10 Best Kitchen Bouquet Substitutes

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Sauces and extra agents are commonly used in many cuisines worldwide. Meaning, you’ll add extra flavors and aroma to your dish. And one of those sauces is the Kitchen bouquet which is a browning sauce that is added to many recipes.

Even though you may not be familiar with it, when added to a dish it will provide rich and brown color. Kitchen Bouquet has a mild taste and traces of vegetables, herbs, and spices.

But what if you do not have this sauce at hand or cannot find it?

You can substitute Kitchen Bouquet with dark soy sauce, Maggi liquid, Bragg liquid aminos, dark molasses, Worcestershire sauce, Gravy Master, Parisian essence, coffee granules, liquid smoke, and a homemade sauce.

Go through the list and find what will be good for your recipe.

Substitutes for Kitchen Bouquet

What is important to know is that the Kitchen Bouquet is a gluten-free product. Meaning, it is perfect for people who avoid gluten in their diet.

It is also low in sodium. However, there is always the chance to run out of this sauce and wonder are there substitutes that can help?

The kitchen bouquet may not be easy to find or is not as famous as the other ingredients, so no need to worry if you need to replace it. Here is a list of the great substitutes which will help you save your dish.

1. Dark soy sauce

Dark Soy Sauce

One of the best replacements for a Kitchen Bouquet is the dark soy sauce. This is another browning agent that will be suitable for many recipes.

This way you’ll get the same effect as if you have used the kitchen bouquet. It is important to know that when you apply soy sauce you’ll get a saltier taste, so don’t add too much. Also, do not add extra salt or add enough so you won’t get a very salty dish. 

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2. Maggi liquid

A commonly used sauce that can be a good replacement for Kitchen Bouquet is the Maggi liquid. This is famous for its umami taste and appearance.

The rich, sweet, savory, and slightly spicy taste makes it very unique. It is similar to Kitchen Bouquet and you can use it in most of the recipes that call for it. 

3. Bragg liquid aminos

Something similar to soy sauce and a good substitute for kitchen bouquets is the Bragg Liquid Aminos. This is a sauce that is made from soybeans and it’s perfect for savory disease and those that call for kitchen bouquets.

Keep in mind that it has a dark color, so it will be similar when you add it to your cooking. Further, we need to note that it is salty, so don’t add extra salt.

4. Dark molasses

Pomegranate Molasses

Something that will give you very similar results and a good replacement for a kitchen bouquet is dark molasses. Actually, it has a caramel taste and browning color, and more importantly, it serves as a thickening agent as well.

A useful tip to know here is that if you mix dark molasses with broth you’ll have the same taste as if you’ve used a kitchen bouquet. Make the swap in most recipes. Adjust the quantity based on the other ingredients.

5. Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

The kitchen bouquet finds its replacement in the Worcestershire sauce. This sauce has a powerful and strong umami taste which will add more tastiness to your dish.

Always keep an eye on how much you’ll add since the taste may be too much. Thus, when you make the replacement you need to add little by little from the Worcestershire sauce since it may affect the dish. Use in stews, pies, sauces, marinades, and any other recipe that calls for a kitchen bouquet.

6. Gravy master

The next sauce which will be a good substitute for kitchen bouquet in your recipe is the gravy master. This sauce is good since it won’t make any changes to the dish and is similar to the kitchen bouquet. It has richness in its taste and deep color which is quite different.

You can add it to turkey, beef, or pork dishes. Also, replace it in sauces, stews, vegetables, or any other type of meat recipe. Adjust the quantity based on the recipe. Also, add little by little. 

7. Parisian essence

Persian essence is yet another suitable replacement for a kitchen bouquet in your cooking. It is made out of water and caramel which adds a brown color.

More importantly, it is another gluten and dairy-free product. It is also vegan-friendly and a healthy variant that can thicken sauces. You can add it basically in all of the recipes that call for a kitchen bouquet.

8. Coffee granules

You may not consider it as an option, but coffee granules are another way to substitute kitchen bouquets. They’ll provide the browning color you are looking for and also coffee granules are more likely to be in your kitchen cabinet right now.

Keep in mind the unique taste of coffee and add a suitable amount so you won’t have any effects on the taste of the other ingredients.

9. Liquid smoke

A liquid that will add flavor to the meals and replace the kitchen bouquet is liquid smoke. It is a liquid that has a long history and provides a smoky taste to your dishes.

The color is yellow and red and it may not be the same as the kitchen bouquet, however, it will give similar effects when added to recipes. Add it to different types of meat or vegetable dishes. The taste is almost as smoky as if you have done that.

10. Homemade sauce

Beef Broth

The last option is the homemade sauce. Moreover, this is the best and the safest option. If you have time we would recommend you to make it at home since it is very easy and you’ll get the proper taste you are looking for.

All you need is ½ cup of sugar, 1 cup of water, and beef broth. First, add the sugar to melt in a saucepan until it turns brown. Afterward, add the water and beef broth, and mix it all together.

Mix until you achieve the proper thickness you are looking for. This way you’ll get the taste and aroma and add it to your cooking at any time. 

Related Questions

Is Kitchen Bouquet discontinued?

The kitchen bouquet has been used for many years to add more flavor to foods. It is a flavoring ingredient that often is confused with gravy master, but they are not the same thing.

What can I substitute for browning sauce?

You can use gravy master as a way to replace browning sauce. Keep in mind the ingredients in the recipe so you can add other brownings like soy sauce or coffee granules.

Is Kitchen Bouquet the same as Maggi?

The kitchen bouquet and Maggi are not the same things. They can be used as a substitute for each other but there is a difference in between. For instance, Maggi has a much stronger taste and it is saltier.

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