10 Best Malt Milk Powder Substitutes

If you are looking for a malt milk powder substitute you came to the right place. Malt is a grain that was dried soon after it sprouted. Usually, malt refers to barley. It is used in many drinks such as beer, whiskey as well as vinegar.

Malt milk powder and can contain wheat flour as well as other ingredients depending on the manufacturer. The main replacement for malt milk powder is your regular powder milk.

You can use any type of powder milk instead of malt milk powder and get a similar drink or dish. But keep reading to find even more substitutes for malt milk powder.

Substitutes for Malt Milk Powder

The following substitutes for malt milk powder can save your drink or dish successfully. So pick one and don’t let the absence of malt milk powder ruin your day.

1. Coconut milk powder

Coconut Flour

Coconut milk powder is one of the best substitutes for malt milk powder. You can use it in drinks as well as cakes and other baked desserts. Coconut milk powder has a similar level of fat as malt milk but it will not be as sweet.

So, if you use this milk powder in your desert, you might want to add a sweetener such as sugar or maple syrup. However, this is a matter of personal taste.

In terms of consistency, coconut milk powder is ideal for replacing malt milk powder. Use the same ratio (for one cup of malt milk powder, use one cup of coconut milk powder).

2. Soy milk powder

Soy milk powder is fairly easy to find in most stores. You can use it instead of malt milk powder as long as you add some sweetener to it.

The taste of soy milk, in general, is not a sweet one. You will have to enrich it with honey, sugar, or maple syrup. If you want to replace malt milk powder in baking, soy milk powder is one of your best alternatives.

You can use the same amount of soy milk powder as you would use your malt milk powder.

3. Maca powder

Maca powder is very similar in taste to malt milk powder and it even looks similar too. Plus, it is a great source of energy and it is known for reducing stress levels. You can use it in any baked recipe or smoothies and any other type of drink instead of malt milk powder.

However, maca powder is not as easy to find in stores so you might struggle. If you do find it, use the same amount as if you would use malt milk powder.

4. Regular milk powder

milk powder

One of the most accessible alternatives to malt milk powder is regular milk powder. Cow milk powder is not suitable for vegan dishes.

However, it can replace malt milk powder in any type of baked dessert or drink. You will have to increase the sugar or any other sweetener you prefer if you use this substitute. Cow milk powder is usually unsweetened.

Use the same amount as you would use malt milk powder and your recipe will turn out to be delicious.

5. Malt syrup

Barley Malt Syrup

Malt syrup is not a powder ingredient but if you add it to your recipe it can give you a similar taste to malt powder milk. Keep in mind that malt syrup will have to be diluted in a type of milk because you can’t replace the quantity of malt milk with malt syrup.

However, if you add malt syrup to any type of unflavored milk, you will get the malt taste that malt milk powder has. The amount of malt syrup you add to your dish will depend entirely on your taste and preference.

6. Ovaltine milk powder

If you see Ovaltine milk powder in stores, you might be surprised to discover that it has malt milk powder among its ingredients. You can find it in a simple form or with a chocolate flavoring. Ovaltine is easy to find and it can make a delicious drink.

You can also use it in any type of recipe that calls for malt milk powder. Use it in the same way as you would use your malt milk powder. You will not need to add sweetener as Ovaltine is sweetened.

7. Quinoa milk powder

Quinoa milk powder is a healthy and suitable alternative to malt milk powder. You can use it in smoothies, baked recipes, or simply prepare it by itself.

The market offers sweetened and unsweetened quinoa milk powder. If you get the unsweetened version, you might want to add maple syrup, honey, or other sweeteners of your choice.

Quinoa has a stronger flavor than malt milk powder, so you might want to use half of the milk powder quantity. If you like the quinoa flavor, respect the same quantity and you will not regret it.

8. Almond milk powder

Almond Flour

A less common alternative to malt milk powder is almond milk powder. It will have a strong almond taste and if you choose the unsweetened version, you will need to add maple syrup and malt syrup to keep the same flavor for your food.

If you are baking a vegan cake, use almond milk powder instead of malt milk powder. This milk will work great in smoothies and different drinks. Use the same ratio of almond milk powder as you would use malt milk powder in order to get the texture you want for your recipe.

9. Oat milk powder

Oat milk powder has a neutral taste which makes it a great substitute for any type of milk powder in your recipes. Therefore, it can replace malt milk powder with no problem as long as you add the sweetener you want.

Oat milk powder goes great in smoothies as well as other beverages. If you use it in baked recipes it will also add the type of texture you need for your final dish.

Just like the other substitutes that come in powder form, you can use the same quantities you would use for your malt milk powder.

10. Rice milk powder

Brown Rice Flour

This powder is a less common substitute for malt milk powder but it will save the day just the same as the rest of the alternatives. Rice milk in general has a naturally sweet taste. You will not have to add as much maple syrup to obtain the sweetness of malt milk.

However, you will want to add malt syrup since the rice taste is very present too. It is best used in drinks such as smoothies but you can use it in cookies as well if you sweeten it properly.

The ratio remains the same for rice milk powder so add the same quantity as if you used malt milk powder.


How do you make malted milk powder?

If finding the best substitute for malt milk powder might not work for you, how about you try to make your own? You will be pleased to learn that this powder is not that hard to prepare at home.

You only need malt powder and instant dry milk. Use one cup of instant dry milk and mix it with three tablespoons of malt powder. Mix both ingredients together and store the mixture in a sealed container until you use it.

This powder should stay good for one month and you can use it in smoothies, baked dishes, or mix it with water for a tasty drink.

What does malted milk powder do?

You might wonder why use malted milk powder in the first place. Malted milk powder will give your food a delicious malt taste that goes great with plenty of recipes.

If you use it in baking recipes, this powder will help your dough cook properly and get a fluffy texture. You can find malt powder in a diastatic and non-diastatic form.

The diastatic version is rich in enzymes so it can break down starch into sugar and it goes great for dough dishes. The non-diastatic malt powder will go great in beverages and it is mainly used for flavoring.


As you can see malt milk powder is not difficult to replace or even to make at home. This ingredient can completely change the taste of your food or drink for the better if used properly.

However, if you don’t have malt milk powder on hand, you have plenty of alternatives above to choose from and save your recipe.

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