10 Best Potatoes For Roasting

If you are planning to make perfect roasted potatoes but you are not sure what type of potatoes to choose, you came to the right place.

Below, you will find a detailed guide for making the most delicious roasted potatoes.

For such a dish you can use Yukon gold potatoes, red potatoes, russet potatoes, but also regular white potatoes, as well as other kinds mentioned below!

To find out everything you need to know about delicious roasted potatoes, read on.

Best Potatoes For Roasting 

Choose the type of potatoes you find at your local grocery store since not all of them are available worldwide.

1. Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon gold potatoes are most likely the best choice if you are planning to roast them. They have thin skin and they get cooked fairly fast.

Plus, due to their waxy quality, these potatoes maintain their shape as well which makes them perfect if you want a crispy result.

But what makes these potatoes so delicious is their buttery and creamy middle part. This gives them a better taste than any other potatoes could have.

2. Red Potatoes

Red roasted potatoes

Red potatoes are very popular for roasting and they are fairly easy to find on the market in almost all parts of the world.

These are waxy potatoes with a smooth peel that helps them maintain their shape when you roast them.

However, if you want them crispy, you will have to cook them a few minutes more than other types as they are high in moisture and low in starch.

3. Russet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes could be a great choice for roasting as well. You can also bake them and fry them according to your preferences and they will turn out just as delicious.

Because they are more starchy than other types of potatoes, they will turn out crispy and you will love their crunchiness, especially if you add the right seasonings for your taste.

They don’t have the creamy center of the Yukon ones but they can still give you the satisfactory taste you want.

4. White Potatoes

White potatoes are also fairly easy to find and they can be a good option for roasting.

They have a thin skin and a medium level of starch but also a creamy center, which makes them extremely tasty when roasted.

These potatoes also have a mild sweetness to them that makes them great for children as well. Season them with rosemary and other herbs you like but keep in mind that they don’t mix well with spicy seasonings like chili.

5. Purple Potatoes

If you are looking for a different aesthetic for your meal, purple potatoes might be the best choice. It could be difficult to find them at all grocery stores.

But if you do, give them a try and you will not regret it. You can find these potatoes in different shades of purple and even blue and they will look extremely interesting on your plate.

Purple potatoes have a particular nutty and earthly flavor with a low sweet taste and you can season them however you like. They taste greatly roasted but also fried and baked.

6. Yellow Potatoes

Potato salad

Another type of potatoes that you can use for roasting is yellow potatoes.

They are easy to find and come at a fairly affordable price. These potatoes have a slightly waxy texture with enough moisture to give them a juicy taste when you roast them.

The center of these potatoes tends to be sweeter than you’d expect. They also have a buttery flavor to them. Besides roasting them, these potatoes taste great in a mashed potatoes dish and fries too.

7. Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes have a different shape being longer and thinner than other strains. However, in terms of taste, they will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

They are firm and waxy, therefore you can roast them or fry them and obtain the crispy texture you love. These potatoes have an intense nutty flavor but also a mild sweetness to them that will make your meal simply delicious!

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are similar to pumpkins as they have an orange shade and a creamy texture. They are softer and also sweeter than other types of potatoes. But they go great with all kinds of seasonings, even the spiciest ones.

Sweet potatoes are best baked but if you roast them you will not be disappointed either. They get cooked a bit faster than regular potatoes due to their soft texture and they can give you a nice diversity if you like roasted potatoes.

9. Russian Banana Potatoes

Russian banana potatoes are a popular type of fingerling potatoes that can taste amazingly good when roasted. But besides roasting them, you can use them in soups, and stews and even fry them or bake them.

They can be white or yellow and have a soft texture inside with skin that turns crispy fast. However, you might not find these types of potatoes in all stores as they are more common in Eastern Europe areas.

10. Frozen Potatoes

Frozen Fries in Microwave

Frozen potatoes are common in most grocery stores. The best part? You can find different types of frozen potatoes.

Usually, they come in cubes or fries shapes. If you are planning to roast them, you should get the cubes as they are more suitable for such a dish.

The advantage of frozen potatoes is that they are already cut and some of them are even pre-cooked before they were frozen.

So, you will get your roasted potatoes ready a lot faster!

Which Type Of Potatoes Are Best For Roasting?

If you want the best-roasted potatoes for your lunch or dinner or just as a delicious snack, we recommend the Yukon gold strain. They are waxy enough and starchy enough to be both creamy in texture and crispy on the outside.

Plus, their versatile taste goes great with various herbs and spices so you can flavor them just the way you like. Yukon potatoes are perfect plain or next to your favorite steak.

And if you like to enjoy your meal with a sauce, know that these potatoes go great with cheese sauces as well as ketchup and spicy dips.

What Potatoes Does Jamie Oliver Use For Roasting?

Jamie Oliver has several recipes for roasted potatoes. One of them includes Yukon gold potatoes but there is a more popular one that is made with Maris Piper potatoes.

Maris Piper is essentially a type of golden potato with white or yellowish flesh. Besides roasting, these types of yellow potatoes are ideal for mashed potato dishes as well as fries or chips. 

Best Potatoes For Roasting With Meat

If you want to make roasted potatoes with meat, you are in for a real feast. This is one of the tastiest combinations and for many people, it is even considered comfort food.

In theory, you can choose any type of potato from the list above to pair with meat. But we recommend a creamy type with a buttery flavor such as Yukon gold potatoes.

Sweet potatoes can be a tasty choice as well. They pair deliciously with all types of meat, including fish. Ultimately, any type of potatoes will taste well next to your favorite meat dish!

Best Potatoes For Roasting Crispy

If you want crispy potatoes, you can go for any strain of white or yellow potatoes, if you don’t have Yukon gold ones. As a general rule, you want a potato strain with a creamy, buttery center and a thin skin that will catch the crispy texture fast.

Best Oil for Roast Potatoes

If you want to roast the most delicious potatoes, you will have to use high-quality oil as well. Ideally, you should choose high-quality olive oil or ghee when you want fatty, crispy potatoes.

Both olive oil and ghee work great for temperatures higher than 400 degrees F and they offer you interesting flavors since they are not neutral in terms of taste.

The smoking point of olive oil might be lower than others, at only 425 degrees F but it is still enough to use when you make roasted potatoes.

Plus, the flavor this oil brings to your meal is truly enriching the end taste of your dish. You can use both virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Ghee is not oil but more like a type of butter with the water removed from it. However, it can still work great as a source of fat.

Ghee also has a higher smoke point of 450 degrees F and it brings a buttery flavor to your potatoes that you might love over any other alternative. It works great not only on potatoes but also on any type of meat, especially chicken.

Best Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Even if you will find plenty of recipes for roasted potatoes, we bring you the best one so you can amaze your friends and family with your culinary style!

To make this recipe it should take you between 15 minutes and 20 minutes to prepare it and 45 minutes to 50 minutes to cook it.


To make this recipe you will need two pounds of Marie Piper potatoes or Yukon potatoes, 100 ml of olive oil, 2 tsp of flour, and salt by taste.

We want to assure you that you can use any type of potatoes in the list above by following this recipe and the result should be just as tasty.


Place a roasting tin in the oven to heat up at 400 degrees F. Choose a roasting tin that is large enough to accommodate all your potatoes in one layer.

While the roasting tin is heating up, cut the potatoes into smaller cubes, bite-size ones, and put them to boil in a container with enough water to cover them. Add a pinch of salt to the boiling water as well.

When the water reached the boiling point, lower the heat and let your potatoes simmer for two to three minutes.

Add the olive oil to the roasting tin and allow it to heat up for a few more minutes. Drain the potatoes and add the flour on top of them, mixing them gently so they are all touched by it.

Put the drained and floured potatoes into the heated roasting tin and give them 15 minutes to cook in the oven.

After this time passed, take the potatoes out and turn them around before you allow them to cook for another 15 minutes. Take them out again and spin them around before you put them in the oven for the last time for about 10-12 more minutes.

You should end up with roasted potatoes that have an inviting golden color and crispy skin.


Take the potatoes out of the oven and sprinkle salt on top of them before serving. If you want to add other spices feel free to do that. In my opinion, salt is all you need to get a delicious taste. 

Get Cooking!

As tasty as roasted potatoes are, you should use the right recipe and the right ingredients to be satisfied with the final dish. And if you follow the information in this guide, you can’t fail!

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