Top 8 Mango Powder Substitutes

Mango Powder

Also known as amchoor powder, mango powder is a common ingredient in Indian dishes. 

Further, mango powder is made from green dried ground mangoes, which provide a nice taste. Mango powder has a fruity aroma with a mild sweetness. It is a staple in various Indian dishes that have meat, vegetables, and curries.

This powder has a tangy, sour taste which is noticeable in cooking. Italian cuisine offers many recipes in which this spice is a must. You can add it to soups, stews, or braises. You can also use it as a thickener in your recipes instead of adding extra liquor.

However, if you don’t want to use mango powder in your cooking, or simply there is none in your cabinet, can you use an alternative?

Can I substitute mango powder? Yes, Tamarind powder, Tamarind paste, Anardana, Loomi, Lime or Lemon juice, Chaat Masala, Sumac, and Citric acid powder make great substitutes for mango powder.

We have gathered the important information that you need to know. It’s your turn to find what will serve best in your cooking.

Substitute for Mango Powder

Dried mango powder is perfect for recipes like soups, stews, vegetable dishes, meats, etc. Also, since it’s typical for Indian cuisine, it is a staple ingredient in most recipes there. However, if you don’t have mango powder, use some of the following substitutes.

1. Tamarind powder


The first option that we have on our list is the dried powder of tamarind. Just as the fruit from which it is made, the tamarind powder is very sour and provides tartness in your cooking.

This powder is very similar to the mango powder with its mild sweetness and fruity tones which are noticed in the dish that you’ll be making. You can add equal amounts to your recipe when replacing mango powder with tamarind powder.

2. Tamarind paste

Just like the Tamarind powder, the Tamarind paste can also serve as a replacement in your recipes for Mango powder. This paste provides a combination of tartness and fruity notes, just like the mango powder.

Since tamarind paste has liquid in its texture, you’ll need to adjust the quantity when using it as a substitute. Add at least half of the amount that your recipe asks for. It is common in parts of India and Southeast Asian cooking. Use it in recipes like vegetable curries or with fish.

3. Anardana

Another substitute that will do well in your cooking instead of mango powder is anardana. This is made from dried pomegranate powder and is typical in western cuisine.

Its tangy flavor is similar to the mango powder and will be good for most recipes that require it. Anardana is a bit sweeter than mango powder but make sure to add a reasonable amount and try to avoid overpowering the dish.

4. Loomi

Loomi is a famous ingredient in parts of the Middle East that can replace mango powder in recipes. It is made from Persian lime which is boiled with salat. Afterward, it is dried and used in cooking.

Loomi is also sour and very similar to mango powder. Use it in recipes like seafood, chicken, lamb, or some vegetable dishes. Use either equal parts or adjust based on the ingredients in your recipe. 

5. Lime or lemon juice

Lemon juice

Something that we usually have in our kitchen and are common ingredients is lime and lemon. Their juices are used in many ways in the kitchen and as part of many dishes. The sourness and fruitiness that they provide are very similar to mango powder.

The juices are liquid so when added, adjust the quantity properly. The juices may overpower the other ingredients. Thus, make sure to use at least a teaspoon. Add or squeeze in recipes that call for mango powder. 

6. Chaat masala

Chaat masala

Actually, the main ingredient in chaat masala is mango powder, which makes it a nice substitute for dry mango. Chaat masala will give a good distinctive sour taste to your dish.

The other spices used in this mix will make foods even tastier and give a nice aroma. Sprinkle it over salads, Indian dishes, some curries, and other meals. 

7. Sumac


Sumac is also a nice way to replace mango powder in your cooking. It is a red spice made of wild sumac flowers and berries. They are dried first, then ground.

Add sumac with chicken, fish, or as a dressing. You can add a pinch to most of the recipes that call for mango powder.

8. Citric acid powder

If you want to imitate the acidic taste of the dry mango, then citric acid is what you are looking for. This is an excellent way to add a sour taste to your food.

Citric acid is available in a crystal form or a ground powder. And you can use it in most of the recipes that call for mango powder.

You can also use it as a sour salt for your meals. By using this type of powder the notes in your meal will be even better and you’ll have a nice aroma as well.

Related Questions

Can we use chaat masala instead of Amchur powder?

Yes, Chaat masala is also another common powder common in Indian cuisine. If you like a less tangy taste you can always adjust the quantity and add maple syrup or honey.

What does dried mango powder taste like?

Dried mango is an aromatic spice that is common in many dishes, especially in India. Its pale color with tartness and fruity flavor makes it very unique.

Dried mango powder adds a nice touch to your cooking. It is a very easy way to add acidity to your meals and you don’t have to use lemon additionally.

What is dried mango powder used for?

Dried mango powder is perfect for stews, soups, and some vegetable dishes. It is delicious and you can combine it with green veggies.

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