How to Make Melted Chocolate Thinner: 7 Ways That Work

Melted Chocolate

For some people, dessert is incomplete if there is no chocolate involved. Actually, chocolate is not used only for eating but for cooking as well.

As we all know chocolate is very commonly used not just for eating, but for baking, as part of cakes and many other sweet dishes. Either is melted and added or simply melted and used as a dip. Typically, the melted chocolate is used with fruits and we usually see this melted chocolate as part of the fountains.

It’s impossible for your mouth not to water when you think of chocolate especially melted one. This form of chocolate is added on top of some sweet baking goods, muffins, cakes, and others. However, what if the texture is not thin enough to be added. Is there a way that you can fix this?

How to make melted chocolate thinner? We have made a list of solutions that can help to save your melted chocolate so you can use it as a dip or pour it on desserts.

You can either warm the chocolate up, add fat, paramount crystals, milk, cocoa butter, heat the chocolate slowly, or avoiding using any cold ingredients directly. In today’s article, we will also teach you how to melt and store melted chocolate properly.

How to Make Melted Chocolate Thinner?

There are a few options that we would recommend for you in order to get the perfect texture of the melted chocolate, meaning to be thin enough for additional use.

Once the chocolate is melted go ahead and start dipping. But there are some tips that you should know before you proceed with the melting.

Meaning, you need to know how to make the texture good enough and thin enough so it will be perfect. In case you don’t have the texture right, follow the next tips.

Melted Chocolate

Tip 1: Warm it up

One of the first things that come to mind is to place it back on the stove and warm it up again. Make sure that you don’t do this too much.

If you do it more than once the chocolate may burn a bit and it will have an overcooked taste which you don’t want on your cake or as a dipping. In order to avoid this, use a bit of oil and reheat it. 

Tip 2: Add Fat

Another option that is very useful is to add fat to the mixture. If you have melted chocolate before and you’ve had a bad experience, we would totally recommend adding fat, meaning oil or butter into the mixture. Do not add too much, just enough to get the texture going.

This way you will keep the chocolate moist enough so it won’t get hard or thick. Stir until the chocolate is smooth and runny.  Use one tablespoon of vegetable oil per cup of chocolate. 

Tip 3: Add paramount crystals

Another way for the melted chocolate to be thin enough is to add paramount crystals. They are also made out of vegetable oils which are commonly used by professional bakers.

They are effective and also easy to use. You will need a teaspoon of paramount crystals for every cup of chocolate. This way you’ll get the perfect melted chocolate. 

Tip 4: Add warm milk 

In order to get a creamier and thin melted chocolate, you can add a little warm milk into the mixture. Since milk has high-fat content this will be useful.

Make sure that the milk and chocolate are about the same temperature so the chocolate won’t seize. You can add any type of milk as long as you have the proper results that you need. 

Tip 5: Cocoa butter

Since chocolate is made with cocoa butter, you can always add more so you will get the proper texture you are looking for. Make sure to add the cocoa butter to the hot chocolate and stir until the texture is smooth and liquid enough.

Even though it may be a bit expensive, which is considered a downside, but it will help you to get the proper melted chocolate. 

Tip 6: Heat the chocolate slowly

In order to get everything right, you should melt the chocolate very slowly. This means that you should heat the chocolate so it won’t become very thick.

Overheating may lead to this. That’s why it’s recommended to take it very slowly. You can use a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature so you won’t make any mistakes. 

Tip 7: Avoid cold ingredients in your chocolate

Make sure not to use any cold ingredients directly in your melted chocolate. Anything cold may cause your chocolate to seize. This is due to the sugars, they sing together and separate the fat very quickly.

Chilling the chocolate too fast may cause the same effect so be careful when doing that. Allow it to cool down on its own at room temperature instead of using the fridge or freezer. 

How to Melt Chocolate Properly?

Since we have placed the best options for you to save your already melted chocolate to be thin enough to use, we have decided to also put in a few easy melting tips. Follow these easy ways that can help you melt chocolate the right way.

Method 1: The stove on method

This is one of the most common methods which will allow your chocolate to melt very properly. Just by placing the chocolate to melt, you’ll have an amazing smell that will remind you of many desserts and just as if you are in a chocolate factory.

Place the chopped chocolate on top of a double boiler under boiling water that simmers. If you don’t have a boiler you can always use a metal bowl over a saucepan. 

Stir the mix gently and make sure that the chocolate is fully melted. For safety measures, remove the boiling water from the stove. Use a heat-safe spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl in case some chocolate is on the sides.  

Method 2: Slow cooker method

Our second option is to use the slow cooker. It’s good to use if you are making big batches for something bigger. Place the chocolate directly into the slow cooker.

Afterward, set it on high heat and let it cook for an hour. Then, after an hour of cooking it, you can reduce the heat and let it cook for an additional hour until the chocolate is completely melted. Stir on every 15 min so you’ll get the perfect texture. 

Related Questions

What do you do when melted chocolate is too thick?

There is a way to fix the thickness of the melted chocolate. Just stir it constantly and allow the chocolate to bring down the temperature and melt. If it’s too dense, try adding vegetable oil and stir it shortly. 

How do you thin melted chocolate in the microwave?

Place the chocolate in a bowl and then in the microwave. Set the timer and cook it for two minutes. Do not leave the chocolate alone, after 10 to 15 seconds pause the microwave and stir. Afterward, let the chocolate melt itself properly. 

Can you add milk to melted chocolate?

Yes, milk is a good, safe way to be added to chocolate for melting. Make sure to add small amounts. Cold liquids are not to be added to the melted chocolate because they will make the texture freeze. And the chocolate will seize. 

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