8 Best Jelly Roll Pan Substitutes

Making desserts or baking is one of the best things that you can do and share with your friends and family. There are many different baking pans and a long list of different desserts and baking goods that come to your mind when it’s time for cooking.

Since there is a wide range of options for cake pans, it may be a bit tricky to find the best one so you’ll get perfect results.

A jelly roll pan is always a tempting option for many baking goods and desserts. However, it may be challenging since not everything can be baked in it.

The edges of this pat are for large cakes, homemade granola bars, meatloaves, roasted veggies, etc. vegetables. Meaning, jelly roll pan has many uses.

However, what if you don’t have this jelly roll pan at home, you need a suitable replacement for it because today is your baking day. Can I substitute a jelly roll pan? Indeed you can!

Substitutes for jelly roll pan include a half sheet pan, cookie sheet, full sheet pan, quarter sheet, Doughmaker aluminum baking pan, casserole pan, Nordic ware aluminum nonstick pan, and 9×13 pans.

Before you jump into the alternatives, read more on what a jelly roll pan is and what you can do with it and find the best suitable replacement.

What’s A Jelly Roll Pan?

Probably you have noticed that most cooking recipes require a suitable pan so you can get the perfect results you need. One of those recommended is the jelly roll pans which are one of the best suitable for many uses.

It’s a flat sheet pan that has a 1-inch rim along the edges of the pan. The dimensions are unique and not many things can be baked in it. It is made especially for sponge cakes that are firm and can have more fillings, creme coating, and can have a cylindrical shape.

Typically, jelly roll pans are made from aluminum or aluminized steel. Since you probably wonder where the name comes from, these pans are famous for making jelly rolls.

The pans are perfect for this dessert and you can also make cookies, pumpkin rolls, or even bake veggies. Well if you don’t have a jelly roll pan, in that case, check the best substitutes below, and create a nice dessert afterward.

Best Substitutes For Jelly Roll Pan

Now that we know what a jelly roll pan is, but still don’t have it at home, here are replacements that can be used. There are many replacements, but you need specific ones for your next recipe. Check the list and take your pick.

1. Half sheet pan

Half sheet pan

The first thing that comes to mind if you don’t have a jelly roll pan is to use a half sheet pan. Make sure that you use it for something that is more suitable, since if you bake a thin cake it may crack and burn.

Since most of the recipes tell you that you have to fill up the jolly pan almost an inch, that means that a wider half sheet pan will spread your mixture and make it too thin.

That’s why make sure to use proper amounts and sizes. 

2. Cookie sheet

The jelly roll pan can be replaced by the cookie sheet.

Even though this type of sheet is not good for baking jelly rolls, because it lacks the rolled edge, it is good for other types of baking. The cookie sheets are without edges since their design is for cookies to be placed all over the surface.

Not all sheet pans have a narrow length, so the jelly rolls may turn out to be thinner than usual. Use cookie sheets to bake all kinds of different baking goods, but keep in mind what type you choose.

Let’s say you can pick one for cooling off, one for baking, and pick a sheet with low sides. If you choose one with higher sides it may reflect on what you are baking. 

3. Full sheet pan

If you don’t have a jelly roll pan, you can also use a full sheet pan.

This type of sheet measures around 26 by 18 inches and has 1-inch sides. It may be bigger, so you have to adjust it according to your oven.

These types of sheets are commonly used in restaurants. 

4. Quarter sheet

If you cut your half sheet then you’ll end up with a quarter which can also work if you lack a jelly roll pan. You can use it for many types of baking.

You can basically do anything just the quantity that needs to be added will be smaller.

A great option if you don’t plan on baking much and you can also use it for other things as well. Place ingredients for drying in the fridge, freeze a batch of cookies before placing them in a bag.

Also, most importantly you can bake jelly rolls. However, note that you have to adjust the original recipe based on the quantity. 

5. Doughmaker aluminum baking pan

The Doughmaker aluminum baking pan makes a great substitute for a jelly roll pan.

It is a high-quality aluminum that is rust-resistant and super versatile! However, note that the surface is non-stick which is perfect for baking.

Another good quality is that this type of pan provides enough airflow, which means your baking goods will turn out with a nice browning crunch. 

6. Casserole pan

Casserole pan is another good replacement for jelly roll pan. It is a large deep pan that is used for many recipes.

Typically it is said that when you make a jelly roll pan to fill up the pan with batter under the top, but that does not always work.

When you use a casserole pan it is highly recommended to fill up the pan with less, especially if you are making a cake.

7. Nordic ware aluminum pan

Jelly roll pan can be substituted by the Nordic ware aluminum pan. It provides many benefits that can help you in almost any type of cooking.

Also, it is non-stick which is very useful in many ways. It is made of aluminum that can last up to years. Most importantly, it is rust-resistant, 1-inch deep, and the surface is designed in a way so you can easily cook your food.

A very useful tip here is that you can wash it by hand, clean it thoroughly and use it again. It is a great choice for making cookies, pastry, jelly rolls, and many more baking goods. 

8. 9×13 pan

A very useful pan that is significantly more useful instead of a jelly roll is the 9×13 pan.

As the name of the pan suggests, it measures 9×13. Meaning, it is the ideal size for baking cakes or cookies.

Use it for most of your baking goods and adjust the quantity based on the masseurs.

Jelly Roll Pan vs Baking Sheet

When it comes to baking we add up to our “game” equipment that is suitable for almost everything. Not all pans are good for every type of baking.

As it seems jelly roll pan and baking sheet can’t be used for everything. When we compare the two items the jelly roll pan is smaller than the baking sheet. This matters a lot because you need to adjust the quantity you add for baking.

Further, you can use them to roast larger batches of cookies, vegetables, or some baking goods, or the other one to make nice jelly rolls or a large sheet cake. Always keep in mind how high the dough will rise and be aware of the rolled edges of the jelly roll pan.

Related Questions

Can you use a 9×13 pan instead of a jelly roll pan?

Of course, you can use a 9 x13 pan instead of a jelly roll pan. You can make the replacement as long as you bake something that comes close to the results if it’s baked in a jelly roll pan.

Is a jelly roll pan the same as a cookie sheet?

No, a jelly roll pan is not the same as a cookie sheet. They vary in size and usage.

Can I use a baking tray for Swiss rolls?

To create nice perfect Swiss rolls you need a thin pan that is non-stick, so you can easily remove them. The baking tray may work but keep in mind these important things.

What size is a jelly roll baking pan?

The jelly roll pan is about 15.5×10.5 inches. It is fairly easy to find and you can make nice baking goods in it. Good quality and you can use them for a longer period of time.

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