How to Cook Ramen in the Microwave?

ramen noodles

If you want to prepare ramen at home, you will be glad to know that you can do that by using your microwave. This delicious soup is easier to make than it might seem and it can be a delicious lunch or dinner for you and your family.

Ramen soup is made of Chinese noodles in a fish broth or meat broth, soy sauce, or miso. It is also enriched with pork pieces, nori, and onion.

The recipe can differ according to each region. However, this dish remains one of the tastiest in Asian cuisines. We will tell you everything you need to know to make ramen soup at home by using your microwave!

How Do I Make Ramen in the Microwave?

You can find Ramen noodles in an instant form. Meaning, you can either prepare them in the microwave and boiled water by following the instructions on the package.

If you want to cook ramen in the microwave, just follow the next easy steps! You will need a bowl that is safe to use in the microwave in order to cook your ramen and water.

Ramen noodles

1. Heat up some water in the microwave 

For a portion of ramen noodles, you will need about two cups of water. Add them into the microwave-safe bowl. Heat them up in your microwave for about three minutes. Depending on the power of your microwave, you might be able to get the water heated up in two minutes.

2. Add the noodles

Add the noodles as they come out of the bag into the bowl with the heated water. You will want to cover the rim of the bowl with a loose plastic sheet. Make sure the plastic wrap you add on top of the bowl is big enough to cover it because you don’t want to find it inside the bowl.

3. Microwave the noodle in water

You will want to give the noodles and water for about 5 minutes in the microwave. If you are not sure that your noodles are cooked after this time, you can always add an extra minute.

This might be the case especially if your microwave is not powerful enough but it can also happen if you didn’t heat up the water enough, to begin with.

4. Add the seasonings 

Once your noodles are cooked well enough in the microwave you can take them out. Add the envelope with seasoning and make sure to mix the soup so the flavor is distributed evenly.

Now, all that you have left to do is allow your noodles to cool down and you can enjoy them as a fast lunch or even for dinner.

Can You Microwave Instant Ramen Cups?

You can find ramen as a ramen cup and it is very important to know that you cannot cook this type of ramen in the microwave. You will see this indication on the label of ramen cups as well. The containers these ramen types come in are NOT safe to be used in the microwave.

You can still use the microwave to prepare ramen cups. You will be able to boil the water in the microwave by using a microwave-safe bowl. Once your water is boiled, add it to the noodle container and give it three to four minutes to cook. Mix it well and enjoy it right from the cup! 

How Long Should I Microwave Ramen?

The ramen itself doesn’t need more than 5-6 minutes in the microwave to be ready to eat. However, you will also have to boil the water in the microwave first.

Since boiling the water can take an extra 3 minutes in the microwave you are looking at a total of 8-9 minutes to get your ramen noodles ready.

Microwave Ramen Recipes

You can use microwaved ramen noodles for both easy and complex recipes. In this section, we will share our three favorite dish ideas for microwave ramen.

Ramen salad

To make ramen salad you will need ramen noodles but also some other ingredients such as spinach, eggs, and cabbage.

Prepare the ramen noodle in the microwave as presented in this guide and cut your vegetables before adding them to a separate bowl. The good news is that you can add pretty much all types of veggies according to your taste.

Boil one or two eggs hard and slice them or cut them into cubes. Add the boiled eggs to the salad bowl once you cut it. Add the microwaved noodles to the bowl with the rest of the veggies and eggs and mix.

You might have to allow it a few minutes to cool down before you serve.

Ramen soup

You can also prepare a traditional ramen soup by using microwave noodles. But you will have to make the soup on the stove, so this is definitely a dish that you will want to make at home.

To make ramen soup you need to cook 2 tbs of oil, 3 tsp of minced garlic, 2 tsp of minced ginger, a cup of soy sauce, and 2 tsp of mirin as well as 4 cups of water or chicken stock. If you have beef stock, fish stock, or pork stock, they will work just as fine.

Heat up the oil in a pan. Add the garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and mirin. Let the ingredients simmer for about 3 minutes before you add the stick. Give your soup 10 minutes to boil.

Finally, add the microwaved noodles. Check the taste and add salt and pepper as you prefer. Let your soup cool down and serve.

Ramen pasta 

You can also use microwaved ramen noodles as you would use your favorite type of pasta. This is more of a cooking style than a recipe as you will have a lot of space to get creative.

Make your favorite sauce to go with your noodles. You can either ruse carbonara, bolognese, arrabbiata sauce, or any other sauce of your choosing as long as you like the taste. Prepare your sauce in a pan and add it on top of the noodles.

You will get a delicious lunch or dinner in just a few minutes. Feel free to add toppings of your choosing as well such as ham or a type of meat you prefer.

Who’s Up For Some Delicious Ramen Noodles?

Ramen noodles can be a fast, cheap, and tasty alternative to a complex meal.

The best part? You can cook these noodles at home or while you are at the office. Try using your ramen noodles in the recipes we presented in this guide and you will not regret it!

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