9 Best Scallion Substitutes (Quick & Easy Fix)


Our meals won’t be that juicy and fresh if there are no vegetables included. Actually, every dish is not complete if there is not at least a garnish of some vegetable on the side.

A vegetable that can be found in many recipes in many cuisines all over the world is the scallions. These green veggies are harvested during the early stages of their growth. This is a type of onion which has a slender shape and mild flavor.

However, let’s say there are no scallions in your local market but you definitely need some, what is your next move? 

Scallion Substitutes

Well since we have established that scallions can be replaced, we have made a list of the best alternatives. These characteristic onion flavored veggies have a milder flavor than the onions so it may be a bit tricky when substituting. Make sure to substitute to the right amount.

1. Onions


Using a raw onion is one of the alternatives that we recommend. The onion flavor will be the same without the herby smell and the green look of the scallions.

Onions have a sweet and mild taste. You can actually use onions either raw or cooked. Usually raw is used to be eaten fresh in salads or cooked in soups. It is a suitable replacement for scallions because of the taste.

2. Leek (the white part of it)


This part of the leek is similar to scallions. They are mild and are very similar to onions. Also, they are very crunchy and firm when they are fresh. And actually, the white part of the leek is the part that is eaten.

When you are cooking and preparing it you have to heat it up so it will soften and also the sweetness of the product will be more accepted.

Leeks are a good alternative for scallions when cooking. They come very close to a yellow onion with a very savory taste. It is a substitute that will give a unique taste to your meal.

3. Spring onion

Spring Onion

Another vegetable is the spring onion that will fit very well in your recipe. Use half of the amount that you are supposed to use for the scallion because spring onions have a stronger taste.

These green stems have a bitter, pungent taste. The bulbs are also consumed fresh and they have a sweet crispy taste. Make sure to use less of the amount that is required when substituting in your recipes.

4. Chives


Fresh chives are an alternative that we recommend you to try. These mid-flavored vegetables are very close to scallions and have a similar taste like onions and a slight note of garlic. They are actually milder than scallions so when substituting you should add more so you’ll have the taste that you are looking for. You can substitute for every recipe that requires scallion.

5. Shallot


Next on our list come the shallots. This is a very delicate and soft vegetable that has a deep flavor with garlic notes. You can use equal amounts for substituting. Add it diced, sliced or you pick your style in the season with your dishes on top.

It will add a very nice and unique flavor and a hint of garlic. Their sweetness will come out as you roast them until they are caramelized. They are more like a brown onion and it is not recommended to eat them raw.

6. Brown onions

Yellow Onion

Brown onions will totally fit in your recipe as a replacement. As compared to scallions they have a very pungent bite. You can definitely use them as a substitute when frying. At this point, they will develop a very mild flavor.

The difference between the two is that scallions are often added at the end of cooking. Actually, try to avoid eating these brown onions raw because they have a very strong flavor. Some people enjoy it but some don’t so make sure that you substitute an amount that won’t affect the taste too much.

7. Ramps


Actually, ramps are wild leeks, as they grow in shaded and woody areas. They are green vegetables that serve as a good alternative to scallions. They have notes of garlic in their taste with an addition of onion and pungent. Use as a subsite in almost every recipe that requires scallions.

The difference between the two is in the size, ramps are smaller. Make sure not to overuse it because they have a stronger taste than scallions. Actually, they can be eaten raw, but consider cooking them a bit so they can get softer and tastier.

The only thing that is considered as a downside of this vegetable is that it’s not that easy to find.

8. Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

You can always add garlic scapes to your recipes instead of scallions. These are flower buds at the end of the garlic plant. They have a taste that comes between onions and garlic which is very similar to scallions. They are also green but are much stronger in their taste so make sure to use less in your recipe.

9. Green garlic

Green garlic

Green garlic is actually young garlic that is harvested early in the season before the bulbs are even formed. They are curly and form later into the season into curly green stalks that have a closed bud on the top.

You can easily replace this vegetable with scallions in your recipe. They are a bit thicker than scallions and spring onions. They smell like garlic and give off that kind of taste. Make sure to substitute reasonable amounts in your recipe and not overuse.

Scallions as an ingredient:

Scallions are very young onions, which are determined by their shape. They have a slender shape and a very mild taste.

They have two parts, a green and a white part. Both of them can be eaten but there is a difference in the taste. The white stalk has a very sharp and sulfur taste which is very similar to alliums and albeit.

While, the green parts, meaning the leaves have a grassy and fresh flavor. What is interesting to mention is that when you harvest them they give out a very strong smell which is similar to onions. You can notice it because it gives out a very earthy smell with a touch of garlic and apple smell.

Related questions:

Are scallions and green onions the same thing?

Yes! Basically, they are the same thing. Spring onions are just a bit different because the bulb is much longer. And this is because most scallions never grow true bulbs. Also, they are a perfect substitute for each other.

Which part of the scallion can be eaten?

Actually, both the green and the white parts can be eaten. The green part has a mild flavour and it is used as a garnish. Further, the white part has a sharper taste and it tastes more like onions especially when it is cooked.

Can I substitute red onions for scallions?

Of course, you can. Actually, any other type of onion will do the job right. Use a reasonable amount to substitute according to your taste and you’ll have a nicely cooked dish.

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