4 Best Potato Ricer Substitutes

If you are missing a potato ricer but you are looking forward to making some delicious mashed potatoes, we have the solution for you.

We found the best substitutes for a potato ricer that are accessible and can help you make the best recipes for your friends and family. 

You can use a grater. Or even a food mill as substitutes for potato ricers. Regardless of what you use, your dishes will taste delicious. And your potatoes will look very inviting.

Potato Ricer Substitutes

The following substitutes for potato ricers will save your recipes and they are easy to find as you need them.

1. Food mill

Mashing potatoes

The food mill is a common device that can help you slice and mash potatoes in different sizes. You will find different food mills on the market.

Some slice the potatoes while others can even peel them. Even if you use a food mill that peels potatoes too, it is recommended to peel them before you start cooking them.

Food mills are used to slice or grate potatoes in different sizes. All you need is to place the food mill as you are using it for potatoes over a bowl that is wide enough. The bowl should accommodate all your potatoes and make this process as easy as possible too.

2. Grater


If you don’t have a potato ricer you can also use a fine grater to get your recipe done. To use a fine grater for your potatoes, you will have to boil them properly. If your potatoes are not boiled well enough, it will be difficult to grate them.

Well-boiled potatoes should be soft to the touch. After you boil them, let them cool down in cold water and peel them. Once they are peeled, put them in the grater one by one and grate them in a bowl that is large enough.

Depending on the size of your grater, you might have to cut some potatoes in half so they fit properly. If your grater is automatic, you will not have this problem as you place your potato in and keep pushing it as it gets smashed.

3. Masher


Maybe one of the most common replacements for a potato ricer is a masher. As its name says, a masher is an item used in the kitchen to mash potatoes.

However, manual mashers will not give you the best result because they leave different lumps so you will have to pay attention to this aspect. But you can still use a masher as a replacement for a potato ricer if you can’t find another alternative.

Mashers work great for small quantities of food as you can go through your final result and eliminate the lumps with a fork if needed.

When you use a masher pay attention so it will get to all the areas inside your bowl. At the same time, it will be a good idea to add some boiled water or even milk. Liquid smooths the potatoes and makes the mashing process easier.

4. Use a basic fork

basic fork

If you have none of the substitutes above, you can try using a basic fork. This will take you a long time and you will have to put a lot more effort into it.

However, eventually, you will end up with mashed potatoes. Make sure your potatoes are well boiled if you are planning to use a fork to mash them as the softer they are the better. Add milk or boiled water to soften them and ease your work as well.

Do I Really Need a Potato Ricer?

If you need to rice potatoes you will have to use a potato ricer. Or one of the substitutes in this guide. Make sure that your potatoes are well-boiled and peeled before you actually use any of the products above.

If you don’t want to make mashed potatoes or rice potatoes, you will not need to use such a device. There are plenty of ways to prepare potatoes if you don’t like them mashed so let your creativity flow in the kitchen as it is important to stay flexible.

Can I Use a Food Processor Instead of a Potato Ricer?

We didn’t include food processors in the list of alternatives to potato ricers because it will not offer you the same result. Food processors are like blenders that will give your potatoes a texture that might be too soft and gummy.

The blades inside the unit will keep mashing your potatoes in just seconds until they are very creamy and soft. If you add liquid to your potatoes in the food processor, you might even end up with a dish that is too runny for your taste.

Due to the different textures that food processors provide to your mashed potatoes, they can’t replace a potato ricer successfully. But you have the alternatives above that will help you save your recipes.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have a Ricer for Gnocchi?

If you want to make gnocchi, chances are that you will need a potato ricer. Or a substitute for such a device. Any substitute from the list above will work just fine, so you will end up with great gnocchi.

For the gnocchi, a food mill is a great substitute for a potato ricer. You can use it at different speeds and it will give you any texture you want from smoother to more crispy.


As you can see, not having a potato ricer doesn’t have to be a tragedy as you can use any of the substitutes above. And even a regular fork if you lack all of those alternatives.

Ultimately, the recipe you want to prepare will give you all the indications you need to prepare your potatoes. It is important in the kitchen to allow yourself to improvise in order to get the best solution for a certain dish.

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