12 Best Manchego Cheese Substitutes

Manchego Cheese

If you are looking for a Manchego cheese substitute, you came to the right place. We will introduce to you not one but 12 substitutes.

Your recipes will keep their delicious taste regardless of which Manchego cheese substitute you choose from the list below. The good news is that you can use a bunch of different cheese types instead of Manchego cheese.

Manchego Substitutes

There are as many as 12 possible substitutes you can use if you run out of Manchego cheese. Let’s talk about each one of them individually and see what it can bring to your recipe.

1. Asiago cheese

Asiago cheese

You can use Asiago cheese instead of Manchego cheese and your dish will still taste delicious. This type of cheese is made of whole cow milk and has a delicious taste.

There are 2 types of Asiago cheese you can use instead of Manchego cheese. The fresh Asiago cheese is called Asiago Pressato and the matured cheese is called Asiago s’allevo.

Both taste similar but the texture differs. The freshly made Asiago is smoother than the crunchy texture of the older versions. Choose the type that will match your recipe best.

The best ways to use this cheese is in soups, sandwiches, salads or you can melt it, bake it or eat it plain in thin slices. 

2. Chihuahua cheese

Yes, Chihuahua is not only a dog breed name but it is also a tasty type of cheese that you can use instead of Manchego cheese.

You will often find this cheese under the name of Queso Chihuahua as it is a Mexican cheese. This cheese is ideal for melting as it has a texture similar to Cheddar cheese. It will work great on Mexican dishes such as quesadillas or chilaquiles and other sauces.

The milk used for this cheese is cow’s milk and it has a pale color and smooth taste that is very versatile to a variety of dishes. 

3. English cheddar cheese

English cheddar cheese

A more popular type of cheese that you can use if you don’t have Manchego is the Cheddar cheese. This yellow cheese can replace Manchego and any other type of cheese while keeping the taste of every recipe. You will love to use it in sandwiches, salads, and different baked dishes.

It will taste great on pasta and different recipes so you can use it not only instead of Manchego cheese but instead of any other type of cheese. Cheddar cheese is one of the most versatile types of cheese in the world and it has a very rich flavor. 

4. Monterey Jack cheese

If you are looking for an American cheese to replace the Manchego cheese, you will be glad to know that Monterey Jack is one of your best options.

This cheese comes from California and is made from cow’s milk. In texture, it is somewhat firm and creamy at the same time, with a mild taste. Thanks to its buttery flavor, this cheese will work great in cooked dishes.

For instance, if you are planning to bake something with Manchego cheese, use Monterey Jack cheese instead. This cheese is often used in many Mexican dishes thanks to its melting qualities and delicious flavor. 

5. Mozzarella cheese


A common replacement for Manchego cheese is the classic Mozzarella. You can use Mozzarella on more dishes than just pizza. It goes great on sandwiches but also sauces, Mexican, and Italian dishes.

The gooey texture of this cheese makes it just as good if not even better than Manchego cheese in plenty of recipes. It has a neutral smell so it will not bother you as you add it to your recipe. But the taste will be just what you are hoping for.

6. Muenster cheese


Muenster cheese is an Americanized version of French cheese with the same name. It is made of cow’s milk that has been pasteurized and it has a pale color with a yellow tint.

The moist and soft texture of this cheese makes it easy to adapt to all kinds of dishes. You can bake it, fry it or eat it plain. Muenster cheese can replace Manchego cheese in any recipe as long as you cook it the same way and use the same seasonings. 

7. Parmesan

Parmesan Cheese

If you are a fan of salty cheese, replace your Manchego cheese with Parmesan. It has a distinct taste that can enrich the flavor of almost any recipe. You can use it on pasta and pizza but you can also bake it and add it to different salads or soups.

Parmesan is saltier than other types of cheese so always measure your quantities. If you want to add more Parmesan, skip adding salt. Otherwise, your dish will turn out too salty. 

8. Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano

This Pecorino Romano cheese is as old as Roman times.

In the original recipe, this cheese is made from, sheep’s milk but there are recipes in the world that use cow’s milk as well. The aging process of this cheese is anywhere between eight and 12 months in order to obtain the delicious and particular taste most people love.

Use it instead of Manchego cheese but keep an eye on the extra salt you add to your recipe as well. Pecorino Romano is a saltier cheese than others. 

9. Zamorano

Another cheese made of sheep’s milk that comes from Spain is Zamorano.

This cheese is delicious and perfect as a replacement for almost any type of cheese. The crumbly texture and pale yellow tint, make this cheese appealing and inviting to many people.

It is the type of cheese that goes great with a variety of dishes but also wine. 

10. Cashew cheese

If you are a vegan, you can use Cashew cheese instead of Manchego cheese. From all the vegan cheeses out there, cashew cheese tends to be the most popular. It tastes like regular cheese and you can use it on almost all dishes you would need to use regular cheese in. 

11. Tofu


Tofu can be used in a multitude of recipes as well. Depending on the seasonings you put on tofu, you can actually control the taste you give to it.

If you want to replace Manchego cheese with tofu, add the right amount of salt and let the tofu marinate for a few hours.

Add the seasonings you would normally add to your Manchego cheese. Let the tofu marinate in them for at least 3 hours before using it. 

12. Almond cheese

And last vegan option you might want to consider is almond cheese. Almonds can be the base of a great-tasting cheese without using any type of milk.

You can use almond cheese as a topping on pizza or sandwiches. It will taste greatly baked or fried as well. This is a great option for vegans or people on a temporary plant-based diet.


What is the Flavor of Manchego cheese?

Manchego cheese has a rich flavor and can add a great taste to any dish you put it on.

It combines flavors of sour cream with cheesecake and even fruity flavors. You will taste the hay aroma in this cheese as well and it is not very salty. 

Left to mature for up to six months, will give this cheese a better taste. It will be more acid and gain nuts and caramel flavor to it. 

Is Manchego Cheese Like Goat Cheese?

Manchego cheese is made from sheep’s milk but it can resemble goat cheese as well.

However, compared to goat cheese, Manchego cheese is having a more buttery texture and is sweeter than goat cheese. 

Goat cheese tends to be saltier and firmer than Manchego cheese. These two types of cheese are split into other types of cheese according to how much they age.

Plus, there are plenty of goat cheese types on the market. Some of them might resemble more or less Manchego cheese. 

What is Queso Manchego in English?

If you are looking for the Manchego queso in English, all you want to do is translate queso into “cheese”.  You will find Manchego queso under the Manchego cheese name. This type of cheese is popular worldwide thanks to its delicious taste and versatile texture. 


Manchego cheese might have a delicious taste and in some respects, it can be unique but that doesn’t mean you can’t replace it. Use one of the substitutes we recommended and keep your food tasty even without the Manchego cheese. 

  1. Thanks so much for all this great info on different cheese substitutes. I had never heard of Manchego cheese and I’m not familiar with Goat cheese either, and my dish calls for both. Your article was very helpful! Thanks again!

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