10 Best Kasoori Methi Substitutes

Kasoori Methi

Dried leaves of the Fenugreek plant are known as Kasoori Methi. It is a herb with a bitter taste and can get addictive at times! It is used as a spice in Indian curries, parathas, and sabzi.

However, what if you cannot find it while cooking? In this case, consider using some alternatives.

These herbs and seeds can be used as a replacement for Kasoori Methi. This leafy green herb is used in a large number of Indian cuisines.

We’ll be discussing a lot of things about this herb like the benefits and substitutes. So to procure more information about this versatile herb read till the end of this article!

Best Kasoori Methi Substitutes

If you don’t have Kasoori Methi in handy, then do not worry. Here, we have compiled varieties of food/herbs you can use as a substitute for Kasoori Methi in your dish! 

1. Dried mustard greens

Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are also called curly or curled mustards. Mustard greens have a bitter and somewhat spicy taste. They can prove to be a good substitute for Kasoori Methi as they smell and taste similar to Kasoori Methi.

They can be sprinkled in their raw form or cooked to add to curries for a rich aroma and flavor. 

2. Spinach


Spinach has the quality to resemble the aroma and texture of Kasoori Methi after it has been properly cooked. Mixing some ground Fenugreek seeds with spinach while cooking can make your dish tasty.

Spinach might not provide you with the exact flavor of Kasoori Methi but adding some seeds with spinach can help. They can be used successfully as a substitute for Kasoori Methi. 

3. Celery leaves

Celery leaves

Another substitute for Kasoori Methi is celery leaves. This vegetable contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. These leaves can be found at the top of the celery stalks.

Fenugreek leaves have a bitter taste and the taste of celery leaves resembles it a lot, hence it is considered to be a good substitute for Kasoori Methi and a similar smell and taste can be attained.

While making a spice mix one can use celery leaves as they prove to be a perfect choice for this purpose. Chinese celery offers the best flavor but it is not a necessity. Celery leaves can be used in any dish that calls out for Fenugreek leaves as they have a similar taste and smell. 

4. Collard greens

Collard Greens

Collard greens have a far bitter taste than Kasoori Methi. But they can replace Kasoori Methi due to their qualities.

For the replacement of 1 tablespoon of Kasoori Methi, you should use 1 tablespoon of the leaves of collard greens. The replacement ratio remains almost the same.

Although they have a much bitter taste than Kasoori Methi they still make a great substitute for the same.

5. Alfalfa

Also known as watercress, alfalfa is a flowering plant. It has a similar taste to that of Kasoori Methi and can be used successfully as a substitute for the same.

It has a lot of fibers, vitamins, and minerals. And these nutrients have a lot of benefits for sugar management in the blood. It holds the power to relieve some symptoms of menopause too. If you don’t have Kasoori Methi, you can use Alfalfa as a substitute successfully.

Alfalfa can also be used as a replacement for Fenugreek in its true form. Moreover, its taste and flavor are quite similar to that of celery leaves. 

6. Fenugreek seed


Fenugreek seeds come from the Fenugreek plant just like the Fenugreek leaves. But they have a slight difference as they are a spice version of the plant whereas the Fenugreek leaves are herbs.

Seeds are filled with a lot of nutrients. They contain Vitamin B, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. The seeds provide an individual with a lot of nutrients that one requires on a daily basis.

They need to be added to the dish in the starting phase of the cooking procedure. These can be used as a powder or they can be cooked in the oil. Both ways can work.

If you don’t have Kasoori Methi, Fenugreek seeds can prove to be a good substitute for the same due to their pungent smell and taste. They have a similar aroma and this proves to be fruitful for the substitution.

They can be used in a powdery form or can even be fried to be added to the dish. In addition, watercress can also be added with Fenugreek seeds to attain some bulkiness. 

7. Maple syrup

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup and Kasoori Methi, both contain a chemical compound called Solotone. This chemical compound is an aroma compound and gives the food a rich aroma.

So, Maple Syrup can be successfully used as a substitute for Kasoori Methi. However, one must add Maple Syrup at the end of the cooking procedure.

This advice is given because the aroma of the maple syrup slips away quickly hence it is believed that it will prove to be ineffective if it is added at the start.

Also, adding too much maple syrup can make your dish really sweet in taste. Hence, keep the quantity of the plant used in your mind.  

8. Curry powder

Curry Powder

Ingredients of the powdered Fenugreek seeds include curry powder. This implies that some flavor of Fenugreek is added to the dish when one uses curry powder instead of Kasoori Methi.

It makes a good substitute for Kasoori Methi as its flavor matches well. However, it imparts an additional flavor and color to the dish. Hence, one must take care of its quantity.

Fenugreek is a predominant flavor in the curry leaves, so make sure that you don’t add much of it to your dish. 

9. Watercress


Its flavor is similar to celery and has a slight aroma of additional peppery notes. It proves to be a good substitute for Kasoori Methi.

You should use 1 tablespoon of watercress leaves when you don’t have Kasoori Methi.

10. Mustard seeds

mustard seeds

You can use the yellow mustard seeds instead of Kasoori Methi for the same flavor. It proves to be a good substitute because of the similar aroma and flavor.

They provide the same mild bitter taste which we get from Kasoori Methi. The same amount of mustard seeds as the Fenugreek must be added for the perfect flavor.

Related Questions

Kasoori Methi Substitute In Butter Chicken

The substitutes for Kasoori Methi in Butter Chicken remain the same as they are for the normal dishes.

What can you substitute for dried fenugreek leaves?

You can substitute mustard greens for dried fenugreek leaves as they provide a similar aroma and taste.  They are a successful substitute for Kasoori Methi and can be used easily. No one can spot the difference once Mustard Greens has been substituted for Kasoori Methi. 

Can I use fenugreek instead of Kasoori Methi?

Fenugreek Seeds are made from the same plant as Kasoori Methi and hence they prove to be a good substitute. They offer the same smell, they have a strong smell and a rich aroma similar to Kasoori Methi.

So yes, to answer this question, one can use Fenugreek Seeds instead of Kasoori Methi without tampering with its smell or taste. 

What can I substitute methi for?

The list for the number of substitutes has been provided above. You can substitute Methi for a lot of ingredients such as maple syrup, celery powder, watercress, mustard seeds, curry powder, fenugreek seed, alfalfa, collard greens, spinach, and dried mustard greens. 

Kasoori Methi where to buy?

Kasoori Methi is available in most markets and stores in India. If you’re located anywhere else, you can purchase it from online stores, or visit an Indian grocery store to procure it.

Are Kasoori Methi And Oregano The Same?

Kasoori Methi and oregano are entirely different.

However, they are used in many dishes for different purposes. Oregano is seasoned and cannot be used in dishes that require Kasoori Methi and vice versa.

Kasoori Methi is sun-dried fenugreek while Oregano is a herb that comes from the mint family. Both of them have a different aroma and flavor and cannot be used for a similar purpose.

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