonding with our loved ones and friends, counting food servings is not a priority. Makes sense when you love to eat.

However, it’s important to know how many people can be fed with a whole turkey. Is a 5lb turkey serving enough for one or too much? To get to know at the bottom of this, let’s discuss how much serving of turkey breast does a person really need.

Turkey Breast Serving Per Person

Turkey as we all know, especially the breast part, is highly rich in protein. It’s actually a good addition to a healthier diet to meet our daily protein needs. Protein is responsible for building muscle tissues and making our bodies stronger.

When consuming turkey, each person is preferably required to consume up to 1.25lbs of turkey breast meat. That is all pure meat without the bone. Let’s see the overall nutritional value that you can get with each serving.

Every serving per 1.25 lbs of turkey
Total Calories 1071
Total Fat 10%
Cholesterol 36%
Sodium 4%
Potassium 6%
Protein 58%
Calcium 1%
Vitamin D 3%
Cobalamin 16%
Iron 6%
Vitamin B-6 30%
Magnesium 7%

All data listed above are based on the USDA nutritional value report.

It pays to know how much nutrients or calories you’re getting per serving of your favorite turkey breast. Although it’s okay to indulge sometimes, it’s still best to stick to the required serving per person instead of going over the limit.

The average person’s diet is only required to have at least 2000 calories in a day, depending on your need. 1.25lbs is 1000 calories in just one sitting. You can only go this far to stay within your limited calories per day.

Also, consider that other than eating the turkey breast, you’re also consuming the sides. All the calories can add up pretty quickly when not aware. You’ve got the classics such as mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, cornbread, buttered corn, and cranberry sauce. Each of those has its own calorie count that can totally add up to the overall calorie intake per sitting.

Why It’s Important To Know The Required Turkey Serving Per Person

It helps you to plan ahead.

Especially when you’re the one hosting the event, you need to know how many guests you’re going to invite to budget the turkey servings per person. This can help you as a cook to plan how much turkey you’re exactly going to buy and serve.

Although it’s best to go beyond the max serving per person (just to be sure you won’t run out), however, you still want to make sure that everyone gets to eat the same serving.

Here’s a graph that you follow when deciding how much turkey servings can feed a number of people.

For 4 persons 5 lbs
8 persons 10 lbs
12 persons 15 lbs
15 persons 20 lbs
20 persons 25 lbs

By following this guide at your next dinner or lunch party, you will have a proper grasp of how much each person can really consume per serving. No more panicking whether or not you prepared less or way too much.

You get to decide how many sides to prepare.

So, you bought a little meat or just enough turkey for let’s say 15 people and you’re not sure whether it would be enough. No need to hurry and run to the grocery to get extra turkey meat but instead add some more side dishes. Side dishes that are filling and perfectly pairs well with roasted turkey.

If you have extra potatoes, you can prepare more mashed potatoes or throw some pan-fried potatoes as a totally new side dish. Double the servings of your stuffings or make it more filling as possible.

You can also add some vegetables like mixed carrots and broccoli, whatever you have in the fridge. Then just throw it with some butter, salt, and pepper. You’ll see that the guests won’t even notice how you just have less turkey breast because you have a ton of side dishes on the table.

You avoid leftovers.

Leftovers are not all totally bad but considering the quality of the meat in the coming days, you know it changes. By knowing the right serving for each person, you do away with serving too much from what everyone can really consume. We usually have leftovers because we prepared too much food for the whole people.

It’s not bad to be prepared but with the leftovers, you’re stuck within the aftermath, it’s another to work on how to prepare it the right way. With the right meal planning and making sure that all the expected guests will show up, no turkey breast will go to waste or be recycled on tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.

You save more money.

The excitement when hosting a dinner party can be very overwhelming and make us become impulsive when buying. Especially if it’s our first time to host such and we tend to over-prepare. Mind you, there’s no harm to overdo it but consider the expenses you will incur when doing such.

Gatherings shouldn’t be a pain in the wallet but a worthy expense. When planning on how much turkey breasts you can buy, you only buy how much you need for the guests.

There’s no room for buying too much meat that you all can’t finish but at the same time, everyone gets to eat the right portions. Most importantly, you save more money which you can use to buy other side dishes to add to your menu.

You eat better and healthy.

Now that you have a better awareness of how many calories per serving a turkey breast has, you know when to draw a line in your consumption.

It helps us to avoid overeating and forgetting our healthy and balanced diet whenever in a special gathering. This is one mistake that most of us do, we tend to let go of ourselves during special gatherings.

It doesn’t always have to be the case all the time. We all can still enjoy feasting with our favorite turkey breast while also knowing how much we can only consume. Then we can still save more space in our bellies for desserts or maybe a few cocktail drinks. Balance is everything, that’s why there’s always a required serving per person.

Key Takeaway

Parties and gatherings are always a fun thing to do and show off your prized roasted turkey breasts. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your guests enjoying the food that you busily prepared throughout the day. It’s a sense of relief knowing that you get to feed everyone equally and your budget strategy worked in the end.

Although not everyone will follow or eat the same required serving of 1.25lbs per person, you don’t have to worry about it. Also, do not stress out your guests as well by telling them that they are supposed to eat the required serving only LOL. That makes you a bad host. As a host, you’re responsible to plan a bit extra servings to prevent running out of your turkey.

Also, know your guests. I’m pretty sure by now you have those guests who have more appetite than the rest. Include that in your budget so they can eat their hearts out. Always remember that not every guest is the same. Be prepared to have an extra serving and make sure that everybody is happy.

Now you know how much servings of turkey breasts that your guest can really have, we hope that your next meal planning is more organized and hassle-free.

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