Plum Tomatoes Vs Roma Tomatoes: What’s The Difference?


Tomatoes are the perfect ingredient for an endless list of recipes and combinations. Whether you are making salads, dipping, sauces, stews, or any other recipe, tomatoes will add that extra flavor you are looking for.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and variations. Nowadays, we can find many variations of tomatoes. And sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between them.

One of those that we will discuss is Plum and Roma tomatoes.

Both are actually very similar; it’s really hard to tear them apart. That is why we will need to look into it more closely to determine how to distinguish them.

This way we will get a better idea of when to use Plum and Roma tomatoes when we cook. Many people tend to think that there is no difference and that they are the same type, however that may not be the case.

Are Plum and Roma tomatoes the same? Yes. And no. It may be confusing, but actually, Roma tomatoes are a variety and fall under the plum tomato type. They are also known as Italian plus tomatoes.

Plum and Roma are different on many categorical levels of identification.

Before we go on, read more on the individual description of both types of tomatoes. Make sure to check out the other differences that will help you further on.

Afterward, learn more if you can substitute them for each other as well.

Plum Tomatoes Vs Roma Tomatoes: What’s The Difference?

When you are at the market Roma and Plum tomatoes may look very similar and you may not notice the difference. But they are variations, which can be used differently. Read more on each type and learn about their characteristics.

What Are Plum Tomatoes?

A popular variation of tomatoes that are cultivated in Europe and America.

Plum tomatoes have a specific oval form which is not like the other round tomatoes. The size of the fruit may differ from large to small.

Since the size is similar to a grape, this Plum tomato is also known as a “grape tomato”. Plums are also used for processing tomatoes and pasting tomatoes due to their specific use.

They are soft and tender on the outside and have fewer seeds on the inside.

Plum tomatoes also don’t have much liquid and they also tend to be more concentrated. Due to these features, they are good for making tomato paste.

What Are Roma Tomatoes?

Roma Tomatoes

On the other hand, Roma tomatoes are very popular and commonly found at the supermarket. They can also be found under Italian plum tomatoes and they come in red and yellow colors.

The shape of the Roma tomatoes is also unique. They have a pear or egg-like shape. They can be found fresh or canned at the market. Roma tomatoes grow like vines. 

Easy to cook and what is more important they don’t have many seeds. They also have low liquid content and firm texture.

Because of these features, Roma tomatoes are good for sauces and pastes.

The good thing about Roma tomatoes is that some of them have been genetically enhanced so they can be resistant to some common diseases.

Differences And Similarities Between Plum And Roma Tomatoes

The main difference between Plum and Roma tomatoes is that Roma is actually a variation of Plum tomatoes. The size and shape may differ, but Plum tomatoes may be a bit smaller when compared to Roma.

Anyhow, Roma is a variation of Plum tomatoes, so there aren’t many differences, but enough to classify them as different. Also, not all Roma tomatoes can be Plum, which is another difference. 

Moreover, Roma tomatoes are more common and can be found in many countries all over the world, whereas Plums are less likely to be found, but not necessarily.

You can find Plum tomatoes in Europe and America, whereas Roma is mostly found In the US, Australia, Mexico, and many other contours all over the world.

Another important thing to mention is the area of growth.

Roma tomatoes are a type of vine, whereas plums are determinate and semi-determinate vines. That is why Roma has a larger number of fruits when compared to Plum tomatoes. 

Since plums have less liquid, they are good for thicker sauces and paste, whereas Roma is better for sauces and salads.

Plum Tomatoes Vs Roma Tomatoes: Comparison Chart

Characteristics Plum Tomatoes Roma Tomatoes
Size smaller Can be bigger 
Productivity less more
Where To Find Them Europe and America Australia, Mexico, and many more countries 
Cooking Thick sauces and paste Sauces, fresh salads

Now that we know that the shape and size can help with determining the tomato type, we can also look into what is similar.

The color is pretty much the same as well as the shape, which is oval. However, the Roma tomatoes can be more of an egg-like shape.

Both are rather juicy and fresh, but Roma tends to have more liquid. They are healthy with different types of vitamins that can improve your health. 

When it comes to seeds, both of them have a low content of seeds which is good for many uses in cooking. Further, both Plums and Romas have a firmer texture compared to the other types of tomatoes. Can be eaten raw in salads and other types of meals. 

Tomato-based sauces are good to be made with Plum or Roma tomatoes because of their texture and flesh. Generally speaking, Roma tomatoes are more often used for canning.

Can Roma Tomatoes Be Substituted For Plum Tomatoes?

Roma falls under the subcategory of Plums, so they can be used as a substitute for each other. Both can be used for fresh salads, savory dishes, or some sauces.

Even though Plum tomatoes are thicker, you can try to adjust the Roma tomatoes to obtain the right texture that you are aiming for.

The rich flavor, juiciness, shape, and size are what make these types of tomatoes unique and a good replacement for each other.

Related Questions

Are Plum Tomatoes And Roma Tomatoes The Same Thing?

Plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes are not the same. They are both types of tomatoes that are commonly used. Roma tomatoes are a plum type of tomato. However, the difference is that not all plums are Roma tomatoes. 

Can I Use Roma Instead Of Plum Tomatoes?

Roma tomatoes can be used instead of plum tomatoes in your cooking. 

Are Roma Tomatoes Bigger Than Plum Tomatoes?

Both types of tomatoes have similar colors and sizes, but Plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes still differ. For instance, Plums are a bit smaller than Roma.

What Are Plum Tomatoes Best For?

Plum tomatoes can be used to add rich flavor and thickness and texture to any dishes. They also make a great choice for tomato juice, soups, stews, and even sauces. 


Since tomatoes are a common fruit that has many types of variations, shapes, sizes, and tastes, they are the most used ingredient in many recipes.

Tomatoes are a staple in our day-to-day lunch or dinner ideas. Moreover, to conclude our comparison between Plum tomatoes and Roma, we can say that they are similar, but now we know the differences that can help us out make a pick.

Even though Roma tomatoes are under the category of plum tomatoes, they are not quite the same. Overall, we got a pretty good idea of what Plum and Roma are. 

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