KC Strip vs New York Strip: What’s The Difference?

New York Strip

KC strip and New York strip, two of the tastiest dishes people eat in restaurants. Some prefer to prepare them at home too. However, there is confusion regarding the difference between these two types of beef dishes.

Before we dive into the differences and similarities between the two dishes, we have to specify that the KC strip stands for the Kansas City strip. However, it is commonly referred to as Kc strip. 

The key difference between the kc strip and the New York strip is the fact that the KC strip comes with a part of the t-bone in it while the New York strip has no bone at all.

Now, let’s learn more about the two dishes!

KC Strip vs New York Strip: Comparison Chart


KC strip 

New York strip 




Fat layer 



Who cuts it?

Kansas city butcher 

New York chef 

Cooking style

Grilled, barbecued, baked 

Grilled, barbecued, baked

Type of cut 

Short loin of the cow

Short loin of the cow

What’s The Difference Between The New York Strip And KC Strip?

The most obvious difference between these two dishes is the fact that the KC strip comes with a part of the t-bone and the New York strip is boneless.

At the same time, the KC strip also has a thin layer of fat and the New York strip comes with the fat layer trimmed off. There are also other differences as the KC strip is usually cut by a butcher in Kansas while a New York strip is cut by a chef in a restaurant in New York.

Butchers tend to cut this part of the beef with fat and bone included. A chef will further adjust the cut by removing the bone and the fat, in order to obtain a New York strip steak.

It is also worth mentioning that the KC strip tends to be somewhat thinner compared to the New York strip. However, this is not a constant difference as it varies according to the butcher or the chef who cuts the meat.

Is KC Strip A Good Steak?

KC strip is one of the most tender steaks you will ever eat and it is extremely delicious, especially with the right seasoning.

This meat comes from the loin primal or the short loin of the cow and it is rich in flavor as well as very flexible during cooking.

To get the maximum taste of this type of meat, it is recommended to cook it in a medium style at most. Make sure you don’t overcook it as it can become dry and harder to chew.

This is also advisable for the New York strip and essentially all types of beef. You want to prepare your beef with caution as the end taste will depend directly on the time you cook your meat for.

Lastly, take into account your personal preferences when you prepare your steak!

What Cut Is A KC Strip?

KC strip is the same type of cut as a New York strip, only the way they are trimmed differs. This cut comes from the short loin of the cow and it has somewhat of a marbling texture that is more visible when the meat is cooked very little.

Although both the KC strips and New York strips come from the same cut, they could look quite different. So, don’t expect the same appearance.

Which Is Better Ribeye Or KC Strip?

Ribeye Steak

When it comes to choosing before a delicious ribeye and a tasty KC strip, it could be difficult since they are both very tasty types of meat.

A ribeye is a beef cut from the outer side of the ribs. It can be cooked in a variety of ways. However, a ribeye will not have as much meat as a KC strip. Thus, if you prefer tender, rich beef, you will not be able to replace the KC strip easily.

Ribeyes are also super juicy as they have a higher level of fat, which allows you to cook them at higher temperatures as well.

Ultimately, your choice will depend only on what you prefer to enjoy for your meal as both the ribeye and the kc strip can be quite delicious on your plate. 

KC Strip vs Sirloin: What’s The Difference?

The difference between the Kc strip and sirloin is similar to the one between the KC strip and the New York strip.

Sirloin is just a different kind of New York strip, sliced from the top sirloin part of the cow. This cut is also boneless which is the main difference between these two strips. In terms of taste and tenderness, these two types of meat can be very similar.

You can also cook them fairly the same. So, you will not notice many differences when it comes to different dishes

Bone vs New York Strip: What’s The Difference?

A t-bone is included in the KC strip that can give it an extra flavor, depending on how you prepare it. The T-bone is not found in the New York strip and that can be an advantage for some dishes but also a disadvantage for others.

Steaks that have the t-bone or part of it, also have a generous layer of fat which can be trimmed as needed when New York strips are usually without this layer of fat.

Since the t-bone steak has more fat, you can cook it a bit longer at higher temperatures, unlike the New York strip that requires monitoring so you don’t overcook it.

Overall, both these types of beef can become part of a delicious meal!

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the KC strip or New York strip, you will not be disappointed.

Both taste great! And they can be part of a luxury meal that you can enjoy with friends or at a romantic dinner. It is important to be aware of the fact that the best KC strip you will have is in Kansas City and the best New York strip remains in New York City.

If you choose to cook these types of meat at home, make sure to have the right seasoning as they can taste very different depending on what herbs and spices you use.

They both make a perfect choice for grilled dishes or barbecues. You can place them in the oven along with your favorite veggies. So, allow yourself to get creative with these two beef cuts!

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