8 Best Palm Shortening Substitutes

Palm Shortening

Shortening is a common ingredient, especially in baking. By adding it to your cooking, you add a level of fatness and a nice crust to your baking goods.

Since there are varieties of shortening, some are made from animal products and some from vegetable oil. Further, one of the options is palm shortening.

This is palm oil with unsaturated fats which are removed. Palm shortening has a thick texture which makes it perfect for cooking, especially for baking.

The main purpose of palm shortening is to replace the traditional one because it contains a lot of fats. Palm shortening is also used for deep frying and when used in cooking you’ll give a nice texture to your meal.

When you are baking with it, you’ll get nice, light, flaky pastry which will make your mouth water once they are removed from the oven. It is a healthy option for your cooking.

Since you may want to use another product or you don’t have palm shortening at reach, what can you use?

Can I substitute palm shortening? Yes, there is no need to worry. We have gathered the best 8 options that you can use instead of palm shortening in your cooking. Common substitutes include coconut oil, butter, vegetable shortening, shortening, palm fruit oil, margarine, lard, and ghee.

All of these substitutes will serve you well. All you have to do is scroll down and take your pick. 

Palm Shortening Substitutes

1. Coconut oil

Coconut Oil

The first option on our list and something that is very commonly used in our cooking is coconut oil. It may be an obvious choice but it will certainly be good for your cooking.

When compared palm shortening and coconut oil are very similar and have a lot of things in common. Coconut oil is also one of the healthiest options with vitamins and minerals. It is also a vegan product that will help you avoid other animal products.

Since they also have a similar texture when added to your recipe it won’t make much of a difference. The only thing that you need to know is that coconut oil has a distinctive taste and aroma and palm shortening does not. Use equal amounts when replacing.

2. Butter


Something that is commonly used in our cooking is butter. Actually, butter is another option that is good to replace palm shortening in your recipe. It is a staple dairy product that is used all over the world as part of many dishes.

When compared, palm shortening and butter differ in the content of fat. This means that butter has 85% fat and 15% water. Butter is good for baking, frying, and anything else.

Keep in mind that it has a low point of melting so it may need more time to be cooked. Use equal amounts or adapt based on your recipe to get the proper texture and moisture that you need.

3. Lard


Since shortening is a variety of fat, lard is considered to be a good replacement. Keep in mind that lard is an animal product. It may not be suited for vegans. It is often used in cooking, especially for baking. This is a common swap and works very well in most recipes.

You can find it easily at the market. However, keep in mind that it contains a lot of fat and it’s not a very healthy option. You can always make lard at home and it takes just a visit to the butcher’s market. 

4. Margarine


Just as butter, margarine can also be used as a way to replace palm shortening in your cooking. Margarine is very common in our kitchen and part of our fridge. It looks very similar to butter and can serve as a very effective replacement in your cooking.

The taste and texture are similar to palm shortening. But margarine is a bit more viable choice for someone who has dietary restrictions. It is also made from vegetable oils and has water in its content.

When you use it in baking, it may affect the texture but you can use it in most recipes that call for palm shortening. Just make sure to add proper amounts to get the proper fatness and the texture you are looking for.

5. Vegetable shortening

Vegetable shortening

Another option that we would recommend is vegetable shortening. This is similar to palm shortening. This is actually not made from any plant or palm but from soybeans and cottonseed oil.

Vegetable shortening is considered to be a healthy option. The best part? You can use it in most recipes that call for shortening. Use proper amounts and adapt based on the recipe and make sure that you get the proper texture that you are looking for. 

6. Shortening

Shortening can be considered as most types of fats, so you have the option to choose. You can practically choose a type of fat that will be fit for your recipe based on the texture.

Shortening is good for pastries, baking, making nice pie crusts, cakes, frying, frosting, and practically everything that calls palm shortening.

It’s very similar to lard but with a higher smoking point. Also, it does not have any smell or taste that you need to worry about which may cause some effect on the other ingredients.

7. Canola oil

Canola Oil

You can also use canola oil instead of palm shortening. It is very unique and contains fatty acids and has a low amount of saturated fatty acids.

This is a type of oil that will be good for baking. It has a high smoking point, which makes it good for frying too. This oil has a light flavor and a smooth texture. Use most of your recipes that call for palm shortening and adapt based on the recipe and the proper thickness. 

8. Ghee

Lastly, on our list, you’ll find ghee. This is considered to be another good replacement for palm shortening. It is usually used in Asian cuisine. Ghee is actually made by melting regular butter and the milk solids are removed, which makes it lactose-free, unlike butter.

The taste is very similar to butter and has nutty traces. But since the milk is removed, there is no creamy taste like butter. You can use ghee in most recipes that call for palm shortening and you can use equal amounts. Also, keep in mind that you can always adjust the quantity that is added just to have the proper results at the end.

Related Questions

Is Palm Shortening the same as Crisco?

Well under shortening you can consider all the fats and oils which contain hydrogenated shortening which Crisco is part of. When compared palm shortening and Crisco they are similar and can be used as a substitute for each other.

What is palm shortening?

Palm shortening is palm oil that has unsaturated fats that are removed. This gives a firm texture to the palm shortening making it have a high melting point.

Good to use for baking, deep-frying, and many other recipes. Since it has no color or taste, it won’t affect your food and the other ingredients used.

What is the difference between palm shortening and coconut oil?

When you compare palm shortening and coconut oil you’ll notice that they are both products of palm trees and considered topical oils. But they come from two different types of palms. They have a similar texture, taste, and smell.

What can shortening be substituted with?

You can always use margarine and butter as a way to substitute for shortening. Because of their moisture and fats, they are considered to be a good replacement in many recipes.

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