How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough: 8 Foolproof Solutions

cookie dough

Nothing compares to the smell and taste of freshly baked cookies you have just taken out of the oven. There are many recipes from which you can combine a lot of ingredients to make all kinds of different cookies.

Choosing a cookie recipe is easy but you have to make sure that the dough is properly made. There are many things that may occur during the process of making the dough.

You need to carefully follow the recipe and the ingredients that you are using. Baking cookies is very tricky even though it may look very easy at first. A proper way of mixing the ingredients will be enough to make the cookies perfect.

However, it may occur that your cookie dough is crumbly or not good enough to bake your cookies. What you should do in this case?

How to fix crumbly cookie dough? There are a few options that can help you save the crumbly cookie dough without the need for you to start everything all over again.

On the list of tips, you will find adding fat, using your hands to mix, using enough liquid, mixing the ingredients properly, letting the dough rest, thaw the dough after removing it from the fridge, avoid using dry ingredients and substitute the proper amount of the ingredients.

These tips will make your cookie dough tastier and you’ll save it to make the best cookies. Also, read below to find out why this may happen and tips for making the best cookie dough. 

Why Did the Cookie Dough Get Crumbly?

Even though you thought that you used the proper amount of every ingredient in your cookie recipe, something doesn’t feel right. The cookie dough is now crumbly and you can’t make cookies. There are a few reasons why this may have happened.

One of those reasons is how much you have made from the dough. Meaning, you wanted to adjust the recipe and make more cookies but ended up with a dough that won’t work.

Also, you haven’t used the right amount of each ingredient, you don’t have enough liquid or you have forgotten to take the dough out of the fridge on time. 

For these reasons we have made a list of the best tips which will help you save the cookie dough. Read below to find out more about what is missing in your dough and add it to make it better. 


How to Fix Crumbly Cookie Dough?

You had an idea to make cookies, but there is something wrong with the dough. It’s a bit strange and not how it’s supposed to be.

Well, there is no need to worry, if your cookie dough is crumbly we have the solution for you. We have a list of the best tips that will save your dough and you can make the best, most delicious cookies. 

In order to save your crumbly cookie dough, all you have to do is:

1. You can add fat

What is important for the texture of the cookie dough is to be moisturized. If the dough lacks that you need to add fat. However, what is very important to note here is that you need to be careful to add the appropriate amount.

If you put too much you’ll make the dough oily and it may interfere with the texture itself. It’s suggested a teaspoon and mix it all together with your hands. This way you will add moisture and softness to the dough and make it even better. 

2. Use your hands

The best way to create a perfect texture and the best dough is to use your hands. Actually, this way you’ll realize sooner that your cookie dough is crumbly and prevent going too far.

By using your hands you need to treat the dough gently. This way you will combine all the ingredients together making a great texture. Afterward, when the cookies are baking you will see the improvement and the final result will be amazing. 

3. Use enough liquid

Make sure to use the proper amount of liquid in your cookie dough. Too much liquid or not enough can be one of the reasons why the cookie dough can turn out to be crumbly.

Considering that when you removed the dough from the fridge, you noticed that it has become dry and there is no water. Add more liquid, meaning start with just one spoon and mix it.

If you add more liquid that won’t make changes in the taste of the dough. It will only improve it. Wrap the dough and place it in the fridge for a bit longer. 

4. Mixing the ingredients properly

One of the problems that could make the dough crumbly is if you overmix the dough. This is also very important because you have to treat the dough gently.

Also, try not to mix for too long. If you add the ingredients to the bowl and immediately start blending them, the flour will start to develop gluten. Avoid this if you don’t want your dough to become dry. 

5. Let the dough rest

If you overmix the dough, it is important to leave it to rest. If the dough has developed too much gluten, the resting part will make it soft and the dough will become better.

Place it in a dish and cover it. This way you can also avoid adding more liquid or fat if you have already put enough. Just let it rest and the dough will be ready for baking. 

6. Thaw the dough after removing it from the fridge

If you have placed the dough to rest in the fridge and it stays for too long, the dough may dry. It may affect the texture too, so when you take it out of the fridge, let it rest at room temperature. Leave it for a while and then try squeezing a bit and decide whether your dough is ready to use. 

7. Avoid dry ingredients

Try not to use too many dry ingredients, meaning do not use too much flour or baking powder. Use enough of the amount and follow the recipe, because you will make the dough super dry and tough.

The solution for this will be to add more of the other ingredients meaning you will have to make more than you planned.

Blend the dry dough with the new one that you’ve made. Add the ingredients slowly. Make sure that you calculate and measure everything before blending everything together. 

8. Substitute ingredients

When preparing cookies and you have made a swap in the ingredients from the original recipe, make sure that you use the proper amount of the substitute product.

If not that may cause the cookie dough to be crumbly. In that case, try to adapt the ingredients and use everything properly to get the perfect cookies.  

Related Questions

How do you fix cookies that fall apart?

First of all, it’s very important to follow the recipe. You need to grease the pan before cooking, let the cookies cool down after you get them out of the oven. This way you will prevent the cookies from falling apart.

What causes cookies to be too dry and crumbly?

There are many reasons why cookies can be dry and crumbly. Either they have been baking for too long or there might be too much flour in the dough. The cookies need to be baked enough so the edges would be golden and a little wrinkled.  

What do I do if my sugar cookie dough is too crumbly?

You can add a sprinkle of sugar and repeat until you stop baking. Use water over oil or milk. This way it’s less likely to change the structure of the dough.

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