Maruchan Vs Nissin: What’s The Difference?


If you like instant noodles, you are most likely familiar with both Maruchan and Nissin.

Both of them are Japanese companies popular for their convenience food products. But which one is better and which one should you choose for a fast dinner, lunch or even just for a snack?

We are about to discuss all the details you need to know regarding the main differences between these two types of instant noodles so that you can make the best choice!

Maruchan Vs Nissin: Comparison Chart

Differences  Maruchan  Nissin 
Origin  Japan, America, founded in 1977  Japan, founded in 1948
Texture  Creamier broth compared to Nissin  More watery broth compared to Nissin
Flavor  Tasty but milder compared to Nissin  Richer flavor compared to Maruchan
Distribution  Mostly U.S.A and Mexico Mostly Japan 

Which Is Better Nissin Or Maruchan?

With both brands offering such high-quality instant or convenience food, it can be challenging to say which one is better since it depends on the taste of the consumer as well.

On one hand though, if you are looking for a richer taste and a more satisfying meal, Nissan will probably offer you that type of culinary experience better.

Nissan is known not only for its tasty flavor but also for the fact that contains vegetables and pork pieces, depending on the flavor you want.

On the other hand, Maruchan offers a creamier broth that still has a delicious taste to it. Maruchan also contains slightly less salt which is probably why its flavor is not as pungent and intense as the Nissin one.

Popular opinion appreciates Maruchan soup much more than Nissin soup thanks to its creamier texture and healthier ingredients.

Are Nissin And Maruchan The Same Company?

Nissin and Maruchan are two different companies, yet very similar. Let’s look at the traits of each company so we can further understand the differences between them.


Nissin is a Japanese company founded in 1948. The company was created by a Taiwanese immigrant named Momofuku Ando and it grew significantly fast in Japan. Soon, the company started exporting its products to other Asian countries where it became very popular as well.

In 1958, Nissin put instant ramen noodles on the market. The first noodles had a chicken flavor but nowadays they come in pork, beef and vegetable flavors, and even curry.

The company currently sells its instant noodles under the label Top Ramen. They also created a cup noodle range in 1971 as this type of noodles became popular in America. The company developed into an international brand with headquarters in Osaka.

Nissin became popular for its garnish as well, which accompanies the noodles in many of their products. Besides the rich seasonings, noodles are made from regular wheat, and with the garnish included, they can offer a complete and satisfying meal in just a few minutes.

All you have to do is pour hot water over the noodles and you have your meal ready in as little as three minutes.


Maruchan is also a Japanese company but they developed equally in America, starting in 1977. They offer products such as instant ramen noodles, yakisoba, and cup noodles.

Their products are very appreciated in Mexico as well.

This company developed a wide range of flavors as well, including options for vegetarians. They are known for using tasty seasonings, without crossing health boundaries.

The noodles are also made of white wheat, however, the seasonings include less salt which makes them different in taste compared to Nissin.

Unlike Nissin, Maruchar focuses on selling its products internationally, rather than in Japan. So, you have a better chance of finding such instant noodles in America, Mexico, and even other corners of the world.

Which Brand Of Ramen Noodles Is Best?

Ramen noodles

If you are interested in ramen noodles, in particular, you will discover that both Nissin and Maruchan offer tasty products. And they are both easy to prepare in just 1-2 minutes.

In terms of flavor, Nissin tends to win the hearts of people, but many argue that the ingredients they use are not as healthy as the Maruchan ones.

The seasonings are those that make the difference in terms of taste since the noodles are made of the same type of wheat in both brands.

You will have to take into account also the fact that Nissin offers a richer garnish which can be a significant plus to your meal and set their noodles aside from other competitors.

Also, as a brand, Nissin is older on the market, with a few decades on top of Maruchan, so they had time to develop their products and adjust them in order to fit the preferences of the consumers.

If you are looking for a healthier and slightly more affordable option, however, Maruchan could be exactly what you need. Their products are fast to prepare, tasty, and cheap.

Arguable, Maruchan instant noodles are the cheapest in some parts of the world, depending on the grocery store that sells them.

Maruchan noodles are not as rich in terms of garnish compared to Nissin. However, they can successfully compete when it comes to taste without compromising on the quality of the ingredients.

We also have to consider the fact that Maruchan adapted its products to match the expectations of different other countries besides Japan. And that helped them improve their formula for different dishes they offer.

Ultimately, the brand that you choose will depend on several factors that matter to you. And they might be different than other clients’ opinions

It might seem that since it has less salt, Maruchan is a healthier option. However, ultimately both brands offer quality products with a slight difference in terms of spices.

Why Is Maruchan Being Discontinued?

Maruchan was not exactly discontinued. According to their website, the company was short of products due to an increase in demand. This crisis came as a consequence of the pandemic and it is close to being resolved.

However, the company ensures its customers that they will increase the production of the main items in their range. They also say more supermarkets will receive them soon.

Meanwhile, you might still be able to find your favorite Maruchan products online. And you can purchase them in bulk so you can have a stock at home.

We have to note that this crisis is not to be confused with the higher popularity of Maruchan instant noodles compared to Nissin.

Maruchan delivers in different countries and therefore, they run out of stock faster than Nissin. Both brands are fairly similar in terms of popularity.

Top Ramen Vs Maruchan Vs Nissin: Which Is Better?

They are practically the same because they are produced in the same facilities and with the same ingredients. Top Ramen is a branch of Nissin, therefore we will put them in the same category.

In terms of taste, Top Ramen is considered better and richer in ingredients and spices compared to Maruchan. However, the soup, and in particular the broth of Maruchan is superior in terms of texture as it is creamier. And many find it more filling and satisfying.

However, the preparation process is the same for Top Ramen and Maruchan noodles. Both come with all the seasoning and ingredients you need. All you have to do is add hot water to them.

As for taste, in spite of the fact that Maruchan tends to have less salt, it also has more oil than Top Ramen. This can be a downside for many consumers.

Also, Top Ramen is considered more efficient in absorbing the flavor that comes from the seasonings and the garnish compared to Maruchan. However, if you love instant noodles, ultimately you will love both of these options.

They have a tasty flavor and have fairly healthy ingredients. And as long as you don’t exaggerate with them, you should be able to enjoy some instant noodles every now and then.

Keep in mind that you can also combine your ramen with other types of ingredients. I like mine with some meat or vegetables!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to instant noodles, very few brands can successfully compete with Nissin and Maruchan. These companies charmed the market when it comes to convenience food and considering how tasty they are it is no surprise.

The fact that they can provide a tasty and fast meal in just minutes is their main advantage. And if you combine them with other dishes, you can get an even better lunch or dinner to enjoy with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to take into account your preferences when you make your pick. And you will not have to try other brands as either one of these two can satisfy your craving or hanger equally.

Instant noodles are not unhealthy if you don’t consume them exclusively and integrate them in a wise manner into your diet.

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