8 Best Pecorino Cheese Substitutes

If you are looking for substitutes for Pecorino cheese you came to the right place. Pecorino cheese works well in many recipes thanks to its strong taste and unique texture.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully replace it with other types of cheese and still end up with a delicious recipe.

Pecorino cheese is made of sheep’s milk. It is saltier than other types of cheese, so you will recognize it easily by its particular smell as well as straw-white shade. 

The best substitutes for Pecorino cheese are different types of Parmesan cheese. However, you can also use other types of cheese and still end up with a nice dish to enjoy with your loved ones.

Substitutes for Pecorino Cheese

Here are the most common and tasty substitutes for Pecorino cheese that you can count on in your recipes. Substitute Pecorino cheese with any of the following substitutes and you will love the way your food tastes.

1. Parmesan

Parmesan Cheese

As we mentioned, Parmesan is one of the first substitutes for Pecorino cheese you can use in your recipes. Parmesan cheese is salty and similar in texture to Pecorino cheese. However, there are types of Parmesan cheese that are saltier than others and you might need to use less in your recipe.

If you have to use Parmesan cheese instead of Pecorino cheese make sure you taste it first. If it is saltier than you expected, you might have to reduce the amount of extra salt or even eliminate it together.

2. Grana Padano

Grana Padano

Grana Padana is also a great substitute for Pecorino cheese and it can add an original flavor to your food. The flavor of Grana Padano is rich and different from the Pecorino cheese, but it will still go great with most recipes.

You can find both sweet and salty versions of this cheese. The texture is less crumbly than the parmesan texture but fairly similar to the texture of the Pecorino cheese.

You can use a 1:1 ratio when you substitute Pecorino cheese with Grana Padano. But you might need to increase the amount of salt if the Grana Padano is not salty enough.

3. Asiago cheese

Asiago cheese

Asiago cheese is a type of cheese that you can use instead of Pecorino cheese as long as you can find it in your local stores. This cheese super tasty but hard to find worldwide.

But if you do find it, you will definitely enjoy it. Asiago cheese has a milder flavor than other substitutes for Pecorino cheese and a texture that is somewhat softer.

So, if you use it on top of hot dishes or in cooked recipes, it will melt faster. The best way to enjoy Asiago cheese is as a side dish or by itself and it will be a culinary delight. The more this cheese ages, the harder its texture becomes which makes it closer to Pecorino and Parmesan.

4. Piave

Piave cheese is very close to Parmesan cheese and at times even considered the best substitute for it. However, you can also use it to replace Pecorino cheese in various recipes as well. You can find Piave cheese in five different aging stages.

The older it is, the harder its texture gets. Young Piave might not work as the best substitute for Pecorino cheese but aged one is a lot closer to it in both taste and flavor.

In terms of ratio, you can keep the 1:1 ratio when you replace Pecorino cheese with Piave. But you might need to increase the amount of salt in your recipe. Taste your food and use your personal preference to get the flavor you want when you add your seasonings.

5. Manchego

Manchego Cheese

The Manchego Spanish cheese can also replace Pecorino cheese successfully and you can follow your recipe as you normally would. This cheese is also made from a salty sheep’s milk type so there will be many similarities in terms of flavor.

Just like the Piave cheese, this type comes in different states of aging. When you substitute your Pecorino cheese with Manchego cheese, you should consider using a Manchego that is over one year aged. Manchego cheese is also sweeter than Pecorino. Thus, you will need to add more salt.

6. Romano cheese

Pecorino Romano

Romano cheese has the same crumbly texture as Pecorino cheese. It is also similar to Parmesan cheese since it is made of cow’s milk and sheep’s milk as well. Romano cheese has a similar taste to Pecorino cheese, so your dish will have a similar flavor as well.

Keep in mind that Romano cheese, especially in its original form, can be difficult to find in some regions. However, if you do find it, it is a great substitute for all your dishes that call for Pecorino cheese as one of their ingredients.

7. Iberico cheese

Iberico cheese is another type of cheese that can be used instead of Pecorino cheese. It is made of three types of milk such as cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, and goat’s milk.

Thanks to this mix, Iberico cheese has a unique flavor that will set your dishes apart from anything else. You can use it in both cooked and cold dishes.

It is a hard texture cheese and will also go great as a topping for salads or pasta. However, you will also enjoy it plain.

8. Ossau Iraty

Ossau Iraty cheese is made of sheep’s milk and has a very similar taste to Pecorino cheese even if it is not one of the first substitutes you might find in stores. It is a French cheese with a hard texture that crumbles nicely on all types of dishes.

This cheese is mildly salted, so you might have to adjust the salt you add to your food to obtain the taste that you want. Keep the 1:1 ratio when you replace Pecorino with Ossau Iraty and your food will have a delicious taste.


Is Pecorino the same as Romano cheese?

Pecorino cheese is similar to Romano cheese. However, they are not the same. The difference between these two types of cheese is that  Pecorino cheese is made of sheep’s milk exclusively while Romano cheese can be made of both cow’s milk and sheep’s milk.

Due to this main difference, you will notice that Romano cheese has a milder flavor compared to Pecorino cheese. The texture is not as crumbly either. Also, Pecorino cheese tends to be saltier than Romano cheese.

Is there another name for Pecorino cheese?

Pecorino is actually a category of cheese as its name stands for sheep which translates Pecorino cheese with sheep cheese. You will find the name plus the location of the cheese to distinguish more types of Pecorino cheese.

For instance, there is Pecorino sardo for the one made in Sardinia as well as Pecorino toscano or Pecorino Siciliano. However, you will find the term Pecorino in all types of sheep’s milk cheese in this category.

Let’s Have Some Cheese

As tasty as Pecorino cheese, not finding it doesn’t have to be a tragedy nor should you skip making the dish you want. You can replace this cheese with any substitute from the list above and you will not be disappointed. Use your personal taste to adjust the seasonings and end up with a delicious dish.

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