How to Keep Pasta From Sticking (7 Easy Tricks)

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Pasta is something that we all enjoy and is one of the best things that comes from Italian cuisine. It comes in all shapes and sizes and you can also make it at home.

Pasta is included in our diets and we occasionally prepare it with sauces and a mix of ingredients that will make a perfect dish. But before adding anything, the pasta needs to be properly cooked.

There are many tricks that can make your pasta cook perfectly. It all begins from placing the water to a boil to add the pasta to be cooked.

It may seem very easy. But there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Also, what is very important pasta does not need to stick on all occasions meaning during cooking, in the pot, and after cooking.

What are the best ways to keep the pasta from sticking together? There are a few tips that you need to know when cooking pasta. If they are not cooked properly, pasta can become sticky and mushy.

We have made a list of solutions like letting the water boil before adding the pasta, using enough water, stirring properly, and using the right amount of oil.

Also, since pasta can become sticky in the pot and after cooking, draining the pasta properly, breaking it before cooking and adding olive oil after it’s cooked can prevent this from happening.

Read below to find out more. 

How to Keep the Pasta From Sticking?


There are actually many ways that you can cook pasta. All of them have some tips and tricks that you can follow in order for you to make the best pasta dish.

You want the pasta to be nicely boiled and you need the texture to be soft enough to add them into your sauce. However, if it’s not properly cooked, pasta can stick together which can become a problem.

That’s why we have provided solutions in case your pasta becomes sticky. Read on to find out more as well as how to keep them from sticking together after they are boiled. 

1. Let the water boil before adding the pasta

Firstly and very importantly what you should know is that the water needs to start boiling before you can put the pasta inside to cook.

If you add it before, the pasta will stay inside the warm water for a long time which is not good for the structure of the pasta. Also, if the water is not very hot and boiling, the pasta will become gummy and not good to eat. 

2. Use enough water when making pasta

You should also know that it is really important to use enough water when you are boiling pasta. When you use a pan make sure that you use one that is big enough for how much pasta you are planning to make.

This is one of the reasons why pasta gets sticky. If there is not enough water and there are no leaching scratches in the water that the pasta is cooked. If you are using a smaller pot add less water and stir frequently. 

3. Stir the pasta while it’s cooking

To prevent the pasta from getting sticky is to stir it while it’s cooking. This is especially crucial during the first two minutes when you add the pasta into the pan. If you don’t stir the pasta it may stick on the bottom of the pan. Keep stirring to cook the perfectly boiled pasta. 

4. Don’t add too much oil to the pasta 

Oil can make pasta less sticky, but it can also make it slippery. This way you won’t be able to add sauce, meaning the pasta won’t stick. It will make your pasta less tasty without sauce and it can make them mushy. 

How to Keep the Pasta From Sticking Together After Cooking?

Moreover, it is also important to know how to keep the pasta from sticking after you cook it. Just apply the following tips and your pasta will never stick together again.

5. Let the pasta drain

If you want the pasta to be well-drained, place the colander in the sink and let the water go through. Afterward, quickly put the pasta in the pot with the sauce. This way you will avoid the pasta cooling off and becoming sticky. 

6. Break the pasta before cooking

If you are making spaghetti or something larger, break it before cooking. Then, once the pasta is cooked you can always add oil and avoid the pasta sticking. 

How to Keep the Pasta From Sticking to the Pot?

7. Add olive oil

The best way to avoid sticky pasta in your pot is to use olive oil in the water while it’s cooking. When pasta is properly cooked it shouldn’t stick together.

Also, the best way to check if the pasta is ready is to put it against the wall of the pot and see if it sticks on it, it means that the pasta is good to eat. 

Related Questions

How do you keep the pasta from sticking together when cold?

Cook the pasta in salted boiling water. When cooked for approximately 7 minutes, drain it in cold water. Make sure that the pasta is cooked al dente, that way you will keep it from sticking. 

How do you keep pasta warm without sticking?

Add olive oil and toss the pasta to mix all together. By adding oil you will prevent the pasta from sticking while it’s still warm. The steam will also keep the pasta moisturized and ready for eating.

How do you keep the pasta from sticking overnight?

You can put olive oil in a container or a bag. Or you can also add a small amount of butter. This way you will prevent the pasta from sticking when it’s stored for further use.

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